Lew's BB-1 Pro Series Speed Spool Casting Reel

The Lew's BB-1 Pro Series Speed Spool Casting Reel delivers the rugged dependability and smooth, low-profile design of the original BB-1 - now with key features specifically designed to accommodate braided lines. It’s braid-ready, machined-forged, double-anodized, Duraluminum, u-shaped, large-capacity spool makes spooling up with braid a breeze, while also facilitating better handling. The new cast control system also delivers an astounding 27-adjustments to help you dial into any fishing conditions or application, and the oversized titanium line guide is positioned further away from the spool to minimize line friction and maximize casting performance with braid. It also features a longer 95mm carbon fiber handle for extra leverage and cranking power. Whether you like to flip and pitch, throw Alabama rigs or fish crankbaits with braided lines, the new Lew's BB-1 Pro Series Speed Spool Casting Reel has the features you need to get the most out of your time on the water.


-One-Piece Die-Cast Aluminum Frame with Graphite Side Plates
-Braid-Ready Machined Forged Double Anodized Duraluminum U-Shaped Large Capacity Spool
-Premium 10 Double-Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
-Multi-Stop Anti-Reverse (PS1 model)
-Zero Anti-Reverse (PS1HZ, PS1SHZ, PS1HLZ, PS1SHZL models)
-Aircraft-Grade Machine Forged Duralumin Drilled and Anodized U Style Spool and Gear System
-New Braking System
-Right-Side Aluminum Spool Tension Knob with Audible Clicker
-Carbon composite metal star drag system with 14lbs of drag power
-Audible Click Bowed Metal Star Drag
-95mm Bowed Lightweight Carbon Fiber Reel Handle
-Lew’s Custom Paddle Handle Knob
-Oversized Titanium Line Guide
-Quick Release Side Plate Mechanism
-External Lube Port

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
PS1 Right 5.1:1 6.5 9SS + 1RB 12/160 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
PS1HZ Right 6.4:1 6.5 9SS + 1RB 12/160 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
PS1SHZ Right 7.1:1 6.5 9SS + 1RB 12/160 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
PS1SHZL Left 7.1:1 6.5 9SS + 1RB 12/160 In Stock: 3+ $199.99
PS1XHZ Right 8.0:1 6.5 9SS + 1RB 12/160 In Stock: 3+ $199.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love the BB-1 so dang much that I sold 2 of my Chronarchs to buy more of them, I have 4 now, have used them for 3 seasons (live in MN) so I completely disagree with the review below about thumb bar issues and mine personally cast way better into the wind than any other reel I own or use. The bigger handle keeps me coming back to this one, it fits my hand perfectly, throws any bait I use on it beautifully, and far. This reel is well worth the price and is 2nd to none in all categories, looks very cool too. Was always a Shimano fan, still am and still use 1 chronarch, but getting as many BB-1 Pros as I can, they are that awesome.

From: Jeremy: MN 8/15/16

Comments: They are sweet & can cast any bait a mile. I would highly recommend them. All the reels I own are Lew's & they have not steered me wrong yet. My other lews reels are 2 tournament MB & 2 Speed spool. All great & I would recommend all of them.

From: Micah: TN 7/24/16

Comments: I bought this reel a month ago & have been steady fishing it since. It's a great reel don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't recommend throwing baits much heavier than 1 ounce. The reel just can't perform well with heavy baits. The reel can cast a mile and I honestly don't need to thumb the spool with the brakes all the way down and cast control cranked up. My biggest problem with this is that the thumb bar is extremely loose. I don't know if that's just mine or if other people have had that problem. There's no way to tighten it down however and it's pretty irritating to deal with on casts. Other than that solid reel, not as good as my curado 200I though. If you're choosing between the curado 200I or the BB1 pro, go with shimano.

From: Alex: FL 4/28/16

Comments: Great Reel! I've had the 6.4.1 for over a year now & I haven't had a problem. I can cast a mile with this thing. 


Comments: Awesome reel is all I can say! Super solid & casts great. In fact, I really don't even have to thumb this thing. I highly recommend this reel for any crank bait fishing. I own six Lews reels & love everyone of them. Best made!

