Sleek, slim and super lightweight, the Lew’s Tournament Pro Speed Spool is built for serious fishing. Lew’s Fishing Tackle has been around since 1949, and they were one of the originators of the low-profile baitcaster back in the 1970’s - so they know what goes into making quality reels.  Featuring a solid, one-piece, die-cast aluminum frame, the Tournament Pro Speed Spool is loaded with a total of eleven (10+1) double-shielded premium stainless steel bearings for consistently fluid casts and retrieves. 

High strength Duralumin gearing churns out serious winding power, and a rugged, carbon-composite drag system with audible click star adjustment backs it up with 14-lbs of max drag. Short pitches, long casts, wind, no wind - it doesn’t matter, the Tournament SpeedSpool’s dual magnetic & centrifugal cast control also has you covered. 

Additional Features: 

*Aircraft-Grade Duralumin Drilled Anodized Spool
*ZeroReverse One-Way Clutch Bearing
*Easily Removable Palm Side Plate
*Right-Side Spool Tension Adjustment with Audible Click
*Titanium-Coated Zirconium Line Guide
*External Lube Port
*Backed by Lew's One-Year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Sweet, very sweet. I grew up bass fishing in NC, but then got away from the sport for 40 years. After using a friend's Tournament Pro Speed Spool, I knew it was the reel for me, and bought my own; plan to get another one. The reel is smooth, cast anything I throw, even light bait into the wind. Adjustments are quick and accurate. Even backlashes are rare. I could not be more pleased.

From: Barry: Atlanta, GA 8/7/15

Comments: Hands down, incredible reel! Great ergonomics, lightweight, smooth as can be and casts a mile. Have mine spooled with 40lb Sufix 832 paired up with a Dobyns Champion 735C and it's a fisherman's dream!

From: Adam: Las Vegas, NV 8/6/15

Comments: Probably one of my best investment reel! i have a Shimano Curado-I and chornarch ci4+. They all have there ups and down, but the Tournament Pro SS hasn't let me down yet, and has been very smooth and little to no maintenance.  It also holds more line then my other reels. 

From: Joe: Maplewood, MN 6/29/15

Comments: This reel casts like a dream.Loaded it with 12lb Vicious on mojo cranking rod 7'8"MH.Throws lipless great.Will buy more.

From: Kenny: San Mateo, CA 6/19/15

Comments: I bought this reel in 5.4:1 on TW & to this day is very dependable. Awesome cranking reel for those deep-dipper cranks. Nothing bad to say about this reel other than I wish the Lew's emblem would stick on better.

From: Hmongbass: USA 5/5/15

Comments: excellent casting, smooth, and ok power, I have had two of them for 6 years and fished them on anything from 65 pound braid to 10lb fluorocarbon, shirmano reels may be able to cast light lures and skip baits better than these, but these are more versility and comfortable to fish with.

From: Brady: Lacrosse, WI 3/23/15

Comments: Bought one of these when they still had the 5.4:1 model and do not regret it one bit. This is the sweetest reel I have ever owned. In the 25 years I have fished bass tournaments none of the reels I have tried/owned come close. Lightweight, smooth, casts like a dream!

From: Ed: Bastrop, TX 12/26/14

Comments: Great reel. Smooth and powerful at the same time. I send them in each year to be serviced by Lew's and could not ask for a better experience.

From: Dan: Spokane, WA 12/11/14

Comments: I have 3 TP1SH's, and I couldn't be happier with them. Best reel I have in my arsenal by far.  Cast great, quiet, good balance and feel...currently looking at buying another reel, everything moves me towards the TP1SH.

From: Kevin: Morgan City, LA 11/13/14

Comments: What a great reel. Smooth as silk, light but doesn't feel cheap. This thing will throw a 1/4 oz spinnerbait into 15mph winds. I've horsed 20lb striper, no problem. I own 4 TP's now, after trying one out. I have used Abu Garcia reels for 25 years, well they have been retired. For the money these things are just an incredible value. I'm a Lew's fan, bought the BB1 Pro for cranking.

