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Lew's Super Duty Speed Spool Casting Reel - $148.88 to $179.99

This new Lew’s Super Duty Speed Spool Casting Reel was designed for extreme durability to meet the needs of the most demanding fishing situations. Whether you’re pitching a jig deep into grass, throwing an umbrella rig all day at schooling fish, or pounding the jetties with a finger mullet, the Super Duty is made for you. It conforms comfortably to your hand, and reacts crisply and effortlessly to your every command, delivering the cranking power you need in the toughest fishing conditions. The Lew’s Super Duty Speed Spool Casting Reel has what it takes - and more!


-Sturdy, lightweight one-piece all aluminum frame and aluminum handle side plate
-10 double-shielded premium stainless steel bearings
-Lightweight machined, anodized, deep capacity aluminum spool with dimples
-High strength brass gearing for increased strength and durability
-External-adjust Magnetic Control System (MCS)
-ZeroReverse one-way clutch bearing
-Easily removable palming side plate with soft rubber touch
-External handle side spool tension adjustment with audible click
-Rugged carbon composite drag system that provides up to 14 lbs. of drag power
-Bent anodized aluminum "power crank" 95 mm reel handle with Lew's custom paddle handle knobs
-Titanium-coated line guide

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Extremely tough, the Lew's Super Duty Speed Spool Casting Reel delivers powerful performance no matter the fishing conditions or fishing application.

Comments: This reel is my new favorite reel from lews, got the 8:0.1 for my flipping stick and I'm very impressed. Extremely smooth and sleek design. I'm also a big fan of the drag. I'd recommend this reel to anyone. No complaints. Lews is on a roll, by far the best out there.

From: JT: FL 10/16/14

Comments: They finally have the 8.0:1! I have 3 lews reels, 1 7.1:1  sd for jigs and swimbaits and im about to have an 8.0:1 for burning spinnerbaits and flipping jigs!

From: Chris: CA 9/7/14

Comments: The 5.4:1 is great for casting all size crankbaits. Very smooth and casts long, even the small baits.

From: Darren: USA 7/14/14

Comments: Very happy with this reel! Super smooth and feels great! Only regret is that I got the standard 5.4:1 gear ratio. Put this on a Dee Thomas Zombie rod with braid, so I use it mainly for top water, and wish I had got a faster ratio.

From: Fancy: Delta, CA 4/20/14

Comments: This was my first LEW'S reel to buy and there will be many more to come. Right out of the box this reel was simply amazing in many ways. I bought the Super Duty 7.1:1 as a frog and topwater reel and it has performed flawlessly so far. I like my Abu Revo SX, but I LOVE this LEW'S. Casts further, retrieves smoother, and fits my hand better. LEW'S had my curiosity but now they have my undivided attention. Buy with complete confidence.

From: Garrett: Woodville, TX 4/3/14

Comments: I just bought the 5.4:1 and it is great like all my lews. korea is a leader in technology just like japan. the Korean factory just builds the reels according to the manufacturers specs. its not like they are pumping out reels and slapping a brand name on them. I own revos, shimanos, and just recently lews and they are the best hands down.

From: Will: MI

Comments: Love it!  I have a 7.1:1 that I spooled with 22lb Shooter that I use for flipping and throwing football jigs.  It has great casting ability, and a smooth, effortless, retrieve that is nice.  The drag is solid and the reel has the power to pull fish out of heavy cover.  Yet again, Lew's has put out a great reel at a great price!

From: Keegan: IA

Comments: I've used this reel all summer/fall for frogging, pitching jigs in heavy cover, and throwing swimbaits for muskie and it is fantastic. Definitely worth every penny...

From: Dennis: PA

Comments: I have used this reel for 2 weeks and have already landed several bass around 3-5 pounds. I own a Curado 200e7 and this reel casts farther and is much smoother in the retrieve, cast, and drag. I could immediately tell the parts used in the reel were much higher quality than the Shimano or Abu Garcia's I compared it to at Cabela's.