From: Rob: IL 3/11/16

Comments: Over the past 2 years, I have used 2 BB1 Pro & a Tournament MB baitcasting reels also a Tournament Speed Spin and Team Lews Gold Spin. You can't go wrong with Lews products. To quote Lew Childre "the quality is remembered long after the process is forgotten." Shortly after Lew passed away, his sons Craig & Casey, introduced the BB1N with a V spool. Best reel past or present ever made from a castability standpoint.

From: Jeff: Bridgeton, NJ 9/15/15

Comments: I have 3 of these reels. They are very nice & cast pretty well. The issue I have is that when spooling line the line wants to pile up on the handle side. About 1/16" or greater. This happens on all 3. I have other Lews reels & other companies Bait casters & this does not occur. Not a big issue but a $200 reel should not have this problem. 

From: Mike: TX 9/4/15

Comments: Very smooth cast far works great on 10lb mono have yet to try braid but I'm sure it will perform great real Fairly light easy to clean oil etc overall great heck why not try it if you don't why not send it trust me it's definitely worth it!

From: Tanner: Oakwood, IL 8/12/15

Comments: The reel casts great, very smooth and light. But mine has two issues (1) very noisy when casting especially with brake setting below 1. I believe the noise comes from the loose brake pins because it is quieter when I set the brake tighter. BTW, my friend's identical reel is also noisy. (2) Drag slips on hook set even with very tight drag setting. I have another Lew's baitcaster which has the same drag issue. I have to hold the spool to set the hook. Other than those two issues. The reel is great.

From: Tim: Syracuse, NY 8/4/15

Comments: I had a BB1 that sunk to the bottom of the lake which I got out within a minute. It started acting up so I sent it to Lew's. I asked if I could upgrade to the BB1Pro which paying the difference they allowed. So far it is functioning perfectly and light and smooth as can be. I've landed a lot of fish with it and it's a tank for such a little light weight thing. Great reel. I paired it with a 7' Lew's Tournament SL Speed Stick w micros and the setup is so light it's perfect for fishing all day. I just bought a Lew's Tournament MB LFS in 8.3:1 for a jig rod so will review it after a use for a few months.

From: Chris: VA 7/9/15

Comments: I paired the Lew's BB1 Pro Speed Spool with a 7'1" Powell Max 3D. I have to say it's the best set up I've had in the past 15 + year's of Bass fishing. Super smooth casting with the 7.1-1 ratio is definitely where it's at. If you don't absolutely love this reel... You don't have any business on the water.

From: Joseph: Toledo Bend, TX 7/7/15

Comments: I bought the bb1 pro because of its reviews. But for some reason I just can't get it dialed in correctly for it not to backlash. I own a tournament and a tournament pro and I love them both. I have 12Lb flouro maybe I it's just me or I might need to go up in lbs.

From: Eel: USA 7/6/15

Comments: This was my first Lew's Purchase and i am very pleased with it.The reel casts smooth and is very lightweight. I even like it more than my gen 3 REVO STX. It was very simple to setup and easy to spool with braid. I have it paired with a Dobyns 735C Savvy micro. Im using it for flipping and throwing my hud. weedless shad. Don't be skeptic of how this reel looks it seems to be built very well. i thought it looked cheap except for the carbon handle but its performance outlies the simple exterior. If you get this reel i hope you are as happy as i am with it. 

From: Cooper: Louisville, KY 3/26/15

Comments: I have fished with abu and quantum reels for a while but wanted to try something new. All I can say is buy this reel it is by far the best reel I have owned. I have switch all my old reels out with lews And love every one I have bought

From: Taylor: VA 2/10/15

Comments: Love it, no problems at all.  I do service all equipment regularly, but also fish pretty hard. The brake system sets this reel apart. I was torn between the BB1 Pro or a Tournament Pro and very very glad I choose the BB1 Pro. I own a Revo Winch, Tatula Type R, etc. $200 reels. They all perform in the same ball park to me, but by a long shot, the Lew's braking system takes top. I feel Daiwa's Magforce is more user friendly, but I can tune quicker with the Lew's.

