Lew's Speed Spool LFS Series Casting Reels

Lighter, Faster, Stronger - the new Lew's Speed Spool LFS Series Casting Reels feature new tooling and materials that takes Lew’s legendary Speed Spool performance up a notch. The one-piece die-cast aluminum frame is incredibly rigid to keep all parts in perfect alignment, while also remaining incredibly lightweight. Available in 5.6:1, 6.8:1, and 7.5:1 gear ratios, high strength solid brass gearing dishes out serious power and optimal speeds for a wide range of applications.

Delivering complete, easy-to-use cast control as well, the externally-adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS) allows you to make quick adjustments on the fly for changing weather conditions and different lures. Loaded with the features and performance that are quickly making Lew’s reels a favorite again, the Lew's Speed Spool LFS Series Casting Reels come in at just below $100 to top it off.

-One-piece die-cast aluminum frame
-Sturdy graphite sideplates
-Easily removable palming graphite sideplate
-Drilled, machine forged and anodized aluminum U spool
-High-strength solid brass gearing
-Premium 10 double shielded stainless steel bearing system
-Zero-reverse one-way stainless steel clutch bearing
-Externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS)
-Anodized aluminum spool tension adjust
-Durable Rulon drag system - 10lb max drag
-Anodized bowed aluminum reel handle with Lew’s cusom SoftTouch paddle handle knobs
-Audible click, bowed, graphite smooth star drag brake system
-Zirconia line guide
-External lube port
-SSG1S features high capacity spool and longer 95MM power crank handle

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
SSG1SHL Left 7.5:1 6.9 9SS + 1RB 12/120 In Stock: 3+ $99.99
SSG1H Right 6.8:1 7.0 9SS + 1RB 12/120 In Stock: 3+ $99.99
SSG1HL Left 6.8:1 7.0 9SS + 1RB 12/120 In Stock: 3+ $99.99
SSG1S Right 5.6:1 7.0 9SS + 1RB 12/150 In Stock: 3+ $99.99
SSG1SH Right 7.5:1 7.0 9SS + 1RB 12/120 In Stock: 3+ $99.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great reel, used it for 6 months and its great paired it with a omen blackout 6"9 medium heavy. Use it for flipping, froging,cranks, and spinner baits great for the price.

From: Unknown 2/10/17



Comments: Just got the reel yesterday in the mail along with my new castaway taranis cx1 mag mh 7 foot. The combo could not be better. Typically with a baitcaster I get a backlash every time I go out. This reel was different. It seemed as to no matter what it would not backlash on me which is great. I have both the tournament sk baitcast combo along with the Mach 2 baitcast combo and the lfs is probably my favorite. Also have the Mach 2 spinning combo. If your a lews guy go for the Mach 2 but also I suggest the taranis as its very sensitive.

From: Tyler - Comstock Park, MI 2/1/17

Comments: You will not find a better reel period. I started using Lew's speed spools about three years. Longest casting, durable, low profile. Easy to set up reel I've ever had. I live in Florida I fish a lot of tournaments for serious money they have never let me down. Heavy cover, hydrilla, trees, boat docks. IT DOESN'T MATTER THE FISH IS COMMING TO THE BOAT.  You can't beat the price or the quality.  I now own 14 of them and 11 Lew's rods. The only advice I can give you is buy one, Clean it every 6 months to a year and it will never let you down. Try there rod's they will blow you mind. 

From: Kenneth: Bartow , FL 1/11/17

Comments: I had my reel for one day and the reel handel bent down I have nothing against the reel but it bent to easily

From: Unknown 1/25/17

Comments: I used to fish all Abu reels...But then my brother bought a Lews reel and let me try it out, and that's all it took. From that point on I've fished with nothing else but Lews. Nothing against Abu, I still like their reels too, but for the money and quality, you can't beat this Lews reel. It'll cast a long ways and feels amazing in your hand. I highly recommend any Lews reels. 