From: Dallas: GA 10/2/14

Comments: Simply the best reel for the money I have ever used. I bought one of the less expensive Lews to start with and like it so much I stepped up to the Pro Speed Spool. The only down fall I have run into is as soon as you get this reel blue loc tite the set screw for the reel handle nut and you will have no issues with the Pro Speed Spool. Even when I did lose the little screw and lock ring. Lew's customer service was outstanding and sent me some extra screws and lock rings free of charge. Three years and running with 4 of the first Lew's I bought. 

From: Bill: WI 5/28/14

Comments: Bought one of the tournament pros's, after seeing one of my buddy's reels and using it. I am very impressed with this reel. Best reel I have every owned. (and I do have Premiers, stx's, curado's, chronach's) Will be getting more of these for sure.

From: Jim: Frankston, TX 5/19/14

Comments: I've been using the tp1sh. since late last year. I matched it with a G. Loomis 7'6" med. hvy. crank bait rod for throwing 1/2 oz. lipless crank baits. The reel is excellent, it casts well into the wind without backlashing and is smooth as silk on the retrieve. I would recommend purchasing this reel to anyone. It is a good value at 200 dollars.

From: Mike: Hammond, IN 4/20/14

Comments: I used to be a Shimano only angler, January 2013 I decided to try a Lew's. Now I wouldn't considers switching back to Shimano for anything. My Curado's and Chronarch's have developed issues and overall have broken down, even with routine maintenance and care. My Tournament Pro Speed Spool still feels brand new.  I would recommend this reel to rookies and veterans alike!

From: Matt: Hebron, KY 4/3/14

Comments: I've owed this reel for three months now so I feel like I can give an honest review. I am a budget fisherman so I wanted something that was quality and without breaking the bank... for the money this reel is by far the best ive ever owned smooth, quite, and just overall just amazing this is a great reel do not hesitate to buy one Definitely will be buying more.

From: Marc: TX 3/25/14

Comments: This was my first Lew's reel and its definitely won't be my last. Its so SMOOTH! The brake system works awesome and is very easy to adjust. the clicks on the spool tension is also a plus. Palms nicely and its light. This reels has it all. One thing i did notice though was the paint isn't as durable and the lew's sticker was coming off but by no way does that effect the performance of it.

From: Bones: NC 3/13/14

Comments: Great great reel, can't talk enough about it 4.9 Out of 5.  Only thing I would like to see happen different is the button, the paint all wore off.  I would like to see something like Shimano has where they have the little plastic piece on it to keep from wear and tear.

From: Unknown: USA 2/28/14

Comments: 4 out of 5 stars! Lews needs to work on fine tuning the comfort factor, this reel is just a little to small. Other than that works like a champ.

From: Mike: GA

Comments: I bought this reel with the 5.4/1 ratio when they were on sale. I use it for cranking and I love it. It out performs any reel I have ever owned, and I have owned all major brands. It is smooth as butter and cast further than any I have owned. Even casting in the wind, if properly set, you have no backlash issues. I highly recommend this reel to anyone.

From: Ed: Searcy, AR

Comments: The description says the spool tension knob has an audible click...my tournament pro does not do that. Maybe it's bc it's an older one and that's a newer added feature? Fantastic reel, still smooth after putting the grind on it for 3 years...highly recommended!

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: Amazing reel for the price. I paired it up with a 7'3 MH cashion! I use it for jigs and worms. i am currently switchingall my reels over to Lew's!!! What a great product! Worth every penny!!! I recommend this to anyone!

From: Justin: KY

Comments: I haven't had mine long and I had to send it back because it wouldn't cast but 15ft. It's an alright reel. Not much complaint, but for 200 dollars its should be better. STICK WITH A ABU GARCIA STX

Comments: I have been mostly an Abu guy, and I like their Winch reel, but when I saw the sale on the 5:4:1 ratio, I took a chance after reading the reviews (most positive), and I would have to agree.  Very impressed with the casting and the smoothness of this reel.  I have enjoyed cranking and casting with this reel.  I am not going to say it is better or less worthy of my Winch reels.  Outstanding reel.

From: Allen: Fort Worth, TX

Comments: I have had this reel for almost a year and have had zero problems with it. I have used it on different rods and baits with mono,fluorocarbon and braid and its been smooth as butter in all aspects!

From: Michael: Huffman, Tx U.S.

Comments: Shimano is not in the same hemisphere as these reels. PERIOD!  Had them all for many years. Lews is Smoother and way more comfortable than anything Shimao offers. NUFF SAID!