From: James: Wichita Falls, TX USA

Comments: I bought this reel for froggin in thick grass mats. It works awesome. I keep the magnetic brake set at 2 and can cast a frog a country mile with no issues. I think i actually like this reel better than my Lews tournament pro. Its just as light and smooth as the tournament pro but simpler to use because all it has is the magnetic brake, but that's all it needs.

From: Cameron: Manassas, Virginia

Comments: The super duty is my reel of choice and to further comment on the Lews/Revo factory all I can say is╜ Well, they do hart surgery and hemorrhoids in the same the hospital but they are clearly two different procedures.  My point is, even though the Lews are made in the same factory as Revoâ•ÂË™s, even with similar components they are very different in many details.  I would say most come down to preference, but I am a serious tournament angler and Lews is and has always been my personal choice.  The super duty is a great crossover reel for me.  First it does my light and heavy work with never a problem, not something I can do with the Revo.  The second and final is the super duty also handles braid, fluor and mono again not something I can do with Revo

From: Bob: Las Vegas, NV

Comments: This reel covers every application needed in fishing. I have the Team Lew's Pro as well but this Super Duty 5.4:1 is my crankbait reel for shad raps to DD22's and also the Alabama rig reel. The 6.4:1, is for spinnerbaits and square bills. Then 7.1:1 for topwater, jigs, frogs, senko, Texas rig, flukes. You can't go wrong with this reel. It's very smooth and ZERO issues after a full year of using. I haven't had to clean or add oil or anything, still performance is as new. It casts LONG and I'm able to skip great with this reel.... Simply the best!!!

From: Darren: NC

Comments: I am using this for frogging. I love it.  its smooth and fast. 

From: Wesley: Logan Utah

Comments: AMAZING REEL!!!!!!! I was hesitant at buying it, but now that I have it I can't put the thing down. When I do, I am always looking for an excuse to pick it back up. LEW'S for LIFE!!!!

From: Zach: TX

Comments: Awesome reel! I have two, one on a jig rod and the other on a frog rod... these things are as smooth as they are tough!

From: Mike: Milford, DE

Comments: To Rob in Cape Cod: This is by far better than the Daiwa Lexa baitcaster! Lexa doesn't compare to even the cheapest Lew's reels.... I'm not sure why guys gets hung up on where something is made? This is a high quality reel for a great price that flat out performs everytime out on the water. I "had" Daiwa Steez until I purchased these Lew's Super Duty reels, and the Team Lew's Pro reels. After that, the Steez are sold off.... I've yet to have a issue with any of my Lew's reels, which I had issues with all my Daiwa Steez reels and Zillions. Buy the Lew's and you won't want to use any other brand.....

From: Darren: NC

Comments: I've got the 5.4:1 this is a great reel used it to throw a 12'' Texas rigged worm in SC.  It helped me land a 10 lb bass.  My 1st double digit LM!  It's a beast.  Got it on sale for $105.00.  Can't beat it for the price. 

From: Tim: Acworth GA.

Comments: So, I decided to give this reel a shot after reading reviews all over tw of people blown away by lews and hating the revo St gen3, t3 ballistic, and the lexa 100. All of which I own... it is a really nice reel, but I am not gonna make any friends for saying this... lews reels are made in the same factory in Korea as the gen3 revos. I know it. The second I took it out of the box and spun the crank, star drag, and spool tension knob... I knew it. It is nearly just a different model from the same company. It is almost the same thumb bar. It engages exactly the same way. Close your eyes and the star drag and spool tension knobs click and move identical. What is making the difference for people is that Abu specs them with carbon side cover, which attributes to the feel people don't like. Lews specs them with metal covers, which, adds weight and makes it "feel" smoother. Now, I'm not saying they are exactly the same reels. I'm just saying they are made in the same factory to each companie
s order... just like Mazdas and fords...kenmores and whirlpool...etc. this reel also comes lubed up just like you did it yourself, where, the revo is nearly dry. I like the reel, and it is an absolute stud at its price point. It has pluses and minuses over each of my other reels and it will fit in nicely... I definitely recommend it, but don't believe for a minute that "lews are just building reels better than everyone else". I believe that was a review I read...you can definitely spend more money and get better daiwas and shimanos. I might even tell my friends to save $40 and get the lexa 100...hope this helps!