From: Weston: USA 12/5/14

Comments: best reel ever!!! I have own 2 of these both lefty a 7:1 and 6:4 gear ratio. Both works perfectly casts smooth and throws lure far. I own a shimano chronarch ci4 and i am liking this reel more than the ci4 the brake system on the bb1 pro is way better and there is plenty of brake adjustment on it. This reel hardly backlashes compared to my ci4. Has way more of a spool and i love the carbon 95 mm cranking handle. This reel is the best reel i owned so far. Lews makes good reels gonna be trying the tournament lite speed spool next.

From: Kongo: Fresno, CA 11/28/14

Comments: Just like the guy below me, I was a Abu and Shimano guy for life. My buddy gave me the opportunity to fish with one of his BB1 Pro's. Wow was I impressed. The casting, smoothness, and solid feel to this reel is just amazing! Everyone, if you are looking for a new reel between $150 and $200, look no further. This is the one!

From: Devon: KY 11/23/14

Comments: Everybody seemed to be very happy with Lew's products, so I bought the BB1 Pro. I am now a Lew's guy for life. I have 5 of them now, 2 BB1 Pros, 2 of the regular BB1s and a Tournament Pro. I love them all. Most are paired with Falcons, but when I got the last one I tried one of the new Lew's Speed sticks. Great products, and their customer service is excellent.

From: KR: Felton, CA 11/14/14

Comments: The reel is very smooth and casts farther than my shimano. The brake system on my shimano is a lot more responsive though. It takes me a lot more clicks on the lews to dial in on the fish when I have a big one on, where as it just takes a couple of clicks on the shimano.  All in all, it is nice not having to worry about the action of the reel and focus more on the rod to detect a bite with this reel.

From: Alfred: Madison, WI 10/8/14

Comments: This reel is great. I bought the 5.4:1 for Alabama Rig and it works perfect for that. It casts beautifully and reels like a champ. For the price you can't beat it. I've used some really expensive reels and this one is up there with them.

From: Taylor: Monroe, LA 7/5/14

Comments: Absolutely love this reel. Lew's knocked it out of the park with this reel! Very smooth with all the drag that you would need in any situation. you owe it to yourself to get your hands on one or two! With the 27 different break settings, you can cast a small crank bait effortlessly and still have the power to reel in the big ones!

From: Elasavage: MD 5/21/14

Comments:  I was head over heels for the bb1 and I didn't think another reel could be made better than that but lews found a way with the bb1 I just got mine and absolutely love it I took it out for a day on the water for comparisons with my shimanos and its just crazy how much farther and with little effort these things cast I am done with shimano lews you have got yourself a customer for life!!!

From: Dawson: USA 3/28/14

Comments: I'm not gonna sit here and say how I caught a 9 lb. monster with this reel, I mean come on, I could say anything right?  What I am gonna say is that I am a bait caster "NOOB" and I cannot say that anymore!!!!  With this reel I have %100 control.  Roll casting, pitching, flipping, overhand, YOU NAME IT!!  I would recommend this reel to anyone who is a "NOOB" or expert with a bait caster.  Grade "A" top choice quality reel that looks damn good with the carbon fiber handle!!!!!

From: Mike: Philadelphia 3/23/14

Comments:  Honestly the greatest investment i have made,  this reel cast 70 yards with most jig sizes and the same with a crank bait, the new external adjusting centrifugal breaks are genius, the reel is super light in the hand and smooth as butter, the free spool time with these stock bearings was 23 seconds! WOW just stop looking for other reels besides a lews people! You wont find anything better beyond this company, and your are not paying through the roof.

From: Unknown: USA 3/11/14

Comments: SMOOOTTTHHHH like BUDDA!!!! I have 10+ REVO's in STX, SX, S and Premier models - all I can say is that BB1 Pro is smooth and cast better than any of my REVO's.   I bought 2 of these in 6.4:1 and 7.1:1 ratios and can't wait to use them as my primary casters!!   I love the click spool adjust, handle and brake adjustments.   Also, one thing not listed in the feature list is the spool hole to tie off your arbor knots. Great Product!!

