Delivering high-end tournament-caliber performance, the Lew's Team Gold Carbon Spinning Reel is packed with Lew’s most advanced features.  Very lightweight, it’s advanced carbon C40 high strength body and side cover feature Lew’s sealed body engineering for greater corrosion-resistance and protection of the reel’s inner workings. It also features a sealed zero-reverse one-way clutch bearing, plus 9 stainless steel bearings (three of which are sealed in key locations). This 10 bearing system combined with the reel’s digi-balanced graphite rotor and aircraft grade aluminum main shaft keep the Team Gold Carbon Spinning Reel impossibly smooth.

Also equipped with an oversized titanium line roller and wide spool, line twist is kept to an absolute minimum. The Lightweight double anodized aluminum spool with carbon graphite inserts also features a braid-ready system that includes rubber arbor adapter to help you easily attach braided line. Extremely corrosion-resistant and smooth, the Lew’s Team Gold Carbon Spinning Reel also has the power and finesse you need to tame the biggest fish on the lightest lines.

-Lightweight Carbon C40 High-Strength Body and Side Cover
-Sealed-Body Engineering
-Premium 10-Stainless Steel Bearing System
-Zero-Reverse Sealed One-Way Clutch Bearing (plus 3 Sealed Ball Bearings in Key Locations)
-Digi-Balanced Graphite Rotor
-Stainless Steel Lightweight Hollow Bail Wire
-Parallel Line Lay Oscillation System
-Oversized Titanium Line Roller to Reduce Line Twist
-Lightweight Double Anodized Aluminum Spool with Carbon Graphite Inserts
-Braid-Ready System includes Rubber Arbor Adapter
-Carbon Teflon Multi-Disc Sealed Drag System
-Quality Solid Brass Pinion Gearing
-Aircraft-grade Aluminum Main Shaft
-External Stainless Steel Screws
-Machine-cut Aluminum Handle with Lew’s Performance Handle Knob
-External Lube Port
-Designed for both Freshwater and Saltwater Use

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I like the reel but am a little disappointed since I love their bait casters. It's not smooth or fluid like mentioned in other reviews. I didn't bother cleaning some of the excess lube off this. However after a little over a year the bail started slamming shut during the cast and now will only close by hand . Even while closing by hand it doesn't feel very secure in the closed position.

From: Matt: OH 7/27/16

Comments: To put it nicely this reel is about a 6/10. I really wish I wouldn't have purchased this reel. The reel is rough and does not bring baits in smooth at all. Throwing a shad rap or a small jerkbait with this reel is a chore. Lews makes nice baitcasters, but these spinning reels need A LOT of work.

From: Jake: WI 11/3/15

Comments: Lews baitcasters are perfect in every way but this spinning reel left alot to be desired. lightweight but not even remotely close to ANY Shimano spinning reel especially the Stradic CI4. drag was fair but the reel was not smooth or fluid, perhaps i should have taken it apart and removed the grease that was put in by the factory but i wonder why they overgrease it in the first place. for less money you could get the shimano symetre or even Sahara and the performance right out of the box is dramatically better.

From: Bob: Fountainville, PA 8/18/15

Comments: This is excellent real, have a ci4 an like this real better than ci4 an for a 100.00 $ less. Has excellent drag, bail has no flex an cast all different sizes of line with ease, I have the 3000 an large handle is very comfortable. Mine was good to go out of the box no cleaning or relubeing. Smooth with no gear noise or roughness. I really like the filler for braid, maybe adds some weight but don't have to mess with backing line an an saves on amount of braid, which saves money. Use more than ci4,an just as good if not better. Think most would be pleased with this real, especially at the price.

From: John: Knoxville, TN 7/17/15

Comments: As all have said one of the best reels on the market today, the reel is over lubed, but again just removing some of the lube and it really smooths out the reel. I bought the 3000 and put it above the CI4 in smoothness and weight. Perfect over sized spool and for those that like braid in a spinning reel they even give you an adapter for braid. Already looking into purchasing a second and third reel to replace the CI4's Lew's has hit a home run with another reel, this time it a spinning reel!

From: John: Poway, CA 4/9/15

Comments: The reel in my mind is the best spinning reel you can get for the money. As Doug stated when you first get it it comes overlubed and may not feel as smooth as you would like. Remove the quick lube port and spray some ardent reel cleaner which strips all the excess grease off and then relube with your reel grease of choice. Specification wise it is on par with Shimano Stadic Ci4. The stradic is a little bit smoother but in my mind not worth 100 extra dollars for 4 oz of weight and just tiny bit smoother. You cannot find another reel at this price point with the light weight and ball bearing count that this reel has. Lews reels in my mind definitely give you the most bang for the buck which i think makes them very popular nowadays.

From: Johnny: NC 1/30/15

Comments: Picked up the 3000 series. I am very happy with this reel. It came over lubed but other than that the performance has been exceptional. TW service is fantastic.

From: Doug: WA 6/27/14

Comments: Hands down this is the absolute best reel ive ever used in my life! Just going by the specs was enough for me, i purchased the 4000 and put it on a 7ft 3 mh carrot stick, spooled with 12lb Nanofil with a 24 inch 12 lb flourocarbon leader. I just use it for my soft plastics and it is ultra quiet and very smooth. Paired with the carrotstix, it casts a 5 inch Senko 50 yards easily! My fishing buddies are jealous but wont admit it! I have checked on every other reel similar to this one going by just the specs, and the closest one i found was a Stella, wich costs $750! Lews hit a grand slam with this one.

From: William: Springfield, MA 6/20/14

Comments: Its a good reel in par with shimano Ci4. Out of the box is not as smooth but after relubrication and removing excess grease from gears and pinions it is fairly as smooth as the Ci4. A great cheaper alternative with same quality and specs.

From: Dave: MN 4/4/14

Comments: These are decent for the price BUT not near as smooth as the Lew's baitcasting reels.... would be really nice if these were.

From: Chuck: NC 3/6/14

Comments: Hands down the best spinning reel i own to date.  I usually use shimano products but have been trying to but american made products as of late. My buddy mentioned Lews bait casters so i thought i would give them a try. Just complements all around for this gold spin. Extremely light very comparable to a pt smoke or the like. Incredible drag and an unnoticed feature that i really enjoy is the crank handle. I do not believe anyone would reject this as a world class spinning reel for a price that could be more, but lets hope they don't change that. Will be buying more. Check one out. Not the most beautiful reel but really who cares. I would rather have a quality product than a perfectly matching cosmetic setup. Props to LEWS

From: Ben: MO

Comments: Outstanding reel and just bought it today. Had to hand line a five pounder when the handle in my 230 sx US reel skipped and could not turn the fish. turned out I had metal shavings in the gear handle. The build quality of the Lews products are incredible. Very smooth and cannot eeven hear it. For the price it is a superior product and performed as advertised. Casts beautifully and very light with a Gloomis shakey head rod. I would buy again tommorrow. 

From: Robert: Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Comments: I have only got to take it out once and was very impressed. The reel is not the prettiest but it seems to be a real performer. The drag is smooth, its very light and the bail in my opinion is the best I've ever experienced. Oh yeah I really dig the paddle knob it feels very comfortable and natural. Like many spinning reels I've purchased it was a little rough on the retrieve so I'm hoping that smooths out without the help of any oil but I'm a bit picky about that, others may not even notice. I give this reel a 8/10 and for this price point I would say this is a steal and would put this on par with the $200 reel selection.

From: Tony: Fenton, Mi, USA

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