Offering the corrosion protection and features you need for fishing in saltwater and brackish environments, the Lew's BB-1 Inshore Speed Spool Casting Reel delivers the legendary Lew’s performance that anglers have loved for years. Its sturdy diecast Aluminum frame and side plate form a rigid, corrosion-resistant base that keeps all moving parts in perfect alignment. The frame also feature three external drain ports that allow you to rinse the reel with freshwater after saltwater usage, and not worry about water collection or corrosion inside the inner workings of the reel.

Its Dual Braking System features both an externally adjustable Multi-Setting Braking System and an internal 4-pin on/off centrifugal brake for easy casting and reduced backlashing. High strength brass gears and a stainless steel crank shaft deliver serious cranking power, and the 95mm bowed aluminum cranking handle delivers the leverage you need to haul in hard fighting inshore species and big bass. Whether you are fighting big redfish or trophy bass, the Lew’s BB1 Inshore Speed Spool Casting Reel has what it takes to make the most out of your time on the water.


-Diecast Aluminum Frame and Gear Sideplate
-Deep Forged Aluminum, Double Anodized Braid Ready, U Shaped Spool
-Dual Braking System
-Zero-Revers One-Way Clutch
-8 Stainless Steel Bearing System (Including 3 high quality anti-rust ball bearings in key locations)
-High Strength Brass Gears
-Stainless Steel Crank Shaft
-95mm Bowed Aluminum Cranking Handle
-Lew’s Rubber Paddle Handle Knobs

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I ordered one of these reels a few weeks ago for a frog reel. I have used it a couple of times so far and am very impressed. Seems like a very solid well put together well. It casts a mile. I really like the oversized handle and spool as well. The perfect frog reel imo

From: Ben: Petersburg, IL 9/3/14

Comments: Awesome reel. Battle some snook, redfish, and baby tarpon in Mexico. Like this reel so much going to buy the 7.1:1. I should be coming back to the west coast pretty soon. Cant wait to try it on some calicos and stripers.

From: Wade: Bay Area, CA 5/18/14

Comments: This reel is light, compact, durable, and a fish killer. Used my lew's for saltwater fishing trip down in texas against some big tough bull reds, gator trout, and jacks. The drag handle them good and smooth. I also like the oversize handle. This just replaced my abu revo inshore for sure.

From: John: OK 5/17/14

Comments: Gotta say I wished I used Lews long before shimano n daiwa. For the price , it out performs both. I've never fished the high end reels that my friend uses and swears are so much better but why spend more

From: Tee: San Diego, CA 3/7/14

Comments: Bought this as my umbrella rig and m/mh swimbait reel. Great, tough reel. have it paired with a mh powell swimbait rod. amazing combo! Also have a super duty and will be ordering the new team pro soon. Lews is the real deal. was a shimano and abu guy my whole life and they have their place but Lews is slowly winning me over. Even Lews low to mid-tier offerings are quality. Hope to get a BB1 pro soon too, after my team pro purchase that is. Lews are the smoothest reels on the market.

From: William: MI, USA

Comments: This inshore isn't as smooth to reel out of the box as the BB1 Pro, but this reel still casts long..... and is smooth. If you're going to spend the $200 for a BB1, get the BB1 Pro because it's in a league of its own. It's great!

From: Michael: NC

Comments: This is another really smooth fishing reel from Lew's. It cast and flip a weightless senko or fluke with ease for long distances. It is a long casting reel. Go with Lew's and you won't be disappointed... Best reels available...

From: Darren: NC

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