From: Jason: Oklahoma City, OK 12/30/16

Comments: I have 3. Great reel for 100 dollars. Very smooth, light, and good looking. Casts a mile. Never backlashes. 

From: Jeremy: Dallas TX  11/20/16

Comments: I give this reel a 9 it's strong and good quality for a $100 reel. I just wish the drag would smoother, my drag is jerky and clicks . Getting it cleaned and lube as we speak hopefully it will be smooth like my other lews reels. I would recommend it , i probably just got a lemon. 

From: Troy: New York 11/20/16

Comments: I have 3. Great reel for 100 dollars. Very smooth, light, and good looking. Casts a mile. Never backlashes.

From: Jermey: Dallas, TX 11/20/16

Comments: I own at least 5 Speed Spools (BB1's, MG's, MCS) & this LFS is one of the best baitcasting values I've ever owned. I still think the BB1 and MG are higher quality reels, but for $100 you are not going to find many reel that out performs the LFS. I told my new fishing partner that if he needs to find a good quality reel for the best price, the LFS is the best choice. I prefer the smoother performance of centrifugal braking systems to magnets on any brand baitcasters. After adjusting the LFS's controls, I've had no casting issues. As some of older Shimano reels begin to age, I'll replace them with Lew's products.

From: John: Knoxville, TN 11/21/16

Comments: Great reels for $100. To me they feel like $175 reels. I have two: 6.8:1 & 7.5:1. They are very durable & handle big fish with no issues. I would recommend these reels to anyone who likes bass fishing honestly. I am planning to buy 2 more to replace my Abu Garcia reels.

From: CJ: USA 9/6/16

Comments: I have 3 of these reels 7.5 & 2 of the 6.8. Easy to dial in just wish the drag was a little stouter, but all in all I have been pleased. They hold up for a $100 reel. They get the job done. I use the 6.8 on 7' MH rods for light jigs and T Rigs. I have the 7.5 on a 7'6" H for light cover flipping. I can flip heavier cover but Id hate to lay into a double digit stud & not be able to winch her out. When you fish Toledo Bend its only takes 1 cast to lay into a Monster

From: Vic: LA 5/28/16

Comments: Have 2 of these reels and defiantly am going to get more! I have had these reels for about a year now and believe me, you can't go wrong. Super smooth & will cast a country mile & great adjustments! It's by far the best $100 reel I have ever used, highly recommend getting 1 or 10 of these!

From: Kaleb: Bloomington, IN 5/24/16

Comments: I've had this reel for about a year. When I got it out of the box it was super smooth & I loved it, easy to tune and could cast way farther than I had on any other baitcaster. Spoiled with 30 pound braid (minimum you want on a baitcaster) I used it from anything from topwater frogs to Texas rigs, to jigs & even the occasional crankbait. Having a mild winter this year, still catching bass with water temperatures in the 60s in January, this reel got pretty heavy use year round. About a month ago when the topwater frog bite turned on I realized something was wrong. Where I could normally bomb a frog out past the slop into open water, I was just getting backlashes on the same settings. Not sure what is wrong, tried re-dialing it for each bait I throw to no avail. Not sure what is wrong, but I will be replacing the bearings and super tuning it, to see if that fixes anything. I loved this reel when I first got it, sad that it didn't last as long as I'd hoped without issues. Great first baitcaster, or even to put on all your rods. But be prepared to replace them after too long.

From: Mitch: Clarksville, MD 5/10/16

Comments: I own 2 of these and I have never had a problem with them besides with light crank baits. Personally, I would just muscle up and get the MB but if you don't have the funds you cant go wrong with with this reel. If your worried about the fish handling abilities, I have caught several 40+ pound Northern Pike on mine.

From: Gordon: Spokane, WA 5/6/16

Comments: Best reel out there. stands up to anything. snagged a massive paddle fish on accident this reel stood up to a 15 minute fight & the drag was amazing. great overall reel have 5 of them. Will buy more.