From: Mike: Leesburg, VA 3/6/14

Comments: Where this reel specifically shines (due to it's large line capacity plus infinate reel  adjustments) making this reel ideal for fishing deep diving crankbaits ! Spool with 10lb. Flourocarbon line to make l-o-n-g  casts without losing so much line OR see your retrieve gear ratio be drastically reduced due to getting : "spooled" on a long cast . For crankbaits I like the 5:1:1 gear ratio paired with a 7' crankbait rod of your choice ... Silky smooth operation and noted Lews quality make this reel a pure joy to fish .

From: Spotzilla: Acworth, GA 3/2/14

Comments: This reel is great. It's incredibly smooth and light, making it awesome to fish with. Got it paired with a dobyns savvy 704 and it's the lightest combo i've ever used. After only 8 days of use the rubber coating on the knobs started peeling off and i talked to Rick at Lews about it. He's promised to send replacement knobs this afternoon. Great company who makes great reels and has great customer service. Lews fan for life.

From: Tristen: TX 2/28/14

Comments: This is the best reel I've ever used. I have this reel matched up with a 7' 11'' halo twilight heavy action all i can say is wow!! Rock solid drag first week I've caught a 7 1/2 and two sixes on it. Great for flipping!!

From: Austin: Palmetto, FL

Comments: I could not be more satisfied with this reel. First of all, not many $200.00 reels have a carbon handle and I love how long it is because I want that for extra power in any situation. I also love the power the entire reel has without sacrificing being lightweight. Not to mention the hefty 14 ponds of smooth drag power, the 10 bearings, and the 27 adjustments for any condition. This reel has everything you want in a $200.00 reel and much more. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants a high quality bait caster at a really affordable price. 

From: Austin

Comments: Shimano is not in the same hemisphere as these reels. PERIOD!  Had them all for many years. Lew's is Smoother, cast farther and is way more comfortable than anything Shimano offers. NUFF SAID!

From: Webber: Ohio

Comments: Review: hey very important comment, this reel dosnt hold even 150 yards of 50lbs power pro line which has a 12 pound diamiter

From: Jim: TX

Comments: pair it with a inferno from powell rods, its vary balanced , the reel is smooth but the bet part its light and holds 160 yards, love the braid ready spool also

From: Gibby: TN

Comments: Spend the extra and get the BB1 Pro over the standard BB1.  It's far and away the better reel and prob the best reel in the entire line up.  I would love to see a smaller version of this reel.  Lew's made a bigger BB1 so how about a compact version!

From: MT: KY

Comments: I recieved my BB-1 Pro today {11-19-13}, thank you TW and your black Friday deals. This reel  really is the REAL DEAL! It was lubed up and ready to go.Yes I took it out in the rain showers today to try it out. It works as advertised! That new brake system works great just like the Lew's web site states. This is my first Lew's reel, but not my first $200.00 reel. I will buy more of this one!

From: Steve: Clearlake, CA.

Comments: Great reel!!! Don't look for another reel, this is the real deal..... wish it had the same finish as the Lew's Super Duty reel. Those are easy to hold, no slip finish.

From: Jordan: NC

Comments: No comparison to a Curado.... these are the best on the market. Simply adjust the brakes and cast whatever bait you want with ease. I've yet to have a reel cast as far as the BB1 PRO

From: Darren: NC

Comments: The smoothest , east to use bait caster out there. I love 6 pin breaks and external adjustment light weight and cast and flips like no other. Put it on a 13 Omen 7'3" MH and it's the lightest outfit I have ever fished.

From: Chuck: Scottsburg, IN USA

Comments: AMAZING REEL... You will not believe how smooth this reel is!!! BB1 Pro is perfection. I have used all brands, all the highest end models and Lew's wins hands down in every category. Only 6.5oz for this BB1 Pro. You can't get any better...

From: Darren: NC

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