Perfect for fishing your next tournament or just fun fishing on the weekend, the Lew’s Tournament HS Spinning Reel delivers the legendary Lew’s performance and durability at a value conscious price. Its wide spool and oversized titanium line roller combine to reduce line twist for fewer line management issues and better presentations, and its double anodized ported aluminum spool also features a braid-ready system that includes a rubber arbor adapter for easily attaching braid. Its digi-balanced graphite rotor, durable stainless steel main shaft and ten stainless steel bearing system also keep things running smoothly, and its carbon teflon multi-disc sealed drag system has the wherewithal to take the fight to big fish. Whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater, the Lew’s Tournament HS Spinning Reel has corrosion-resistance and durability to keep you on the water and catching fish.

-Rugged Graphite Body and Side Cover
-Premium 10-Stainless Steel Bearing System
-Zero-Reverse Sealed One-Way Clutch Bearing
-Digi-Balanced Graphite Rotor
-Stainless Steel Lightweight Hollow Bail Wire
-Parallel Line Lay Oscillation System
-Oversized Titanium Line Roller to Reduce Line Twist
-Double Anodized Aluminum Spool
-Braid-Ready System includes Rubber Arbor Adapter
-Carbon Teflon Multi-Disc Sealed Drag System
-Quality Solid Brass Pinion Gearing
-Durable Stainless Steel Main Shaft
-External Stainless Steel Screws
-Machine-cut Aluminum Handle with Lew’s Performance Handle Knob
-External Lube Port
-Designed for both Freshwater and Saltwater Use

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Wanted to try a new reel this year and really liked how these looked. The reviews were good and I took a chance. I now have two, these are great lightweight, quality build and great drag. Couldn't be happier for the price.

From: Herman: WI 6/30/15

Comments: This reel is strong and reliable. It is solid and is of medium weight. Because it is an inexpensive reel you can detect a slight wobble in the rotor. This detracts from the smoothness of the reel. For the price i think this reel would be hard to beat, but i still prefer the weightlessness of my quantum smoke spinning reel and its smoothness. I like the bail on this reel. It will not let you down.

From: Dean: Clemson, SC 4/1/15

Comments: Had this reel for a year now. Paired up with a duckett ghost rod 7ft med. The reel is flawless and the wire bail will not bend like other reels. Very smooth and great drag system. No issues at all. Get one you wont regret it.

From: MnBasser: MN 1/6/15

Comments: Super smooth like my lews baitcaster. I'm all aboard the lews train now. Love them Less!

From: Kevin: CA 12/20/14

Comments: This is the single best spinning reel I have ever owned. Put it on a 7' MH rod, it is the ultimate combo for drop shotting, wacky worming, shaky head. You can do anything with it. Super smooth, light, simply unbeatable.

From: Ben: IL 12/18/14

Comments: Ive tried all the spinning reels at my local store and this one felt the smoothest and had the best build quality for the price. It was smoother than my quantum smoke

From: Ryan: Dallas, TX 9/27/14

Comments: I got the 200 paired up with a St Croix triumph that I use for finesse baits. This combo is light & balances perfectly. It's currently spooled up with 8lb fluorocarbon. I fish a lot and haven't had an issue with birdsnest or anything. It took a couple days but after the bearings break in it's really smooth. I only own shimano but when it's time for a change I'll consider more lews.

From: Mike: NJ 8/6/14

Comments: I used the TS300H and loved it! I used it for Senkos with 8lb. test mono and was very pleased with it. the performance was very smooth. For the price of this reel, I would put up against some of the more higher dollar reels on the market! The first thing that I noticed was the heavier duty bail wire. Love it! you're not going to bend this one like many others out there. very smooth cast with not line twists!

From: Elasavage: MD 5/21/14

Comments: I bought this one and the $129.99 Lew's spinning reel and this one feels exactly like it. Only thing, these are NOT as smooth as the Lew's baitcasting reels. Would be nice if these were. For the money, good reel though

From: Charlie: NC 3/6/14

Comments: I bought the 200 and love it. Really smooth casting and great distance with weightless worm. Am using 8 lb fluorocarbon and have yet to get any loops. I watched a YouTube video last year and the pro said to flip the bail by hand and not by turning the handle. Since doing this have not had another loop  

From: Joe: Eubank, KY

Comments: It's a good reel. I got the 400HS and it has a good smooth action, nice reel handle and have caught several good spots with no problem. However, it is not a bird-nest free reel. I've only had it happen twice with using the reel quite a bit. Overall, I would probably buy another one.

From: Drew: Tallassee, AL

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