From: Rob: Cape Cod

Comments: Put some 65# Power Pro on this reel and have a great day with the Alabama rig or Frog fishing. Then I use regular line on these Super Duty as well for all my other baits, from cranking with the 5.4 to jigs with 7.1, this reel is perfection. I have all the models and I pick this one up the most and the Team Lew's Pro is AMAZING as well.... You will replace all your reels after using the Lew's

From: Darren: NC

Comments: The part on the ICast video that says this reel it built for big line and and big baits refers to as the way is built(heavy gearing and tough),not line capacity.But, if you can cast a 100 yards(300 ft.) with 65lbs. of braid which has @ 16lb.mono diameter or any line by the way,then you are on a league of your own, KVD can cast 70+ yards on 10 lb. test fluoro on his signature cranking rod, so for someone to spool out this reel full of braid that heavy needs to use a bare 1 1/2 oz. weight casting with the wind. Bottom line is that this is an awsome reel that can cast jigs, spoons,spinnerbaits, umbrella rigs and even light stuff with ease. Great performing machine overall!

From: Charlie: Trenton,NJ, USA

Comments: Got my reel today, I got this reel to throw an A-Rig with, the reel itself it sweet!!! But, I will go ahead and give you an observation that I noticed immediately, the ICast video says that this reel is made for big line and big baits, however, I use Suffix 65 lb. Performance braid and the reel didn't hardly hold any line, the spool size is the same as all the other Lew's reels which is small, so don't buy this reel and expect to load it with a lot of big braid, I loaded it off of a 150 yard spool and filled the reel to the max and it didn't even put a dent in the spool

From: Jason: Pennington Gap, VA

Comments: Another great reel from Lews use this on my Dobyns 765 Flippin Stick for punchin mats and its awesome try one.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: I got this reel for the A rig and it is a jewel of a reel. It is smooth and feels great on the retrieve just like every LEWS reel I have. Feels really string and well built, I am pretty sure will last for ever.Buy one and you won't regret it!

From: Charlie: Trenton,NJ USA

Comments: This is one AMAZING reel. Don't hesitate to buy this one! I have this in every gear ratio and these are flawless. These are so smooth, I can cast a shad rap further than a spinning rod combo with the 5.4:1 reel. Lew's is the best reels hands down. I have tried them all and Lew's has my vote. Try one and you won't buy another name brand after using a Lew's.

From: Darren: North California

Comments: Just checked mine it doesnt have one either i was thinking of the tournament pro that i have sorry about that. But i love every lews reel i own and slowly replacing all my reels with lews

Comments: I'm not seeing it. I see where it might be, if it was equipped. There is definitely a designated location, but no screw, or removeable "hatch".

From: Wheels

Comments: when the reel is off the rod its on the bottom of reel have to take the small screw out and there it is you can oil it.

Comments: Just received reel 2 days ago. Used it, extensively, today. Overall worked very well. Using the 5.4:1, for small, to medium swim baits. Also, ordered the 6.4:1. May not be a huge deal, to some, but i'm not seeing the external lube port, as advertised, on either one of my reels, which disappointed me. However, very smooth, quiet, solid reel.

From: Wheels: New Berlin, NY

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Capacity (Test/Yd.) Price Stock Qty
SD1H Right 6.4:1 7.8 10SS + 1RB 12/150 $179.99 3+
SD1HL Left 6.4:1 7.8 10SS + 1RB 12/150 $179.99 3+
SD1S Right 5.4:1 7.8 10SS + 1RB 12/150 $164.88 3+
SD1SH Right 7.1:1 7.8 10SS + 1RB 12/150 $179.99 3+
SD1SHL Left 7.1:1 7.8 10SS + 1RB 12/150 $148.88 3+
SD1XH Right 8.0:1 7.8 10SS + 1RB 12/150 $179.99 3+

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