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One of the originators and driving forces in the world of baitcasting reels, Lew’s has done it again with the Team Lew’s Pro Speed Spool Casting Reel. Loaded with advanced features and rugged durability, it has the premium tournament caliber performance anglers have been looking for - at a more reasonable price. Already receiving rave reviews, from tour level pro’s and weekend anglers alike, the Team Lew’s Pro Speed Spool Casting Reel has what it takes for any bass fishing application.


-One-piece diecast aluminum frame and side plates
-Titanium deposition finish on sideplates for ultimate durability
-Double anodized gold detail finishing
-Aircraft-grade Duraluminum 12-hole drilled U-Style spool, drive gear, crank shaft, and worm shaft
-Premium double sheilded, stainless steel, 11-bearing system with Zero Reverse
-Frictionless titanium-coated zirconia line guide
-Multi-Setting Brake (MSB) utilizing both an external click dial to adjust the Magnetic Brake System, and an internal 4-pin positive on/off Centrifugal Brake System
-Anodized aluminum spool tension adjustment with audible click
-Rugged carbon composite drag system, provides up to 10lbs or drag power, audible click metal star drag
-Premium bowed lightweight 80mm carbon handle with Lew’s custom EVA contoured paddles.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Absolutely the Best on the market paired with Denali rods! Casts a country mile, light, and very durable. Lew's reels are the best.

From: Mark: TN, USA

Comments: I own several Lews baitcasters and have been impressed since day one. I could not pass up the the Christmas sale price on the TLP1SH and am glad I did. This is an exceptional reel at the 199.99 price, smooth, easy to adjust and handles finesse baits extremely well. The service and shipping was terrific. Thanks TW crew !

From: Doug: WA

Comments: WOW! Honestly love this thing! So smooth no backlash what so ever, if you have backlash you prolly dont know how to use a nice reel. Best reel on the market for the price, The ABU shouldn't even be compared to this. I have every Lews Baitcast there is, and all outperform reels in same price. Lews is all I fish with and dont plan on changing!

From: Tyler: Ft. Wayne IN

Comments: I'm shocked Brett in California has issues with this reel. Maybe check out your pins inside the reel because I have a dozen of these reels since these were released and I've yet to have one single problem. These have been flawless and I'm a tournament fisherman that fishes all kinds of lakes.... the BEST reels on the market is Lew's hands down!

From: Darren: NC

Comments: I bought this reel to pair up with my new Dobyns cranking rod and unfortunately it's not working out.  When this reel is under stress I feel and hear large clicking noises, not to mention it feels under powered even when reeling a 3XD.  It spins freely without making any noise but as soon as I start cranking it's VERY noisy and the pressure in the handle is soo great that it's noticeably hard to reel .  Maybe its good for other applications and it's also possible mine has an issue but I don't feel it's a solid reel, this ones going back.

From: Brett: Wildomar, CA

Comments: I Have the Revo MGX and the Lew's Team Pro. The Lew's Have a nice solid feel, The Revo feels hollow when in use. The Lew's casts far and is very accurate when pitching. The Revo casts nice but for the price, and feel the Lew's wins hands down.

From: Buddy: Okmulgee, Okla.

Comments: If you arent a cry baby on price it is the best reel on the market. This reel is a lamborghini and all revos are vespas. Amazing bearings, all that pure fishing go for is making the most money out of a product and lews puts in extra effort to make these reels as strong as they could be. I now own 10 of these reels and I personally have cranked in 3 largemouths over 12 pounds on top of the water the whole way to the boat.

From: Tyrone: Conway Chain Florida

Comments: This reel is decent.Sorry but IMO the REVO MGX and REVO PREMIERE still are in a class of their own and are better quality than this Lew's reel. Head to head, I have gotten at least a good 10-15 yards better casting distance with the REVO's than I have with this reel. Especially casting weightless plastic baits. Not to mention the drag on the REVO's out perform this reel by far. This reel has got an extremely smooth retrieve and the paddle handles are definitely cool.Not a bad reel by any means but definitely not better than some of the other brands out there.

