Lew's knows that not every angler wants to invest in a top-of-the-line reel right off the bat, so they introduced the brand new Lew's Laser MG Speed Spool Casting Reel. Designed to be a workhorse of a reel for any budget, it is manufactured in the same factory as all Lew's reels, and incorporates the same features, quality and engineering that Lew's reels are known for in the fishing world.

Eight premium double-shielded stainless steel bearings (7+1), housed in a lightweight, graphite composite frame furnish consistently smooth functioning and a rigid base of operations. A large Rulon drag system also offers the power to tame big fish, and an externally adjustable magnetic brake system allows you to easily fine tune braking for any weather conditions. Available in 5.4:1, 6.4:1 and 7.1:1 gear ratios for a range of bass fishing applications, the Lew's Laser MG Speed Spool Casting Reels deliver the performance and value that keep anglers coming back.

Additional Features:

-Zero-Reverse one-way stainless steel clutch bearing
-Die-cast aluminum drilled (12-hole) anodized spool
-Anodized aluminum handle
-Titanium line guide
-Quick and easy removable graphite palming side plate

*LS1SMG features high capacity spool and a longer 95MM "power crank" handle

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This was my first Lew's reel and it is amazing! I will only buy Lew's reels from now on. I would recommend Lew's products to anyone!

From: Bradly: Meridian, MS 6/30/15

Comments: Very good reel for $80. I've had mine for a little over a year. Only problem I've had is the worm is starting to mess up, that just happened today. Just cleaned the reel and is working flawlessly. I'd highly recommend this reel for beginners.

From: Will: Albany, MS 5/29/15

Comments: For the price, you can't beat it. This was my first baitcasting reel that wasn't off some $60 combo. So smooth and casts far. Definitely a good pickup for $80.

From: Devin: PA 5/28/15

Comments: bought this reel for bass fishing. I have thrown anything from light buzzbaits to heavy frogs & spinnerbaits. The retrieve is smooth, doesn't feel cheap at all. Also, it casts farther than any reel i have owned. love this reel and highly recommend it.

From: Alex: USA 5/13/15

Comments: This reel is the firs thing i bought off TW not too long ago. It is a PHENOMENAL product. I coupled it with the 7'6" Abu Garcia Vendetta (also bought off TW) & I am very pleased with the combo they have made! First time I took them out, I caught a monster bass, 7.88 pounds! I promise you, look no further when in need of the best possible rods and reels. Tackle Warehouse is the best and last place you should look. 

From: Daniel: Yuma, AZ 1/21/15

Comments: First off, good reel.This was my first baitcaster and  it is amazingly backlash resistant as long as you keep the nob on the right fairly tight. It is fairly smooth and is just a great reel for the money. All in all a good reel for the money. Lews is no doubt one iof the best if not THE best bait casting reels!!

From: Kent: AK 12/29/14

Comments: Got this reel for christmas 2 years ago and I have been very impressed. I have it paired up with a 7'6" MH vendatta and it is a very light and powerful jig rod. The settings are very easy to dial in.  I fish everything from 1/4 oz to 3/4 oz jigs with only minor adjustments to switch between the two. Its a great real for only $80!

From: Scott: Hopknton, MA 11/7/14

Comments: i bought the reel on labor day sale, went fishing with it have not problems with it, the only thing i regret is the plastic and how the handle on the reel keep popping in and out.. other then that it reel is great.. i do not recommend is reel to ppl..spend more money to get a better one.. 

From: Pao: Fresno, CA 9/25/14

Comments: Plastic reel seat broke one hour into using it on a hook set. Was feeling great prior to that. Cough up a couple more beans for aluminium ss.