From: Webster

Comments: I own 6 of these in all different ratios and have had them a year now.. they have all worked flawlessly. I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said other than these are the only baitcast reels I own now and it would take a lot to change that.

From: Wesley: Rogersville, AL

Comments: I've had this reel for several months now (this is the first Lew's reel I've ever owned) and it hasn't disappointed me once. It's smooth like butter, quality casting, and it can handle the big fish I've put it up against. I highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for their next, or first, casting reel.

From: Cantley

Comments: i have 2 of these reels and there will be more to come. The smoothest and i can cast super far with it. Awesome reel.

From: Dave: milwaukee

Comments: Very happy with this reel. I'm not usually one to buy anything with every seeing it in person but, I did the research and I felt confident about what I was hearing. I have no regrets and I doubt my money could have been spent better anywhere else. Get this reel, your friends will be impressed.

From: Joe: TX

Comments: I got the MG version of this reel first a few months back, absolutely fell in love with Lew's quality. After getting a new micro guide crankin rod I decided to invest in the Pro series because of the weight and quality of my other Lew's reels, I absolutely love this thing, absolutely amazing how smooth and easy to cast it is. I don't think I will be buying any other brands anytime soon.

From: Kyle: Austin, TX

Comments: by far the best reel I have owned buying another one for sure get one they blow abu and all others out of the water

From: Mike: Akron, OH

Comments: Love this reel and with this on sale everyone should get one. I have it on a duckett micro magic 7.1.1 and its as smooth as butter. My brother has a quantum smoke which is very nice but the lews is still better . Though lews isn't a big name like Abu or shimano or quantum but there products are much better. If i didn't get lews. The shimano chronarch or quantum smoke are probably the closest thing to the lews in quality and price

From: Charlie: VA

Comments: 11/10. There is nothing for the same price or less that will offer as much as this reel. I bought it without ever holding one, relying totally on  videos an opinions. I'm very glad I put some faith into Lew's on this one. This thing is so effortless to cast and with stock lubing too. Nothing cast wacky rigged Senkos like this reel in the price range. I can't wait to give her a wash and re-lubing with thinner lube. I've got it paired up with a 13 Fishing- Omen rod and I am extremely satisfied.

From: Anthony: Toronto, ON, Canada

Comments: i have beat the crap out of this reel,i have worked to no end.I keep expecting gears to slip or grind on big current smallies but this thing will not fail.its as smooth and silent as the day i bought it.i will never use anything other than a Lews again.

From: V: Ontario Canada

Comments: I usually only write reviews for products that really stand out. All i can say is wow!!!!!! This is by far the best reel i have ever used. All my steezs and pixy's are collecting dust. I plan on buying 27 of these to replace all my reels. Pair it with a next for a dream combo. It will cast a plain hook farther than a steez will cast a 3/4 oz rattle trap. Another great product from lewd. Just buy it you won't be disappointed.

From: bs: usa

Comments: All I can really say is wow!!! This is the best baitcaster I have ever used. I have owned Revo STX and Bass Pro shops Pro Qualifier neither of these compares to the Tournament Pro!!!! I am planning on getting three more of there soon. Try one and you will love it. I have two tournament mg, two BB1, and one tournament pro.

From: Brian: Akron,OH

Comments: I have a lot of Lews reels speed spools,MG's,BB1,Super Dutys and this Tournament Pro is awesome all my other Lews are awesome reels as well but this one is so lite and smooth it aint funny.

From: Lance: Livingston,Tx

Comments: Love the reel.  Have two of them. Use mostly for pitchn Does not cast like my exo but would highly recommend this reel  Have fished with them about six months and have caught 50 to 100 five to 9 lbs bass Most versatile reel i own

From: Brian: Plano, TX

Comments: Unbeliveable reel. very light and casts light baits very well. Just play around with the settings.All reels perform their best when bait are to proper rod selections. Time will tell how it stands up with braid. May not feel quite as solid as my Curado D's but it may be do to the fact that this reel is extremely light and smooth.Very impressed so far.

From: Mike: Canada

Comments: I love this reel and so does everyone else. So much they raised the price $20. Thanks guys for the great reviews

From: Mike: GA

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