Comments: This is one of the most bomb reels I have ever owned. Smooth & sensitive & casts a mile! Also, this reel produces very little backlashes. Make sure to lube your reel when you get it, because that will greatly increase casting distance. Tight lines!


Comments: I am personally an Abu Garcia guy, but wow once i got this set up I am amazed for only 99$. Casts just as far and smooth as my revo SX, Defiantly looking to continue in Lews products! 


Comments: ok reel, bought it about 5 months ago and used it for a bit. I have held reels that seem higher quality and are smoother for 100$, like the pfluegeur supreme. Sold it and sticking with the Daiwa tatula.

From: Isabella: Ontario, Canada 4/8/16

Comments: For the money it is an absolutely fantastic reel. I fish around 3 days a week & this reel has seen some action. I have only had it for around a year, yet it has gotten it's fair share of action. Casts great, feels smooth when reeling. Some complain about it not having tons of drag power. I would only see this being a problem if I were flipping, especially in heavy cover. This reel has a max drag of 14 pounds & for things like cranking & spinnerbaits, it's more than enough. I have caught bass up to 11 pounds on this reel & its fights them as well as any reel on the market. After several days of vacation non-stop fishing, it has been making some odd noises in the back end of a cast. This may be what you get from a $100 reel under heavy pressure. Not sure what that problem is but it worries me little. I would strongly recommend this reel for cranks, spinnerbaits, or anything like that, excluding swimbaits & jigs which require more drag often times.

From: Grant: Leawood, KS 3/19/16

Comments: I put this reel through a test. I beat it to a pulp. Left it in a truck bed, rained on, dropped, sunk, dirt filled, etc. it managed a year and a half of solid quality performance and was used A LOT. I highly recommend this reel to anyone. Highly worth the price

From: James: NJ 3/12/16

Comments: Bought the 7.5:1 reel and paired it with a Powell Diesel 7'3" Heavy and it works perfect for jigs, spinnerbaits, Texas rigs, and frogs. perfect drag and amazingly smooth. The only problem is that after 10 fish the free spool became less positive but that's fine by me. I highly recommend.

From: Calvin: Granite Bay, CA 3/9/16

Comments: Awesome reel! Casts really well, reels smooth, and drag is super smooth. Reels in a 7lber no problem! Highly recommended especially for the price!

From: Cole: USA 1/18/16

Comments: I love LEW'S, I have purchased a few of these reels and they are amazing. Easy to set up and hardly ever get birds nest, very smooth,and cast a mile. Great reel at this price point. Hope LEW'S continues making a quality product at a reasonable price.

From: Donald: Hayden, AL 1/15/16

Comments: This thing should be hundreds of dollars the way it performs. I put this thing through an entire week of non stop cranking & it was still smooth & handled fish like a breeze 300 fish later. It can cast a mile, I could cast a 1.0 Squarebill 40 yds paired with a Duckett Ghost Crankin stick like nothing. This reel is a must buy!

From: Will: Nashville, TN 1/9/16

Comments: Loving this reel. I have on currently but I am in the market to buy 2 more in the very near future. The 7.5:1 is a workhorse and picks up line extremely fast. I've had mine for about 3 months and it hasn't shown any signs of wear. Very user friendly, easy to adjust the brake system to your taste. You don't really need more than the ten pound drag, unless you are fishing inshore. (Buy the inshore version of it.) I would definitely recommend this reel, in my opinion it is the absolute BEST reel in the 100 dollar range.

From: South Alabama Outdoorsman: Mobile, AL 12/17/15

Comments: The reel started out smooth out of the box. I went up to Lake Champlain in the fall & the drag completely failed. I take very good care of my reels & I am very disappointed. The higher end lews reels have always held up for me so this reel was honestly a disappointment with the drag.