From: Jesse: Syracuse, NY 9/14/14

Comments: took my reel out for the first time today and have now decided to only own less reels

From: Logan: Canton, NC 8/30/14

Comments: I now own 6 Lew's reels and I have yet to have the first minutes problem with any of them. I throw lipless crank baits all day and fish 1/2 and 3/4 oz. jigs all day and the reels keep on reeling them in. I own 6 Shimano Curados which I love very much. They are great reels. Now I catch myself using my Lew's more than I do the expensive curados. I never thought that I would ever find a reel that would match the Shimano cast for cast. The Lew's reel will out cast the Revo and Curado. Tackle warehouse and Lew's is a combination that no fisherman should ever be without. Excellent quality and performance. Always strive to make a better reel but don't change what is working for the fisherman.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN 8/18/14

Comments: I have had this reel for 8 or more months now and I have not had one problem out of it besides it squeeking. I have fished with everything and I love this reel. Excellent reel for the money!

From: Cobey: FL 8/8/14

Comments: Bought this reel as a combo promo from my local tackle shop. Intended to use it as a bay/inshore setup, but first time out the same day landed a 10# largemouth with it. Incredibly smooth and casts a mile. Don't hesitate buying this reel. It will not disappoint!!

From: Travis: San Diego, CA 7/15/14

Comments: Worst reel I have ever owned, I loved the price tag and had heard good things about the company but mine was awful. Within two weeks the anti-reverse stopped working and unless I held my thumb on the spool it would spin freely. On my last trip out the reel stopped engaging entirely and now is completely useless after less than two months of use. It was not ever my primary reel so it did not get fished too hard. I will never buy another Lew's product and will steer all of my fishing buddies away from them as well.

From: Keric: Portland, OR 7/5/14

Comments: This thing rules. I've had it for about 8 months and I absolutely love it. You can't beat the quality for the price. It weighs what feels like nothing and has amazing smoothness. If you're looking for something to use with multipurpose capabilities, this is your reel! And for under $100!

From: Ryan: Blythe, CA 5/9/14

Comments: best reel for under a 100 that you can buy. this thing casts a mile and has a super smooth retrieve. only complaint is that the handle is kinda shaky but whatever. buy this reel you wont regret it.

From: Jack: Carlsbad, CA 5/5/14

Comments: Lew's never disappoints. Don't let the price fool you, this reel is nothing but quality. This reel is very small and compact and fits in my hand very nicely. I have two, one with 30lb braid and the other with 12lb mono, and the line flies off of the spool. Lew's is the best.

From: J.C: USA 4/29/14

Comments: Let me be the one review you guys read. I bought  this reel for a micro guide  t rig rod. And let me tell you. This reel flys high with all my other reels. Here's my lineup. Lew's speed spool, Lew's tournament pro, 2 bps pro qualifiers, quantum metrix, bps extreme, and now the laser mg. this reel has some competition and it flies high with the rest of em. Buy it.

From: Kenden: Milwaukee, WI

Comments: I have 10pcs. casting reels and i love Abu-reels, but...but up to 100,-USD is LewÃ≠´s LS1 absolutely my best reel! Is better than Abu Orra SX or MAX. I have a few more expensive casting reels, but when I look on my first Lew's LS1, I think, why I bought so expensive reels? Lew's become my favorite. Super casting reel for fair price!

From: Petr: Czech Republic

Comments: Absolutely the best reel money can buy at this price point.  I got my first when they started making these.  I now have one on every rod I fish with!  Keep in mind that Lew's warranty service is the BEST in the business.  I have only had one issue with the drag on one Lew's reel - sent it to Lew's and got it back the same week fixed and ready to fish!  If you're looking don't hesitate to pick up a few of these reels.

From: Kirk: Crossville, TN

Comments: i have 6 of these reels and idk what the deal is but acouple of mine are starting to grind bad. i keep them oiled and everything so idk. i did have to send back because of the drag broke. i still like them a lot for the price just wish i knew what was up with the noise a few of mine are making.

From: Sam: TN

Comments: I have had this reel for about a year now and fish it pretty consistently on my senko rod. Like others have said it works great at first but the gears started to grind and skip after a while. I didn't have any problems until I caught a 5lber on it. After that it has not been the same. I have to be clear though I use this reel a lot. It gets more use than any other I own. That could have a lot to do with it. I got a good year+ out of it and am still using it but plan to replace it shortly.