From: SCmoonshine: Greenville SC

Comments: I am responding to Tyler in Holden, in LA..... I'm shocked anyone would put a negative review on this reel. This shouldn't be in the same sentence as a Abu Garcia reel because this reel out performs it in all aspects. I can cast a weightless senko or fluke further with this reel than a Abu Garcia premier reel with a lucky craft sammy. I did it when I was paired up in a FLW tournament and the guy I was paired with said he was going to sell all his Abu reels after witnessing that. Tyler must not know how to set the pins on the reel or spool adjustment. I own a dozen of these and they're perfection with no flaws. Very lightweight and the best looking reel available. There is none better..... I sold every reel I had and several were Daiwa Steez after getting these. You can't go wrong!

From: Darren: NC

Comments: Definitely my favorite reel. I love how light weight it is and it also cast a mile. It matches up perfectly on my duckett flipping stick

From: Carson

Comments: this reel is junk. My revo mgx and premier blow this piece of casting, reeling, piece of metal away. First of all, it does not cast worth a crap, and it does not reel very smooth.

From: Tyler: Holden, la

Comments: This reel is legit. I have Shimano's and two Lew's and this one takes the cake. This paired up with my Irod Air for flipping Jigs is the lightest Combo I have felt. I can flip a jig farther than my buddy can cast some of his cheaper reels. Lew's has earned a customer for life in me.

From: Branden: TN

Comments: just like the tournament pro but alot nicer for the lefty it will be release next year and for this year the super duty in the lefty will be release this summer confirm by lews

From: John

Comments: Love the right but PLEASE MAKE A LEFTY!

Comments: Thanks Ross! If and when I scrounge up the money, I'll be getting one in the future...God bless.

From: Elijah: Mystic, CT

Comments: Wow ! This is my first Lew's reel and I have to say it is the finest baitcaster I have ever used,Superb cast control and super smooth and light. Blows my MGX away, I will be replacing all my other baitcasters with the Lew's Team Pro now !

From: Ross: Australia

Comments: Would everybody quit crying over left handed reels on here. This is for REVIEWS. If you can fish, use a right-handed reel and quit waiting for Lew's to make a left-handed reel. Or do you not have TWO hands.....

From: Randy: GA

Comments: I think that lews will have more shares in the market if they offer lefty for the higher end reel. maybe lews is just waiting to see if the righty make good sales or not. btw, im not loyal to a certain brand. all i do is give a reel a chance and see how it feels. so far i love the lews design of the small frame.

From: L: MN

Comments: I just got this reel but haven't fished it yet, but after playing around with it a little it's extremely light yet feels incredibly durable. Fits very nicely in your hand and is silky smooth. I have it paired with a 7'1 medium heavy  Duckett White Ice and its the lightest combo I have ever felt.  Lews 4 life!!

From: Mike: IA

Comments: If you have fished BOTH the Abu Garcia MGX and the Lew's Team Pro Speed Spool, witch one do you think fished better?(drag-wise as well)Thanks! God bless and great fishing.

From: Elijah: Mystic, CT

Comments: To Bill in Florida... WHY even comment on this GREAT reel that is simply PERFECTION??? If you can't afford or don't want to pay the price, WHY look at it? Quit with the negative comments on a GREAT REEL!!!! If you don't want to pay for a Bentley, then drive a bicycle......

From: Darren: NC

Comments: Lew's makes very nice reels. Better or worse than the competition, who knows. I own two less expemnsive models, the basic Speed Spool and the Tournament MG, and I like them better than my Revo Inshore and Curado 51.

From: Ed: Astoria & Roscoe, NY

Comments: best reel ever hands down. smooth and small to palm if you have small to medium hands. casting is a ease with this reel after you adjust it. NO BIRD NEST WITHOUT THUMBING IT!

From: USA

Comments: I think lews is the best out there but c'mon the pricing is getting way too high just stick with the Tournament speed spool and the MG the new ones are the same hardware they just twicked the handlebars added a little flash just like every other reel manfacturer

From: Bill: FL

Comments: I will be replacing all my reels, better prepare for a 2100$ hit.

From: Salty C: Far NorCal

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