From: Logan: Berlin, CT 12/4/15

Comments: I have had this reel for about a year now & i have to say this is without a doubt the best reel i have ever used. It is very smooth, Casts a country mile, Is almost hard to get a birds nest with & the drag is super smooth, see you on the water brother. Tight lines

From: Hunter: WA 10/27/15

Comments: Up in Canada it isn't as well known as names like Shimano or Abu Garcia but there is no doubt that Lews creates affordable and very reliable reels like this LFS. I have been using the 6.8:1 (left hand) and the 5.6:1 (right nad) all season and have not once had any issues with dialing in settings and casting. I wish that they would come out with a left hand reel for the rest of the models as a Canadian that is what we tend to favor. Luckily I am able to use both hands to cast and retrieve comfortably.

From: Alex: Markham, Ontario Canada 10/6/15

Comments: This reel is extremely finicky & the drag sucks at 10 pounds. I got the 6.8:1 for my jigs, worms, chatter baits whatever, performs like crap bird nest all day long

From: Mojo Bass: CA 9/19/15

Comments: This is great reel especially for the price point. I own 2 of these and they are great,and no problems thus far. I do prefer shimano reels because they just seem smoother on the retrieve and the spool is bigger. Would like to see this reel with a larger spool, but great reel

From: Dawson: NC 9/10/15

Comments: Well I've been fishing this reel for the past week. So far it has far passed my expectations. Hundred casts in and the only backlash I had was on the very first cast I made. Super easy to dial in, I have the left hand 6.8:1 ratio and it's perfect for retrieving line quick after hopping a stick bait or using a jerk bait. Maybe not quite quick enough for frogging or pitching/flipping. Paired it with my Abu Garcia 7ft MH Veritas and 12lb Berkley vanish line. 3 days of fishing and 12 fish later, you can color me a happy customer. I'll definitely be buying more lews reels and specifically a new frogging reel.

From: Jessie: Moore, OK 8/24/15

Comments: I own this reel in 6:8:1 & all i can say is amazing. I paired mine with a 7' MH Falcon Bukoo & they are an unbeatable pair fir $200. I have thrown every lure on this set up and caught some monsters and this reel has handled it all perfectly. I plan on buying at least three or four more of these reels. They are my got to bc of the quality of the reel an the unbeatable price. They will defiantly be on my boat next year

From: James: LA 8/6/15

Comments: This reel is like a stronger lighter laser mg. You can get these for 20 dollars less on ebay, which makes them extremely affordable. I use the 7.5:1 to flip with 17 lb fluoro and if adjusted right will launch huddleston grass minnows miles. You can't lose with Lews.

From: Ben: Philadelphia, PA 7/29/15

Comments: This is my first Lew's reel, but it most certainly will not be my last. This thing is a feather, casts a mile, and is very smooth. I'm sure there are better reels out there, but not for this price.

From: Ryan: MA 7/26/15

Comments: I paired this Lew's with a no.8 tackle rod put 40 pound braid on it and love it for throwing my soft plastics I can rip em out of heavy cover or open water doesn't matter the reel will get it done no doubt

From: Landon: Groves, TX 7/14/15

Comments: There are so many great reviews on this real, so here's another!! $100 thats insane for this reel it cast like a curado and feels like $150 reel when fishing!! Buy this reel you won't regret it.

From: Carson: Canada 7/13/15

Comments: All I can say is WOW. I love this reel. The casting distance is amazing, even weightless soft plastics I have no problem with. I don't think you can get another reel this good for this price. This is my first Lew's reel and I will definitely be buying more of their stuff in the future. If your on the fence, you won't be disappointed.

From: Ryan: USA 7/2/15

Comments: I own 3 of the lews reels and they are just awesome! Their lightweight and last a long time. You can cast a mile with any lure you put on. Just great reels I'll definitely be buying more!

From: Logan: CA 6/18/15

Comments: I own several Lews baitcasters & purchased an LFS early this year. You cant buy a better reel for $100 or less. Like all of my Lew's reels, super smooth & casts a mile! Do yourself a favor and buy a Lew's. The best baitcasters made, hands down.