From: Micah: NC

Comments: I bought this reel  back at the start of the summer. The reel has been great! I've caught two 5 pounders in the past two weeks and the reel handled them with ease. No problem with flex, drag, or none of that. Also I have been using it with 17 lb line lately and still havent had any issues. Great reel for the price!

From: Brad: KY

Comments: I am a $100 or so type guy on both rods and reels. I purchased this reel just to try and have a reel just laying around the house. I have 3 of the SS1's and the are the best bang for your buck at $100 BY FAR of any reel currently on the market. This MG is no exception and is a great value at $79.99. It kills all the Quantum junk and other brands in that price range. That being said like someone else below mentioned there is some flex in the reel frame since it is graphite and not aluminum. Nothing bad about this reel but go ahead and spend the extra $20 on the SS1's that have the aluminum frame.

From: Brett: STL, MO

Comments: Not 100% sure why you guys are complaining about the drag system. absolutely ZERO wrong with the drag. I have 8 of these reels and they are (ALL) consistant in mannerisms....and the drag??? yea the drag works extremely well. Folks- Buy with confidence- remember- quite a few fishermen do not know exactly how to actually "SET" a drag correctly....enjoy!

From: John: Kentucky, USA

Comments: This reel became rough just from spooling it with line the first time. The frame has so much flex that if you tighten the sideplate locking screw with just your fingernail it will bind the reel. Spend the extra money and get an aluminium frame lews reel. This reel is definitely not durable and i would not recommend it at all!

From: Josh: IN

Comments: Great reel for the price, casts weightless plastics far, heavy crankbaits a mile, very castable. It can handle heavy braid and mono well. Drag is not excellent but does suffice for catching largemouths. Very smooth reel and feels just as good now as it did on day one. Durability is great and if you clean this reel and take care of it, it will last you a very long time. Overall, the best reel on the market for this price!

From: John: GA

Comments: Got this reel on May 31st, 2013, and all that i can say is WOW!! Was so exited to get this reel, that i had to go try it out at the neighborhood pond! Only one decided to bite, and the reel handled it with what I expected, and more! This reel is extremely conferrable and smooth! Great drag system, magnetic breaking system(that's what MG stands for). Just a great reel, and if you are considering getting this real, get it, you wont be disappointed!   

From: Johnny: Austin,TX

Comments: Got this reel the other day, its my first lews and it wont be my last, as long as they are as good or better than this one this is crazy if you dont have one. this reel is so smooth and responsive its better than my 150 quantum smoke i have this on lews sl 7ft meadium heavy rod and 50 pound braid its an awsome setup your crazy if you arnt thinking about getting one

From: Dale: ontario,canada

Comments: Lew's reels are the best and you get superior quality no matter which model you buy.  I have a Laser MG and it is as good a reel as any I've used, and I've used pretty much every brand.  The Laser MG is the best reel on the market for under $100.00, no question on that whatsoever!!

From: Toff: TN

Comments: Just got my new mg. The oversized reel handle helps (especially with reel grips) a lot so your fingers don't slip off. It feels pretty smooth and super durable. The only negative is its a bit heavy but it's made straight from metal parts(what I've heard) and has a huge spool so that explains it.

From: Trevor: MN

Comments: Love these reels!! I now own 5 of these. If you are looking for excellence look no further. These reels cast effortlessly and are  smooth as a babies butt. Wanna take a chance on a different brand. Buy Lews.. You will not be disappointed!

From: Jason: TN

Comments: I do not deep crank every day, so I did not want to break the bank and spend a lot on a low gear ratio reel for it. This reel has more than met my expectations. It is so smooth and the 5:1 has plenty of power to throw a 6xd all day. Very light but sturdy and reliable. I have it matched on a 7'6" Veritas Winch and throw 12lb berkely fluoro. Highly recomend the 5:1 for deep cranking or just cranking in general

From: JP: MD

Comments: I just recieved the 2 reels, 5:4:1 for Cranking and the 7:1:1 for my lipless crankbait slash Spinnerbait.. Both look Great love the smaller profile..Look forward to use at the Lake..

From: Travis: Burlington, NC

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