From: Mark: WI 6/7/15

Comments: You can feel the difference in weight once you take the reel out of the box. My others reels feel like a brick in my hands after handling this reel its so light. It casts like a dream. put 10-12 lbs fluorocarbon on it and you are in the sweet spot for this reel. I wish I had more of these reels!!! 

From: Mathew: Gibert, AZ 4/30/15

Comments: The LFS is an amazing reel. It will cast any lure you choose a mile. All I can say is get you one and you will get rid of all the other reels you own.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN 4/26/15

Comments: This reel is as smooth as butter and can fling lures a mile. This reel is all I buy! I have to wonder how much better the higher end Lew's are, because I don't see how it could get any better than the speed spool. Try one and you will not be disappointed!

From: Riley: AR 4/23/15

Comments: This is the REEL deal. I have several Lew's rods and reels now and I love them all. Bought the LFS in 7:5:1 put it on the 80 dollar 7 foot medium heavy Lew's rod and this is a tank. Horsed a personal best 5 pound 3 ounce beast out of cover with the help of this powerful reel. Love it.

From: Justin: Bowling Green, KY 4/3/15

Comments: lews reels are the best all around casting reel. I have 8 Lew's reels paired with duckett rods and by far my best all around setups. With a #5 shad rap 6'10" medium duckett ghost/lews speed spoil lfs has that #5 40 yds cast avg.... Not bad for a $200 combo

From: Ryan: Lake Murray, SC 3/22/15

Comments: Kind of shocked to hear people in the various message boards talk bad about Lews & this reel. For $100, this is the reel to get. I like the old version but this one is MUCH better. Lighter & more streamlined.

From: Jay6: USA 2/27/15

Comments: living in a deep southern state I've used this reel for almost every technique possible on a bait casting reel. From throwing weightless stick worms on fluorocarbon to flipping big weights into heavy cover with braid this reel has held up to everything. Incredible casting distance and superior handling of fish. From heavy tourney fishing to pond hopping I always have this reel

From: Chris: Madison, MS 1/27/15

Comments: This is a great reel. I've been using it for about three months, and it has caught me a lot of fish. This reel casts buttery smooth, and is perfect for just about any type of fishing. I highly recommend this reel.

From: Clayton: Buford, GA 1/24/15

Comments: Great real for the money. Solid and works smoothly I just wish Lew's lower models would have more than a ten pound drag. And if you read the review from the gentleman below. The high capacity spools are not "drilled" as you say, so if you get a cranker (5.6:1) it should be smooth. Whiffle spools are the high speed ones.

From: Mike: Grand Rapids, MI 1/18/15

Comments: Not sure about the guy below but my reel came with the drilled spool. Anyways for $99 man what a steal! Great reel and built right. With 12lb floro this thing will cast a mile. Buy it, you can thank me later.

From: Brady: SC 1/13/15

Comments: My LFS does not appear as represented (no drilled spool) and worse, surprisingly poor spool rotation when spun under zero tension, even with the magnets removed - Big bummer! Resist the same temptation to try based on the high enthusiasm expressed by prior reviews„ The LFS is not in the same league as higher quality Lew's reels. To summarize, expect value without high performance. Important: If a class standard helps, compare ANY baitcaster to a Lew's BB1 in terms of casting distance and control. Other: In fairness, don't rule out that I somehow ended up with a non-current version. Check your spool against the ad photos!

From: Brian: MN 1/4/15

Comments: just ordered 4 of these. Excelant reel for the money. I have 2 in 7.5:1 ratio (my favorite) and two in 6.8:1. These reels cast pretty far. Not as far as my tournament pro and tournament lite. But fr the money, yu can't beat the LFS series! I have caught so many bass in tournaments with these reels. I have used shimano, abu garcia, and daiawa. None of them beat lews. If u r looking for a lews reel, check out the lews speed spool LFS series. You cant beat it.

From: Kenneth: Kingwood, TX 1/3/15

Comments:  I've never owned any of the "better" bait casters like shimano or quantum. Keep in mind I have nothing against these companies. I have casted my friends different reels which include shimano and quantum and they are nowhere close to the quality of lews. Lets just say my friend sold ALL of his reels to replace them with lews and this specific reel is better than any $100-$300 reel I've used before. Please do yourself a favor and at least buy a lews reel, if you don't like it then stay with your original reels, but that is unlikely to happen because you will find out how good these reels really are 

From: Ryan: Inverness, FL 1/3/15

Comments: Smooth as all hell from 1/32 to 1.5 once horsed a 11.04lber from under a dock in Discovery bay in 15ft of water with no problem at all!

From: Jeremy: San Pablo, CA 12/30/14

Comments: I would love to see every fisherman purchase one of these LFS series reels and use them side by side with any other reel that they own. They are so light and smooth you just won't believe it till you use one. The drag is smooth as silk, and you can cast lures from 1/8 oz to 1 oz, and far as you need to. Friends of mine have told me over the years to try a Lews and finally I did and now I'm trying my to sell my Shimanos and Revos to replace them with Lew's. Magnificent reels, but don't take my word for it, try one out, you'll see.

From: Wildbillbilly: Hohenwald, TN 11/28/14

Comments: I am really impressed with this reel so far for the price. I can palm this thing perfectly. It cast like a dream so far and once I got it dialed in I didn't even have to rest my thumb at all to avoid any backlashes into the wind, love the simplicity of just the external brake adjustment. It works very well and I don't have to open to make any other adjustments. The drag is a little light and when crimped down can be a little jerky, but for Bass not much of an issue at all as I'll usually use the the spool release and my thumb to fight the fish anyways if needed.

From: Joe: Bucks, PA 11/10/14

Comments: Just got this reel in the 7:5:1 gear ratio, first day taking it out I caught a 3.5 and a 4lber. Couldn't ask for a better reel for the price point. Plus it looks sexy on my duckett rods

From: Jacob: KY 10/20/14

Comments: Got one of these in the 6.8:1 for spinnerbaits, buzz baits, chatter baits etc and WOW. For only $100 this is an amazingly smooth, quiet and casts a mile even into 30 mph winds! Definitely getting another!

From: Landon: Denton, TX 10/13/14

Comments: I bought one of these in the 7:5:1 gear ratio about a month ago. I have using several other major manufacters reels that are 3 times the price. No more...This is my first Lews. Won't be my last. Smooth, quiet, great reel all together. The fall small mouth bite has put this reel to the test and it has handled it well. And for a price you can't beat! 

From: Mike: Marinette, WI 10/13/14

Comments: This reel is UNBELIEVABLE!! Don't spend the extra money on other reels.Just get these and save a bunch of money and be happy.Just used mine for the first time today and could not believe how well it worked.Started with a buzzbait throwing it a mile and then could cast a 1/8 oz hair jig easily.Landed 6 of 8 and it was smooth as silk.And the 7.5:1 is a plus.

From: Larry: Milan, TN 10/12/14

Comments: I recently purchased one of the lews lfs speed spool. It is AMAZING! I hsve an Abu Garcia Rvo s, and my lews out preforms it by a lot. I recommend this reel for any angler thats looking for quality for a cheap price.

From: Chris: Winchester, TN 9/29/14

Comments: This reel is insane for a $99 casting. The LFS series is lighter than the previous and balances well on just about any quality rod. This second generation Speed Spool also comes standard with a swept handle which is a nice addition over the first generation. They've also changed up the gear ratios and now offer a 7:5:1 that is a huge bonus at a reel at this price point. Customer service with them is outstanding as well. I challenge you to find a reel at this price that can perform the way the new Lews LFS Speed Spool does. Dont hesitate to buy them. Tight lines!!!

From: Jake: LA 8/27/14

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