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Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool Casting Reel - $199.99

MSRP: $199.99

Sleek, slim and super lightweight, the Lew’s Tournament Pro Speed Spool is built for serious fishing. Lew’s Fishing Tackle has been around since 1949, and they were one of the originators of the low-profile baitcaster back in the 1970’s - so they know what goes into making quality reels.  Featuring a solid, one-piece, die-cast aluminum frame, the Tournament Pro Speed Spool is loaded with a total of eleven (10+1) double-shielded premium stainless steel bearings for consistently fluid casts and retrieves. 

High strength Duralumin gearing churns out serious winding power, and a rugged, carbon-composite drag system with audible click star adjustment backs it up with 14-lbs of max drag. Short pitches, long casts, wind, no wind - it doesn’t matter, the Tournament SpeedSpool’s dual magnetic & centrifugal cast control also has you covered. 

Additional Features:

*Aircraft-Grade Duralumin Drilled Anodized Spool
*ZeroReverse One-Way Clutch Bearing
*Easily Removable Palm Side Plate
*Right-Side Spool Tension Adjustment with Audible Click
*Titanium-Coated Zirconium Line Guide
*External Lube Port
*Backed by Lew's One-Year Limited Warranty

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Extremely lightweight - weighing in at only 6.7-oz - the Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool Casting Reels offer fluid function and serious power in a compact, easily-palmable design.

Comments: What a great reel. Smooth as silk, light but doesn't feel cheap. This thing will throw a 1/4 oz spinnerbait into 15mph winds. I've horsed 20lb striper, no problem. I own 4 TP's now, after trying one out. I have used Abu Garcia reels for 25 years, well they have been retired. For the money these things are just an incredible value. I'm a Lew's fan, bought the BB1 Pro for cranking.

From: Dallas: GA 10/2/14

Comments: Simply the best reel for the money I have ever used. I bought one of the less expensive Lews to start with and like it so much I stepped up to the Pro Speed Spool. The only down fall I have run into is as soon as you get this reel blue loc tite the set screw for the reel handle nut and you will have no issues with the Pro Speed Spool. Even when I did lose the little screw and lock ring. Lew's customer service was outstanding and sent me some extra screws and lock rings free of charge. Three years and running with 4 of the first Lew's I bought. 

From: Bill: WI 5/28/14

Comments: Bought one of the tournament pros's, after seeing one of my buddy's reels and using it. I am very impressed with this reel. Best reel I have every owned. (and I do have Premiers, stx's, curado's, chronach's) Will be getting more of these for sure.

From: Jim: Frankston, TX 5/19/14

Comments: I've been using the tp1sh. since late last year. I matched it with a G. Loomis 7'6" med. hvy. crank bait rod for throwing 1/2 oz. lipless crank baits. The reel is excellent, it casts well into the wind without backlashing and is smooth as silk on the retrieve. I would recommend purchasing this reel to anyone. It is a good value at 200 dollars.

From: Mike: Hammond, IN 4/20/14

Comments: I used to be a Shimano only angler, January 2013 I decided to try a Lew's. Now I wouldn't considers switching back to Shimano for anything. My Curado's and Chronarch's have developed issues and overall have broken down, even with routine maintenance and care. My Tournament Pro Speed Spool still feels brand new.  I would recommend this reel to rookies and veterans alike!

From: Matt: Hebron, KY 4/3/14

Comments: I've owed this reel for three months now so I feel like I can give an honest review. I am a budget fisherman so I wanted something that was quality and without breaking the bank... for the money this reel is by far the best ive ever owned smooth, quite, and just overall just amazing this is a great reel do not hesitate to buy one Definitely will be buying more.

From: Marc: TX 3/25/14

Comments: This was my first Lew's reel and its definitely won't be my last. Its so SMOOTH! The brake system works awesome and is very easy to adjust. the clicks on the spool tension is also a plus. Palms nicely and its light. This reels has it all. One thing i did notice though was the paint isn't as durable and the lew's sticker was coming off but by no way does that effect the performance of it.

From: Bones: NC 3/13/14

Comments: Great great reel, can't talk enough about it 4.9 Out of 5.  Only thing I would like to see happen different is the button, the paint all wore off.  I would like to see something like Shimano has where they have the little plastic piece on it to keep from wear and tear.

From: Unknown: USA 2/28/14

Comments: 4 out of 5 stars! Lews needs to work on fine tuning the comfort factor, this reel is just a little to small. Other than that works like a champ.

From: Mike: GA

Comments: I bought this reel with the 5.4/1 ratio when they were on sale. I use it for cranking and I love it. It out performs any reel I have ever owned, and I have owned all major brands. It is smooth as butter and cast further than any I have owned. Even casting in the wind, if properly set, you have no backlash issues. I highly recommend this reel to anyone.

From: Ed: Searcy, AR

Comments: The description says the spool tension knob has an audible click...my tournament pro does not do that. Maybe it's bc it's an older one and that's a newer added feature? Fantastic reel, still smooth after putting the grind on it for 3 years...highly recommended!

From: Unknown: USA

Comments: Amazing reel for the price. I paired it up with a 7'3 MH cashion! I use it for jigs and worms. i am currently switchingall my reels over to Lew's!!! What a great product! Worth every penny!!! I recommend this to anyone!

From: Justin: KY

Comments: I haven't had mine long and I had to send it back because it wouldn't cast but 15ft. It's an alright reel. Not much complaint, but for 200 dollars its should be better. STICK WITH A ABU GARCIA STX

Comments: I bought this reel and a chronacrh 200 at the same time both have had hard use in realy dirty water (Kansas river) and they both held up good, its been a yaer. at around the same price I like my lews a lot better, doesn't throw as far as my chronarch but its more forgiving for a newbie like me, the cast control seems more precise very hard to backlash. ive heard that these reels are made by Abu but compared to a Abu revo winch the quality in machineing is much better you can tell just but looking at the threads on the spool tension knobs and side plate internals. over all id give this reel a 9/10. but what do I know im just a newbie haha

From: plagerz: Kansas 

Comments: I have been mostly an Abu guy, and I like their Winch reel, but when I saw the sale on the 5:4:1 ratio, I took a chance after reading the reviews (most positive), and I would have to agree.  Very impressed with the casting and the smoothness of this reel.  I have enjoyed cranking and casting with this reel.  I am not going to say it is better or less worthy of my Winch reels.  Outstanding reel.

From: Allen: Fort Worth, TX

Comments: I have had this reel for almost a year and have had zero problems with it. I have used it on different rods and baits with mono,fluorocarbon and braid and its been smooth as butter in all aspects!

From: Michael: Huffman, Tx U.S.

Comments: Shimano is not in the same hemisphere as these reels. PERIOD!  Had them all for many years. Lews is Smoother and way more comfortable than anything Shimao offers. NUFF SAID!

From: Webster

Comments: not a curado or chronarch but still ok i guess. it does feel butter smooth but not a fan of cast control.

Comments: I own 6 of these in all different ratios and have had them a year now.. they have all worked flawlessly. I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said other than these are the only baitcast reels I own now and it would take a lot to change that.

From: Wesley: Rogersville, AL

Comments: I have had this reel for a few months now and it is a dream, literally.  Just caught my pb on it.  Great topwater reel.  I haven't had any problems yet.  Fingers crossed.  The only reason I would say to not get this reel is to possibly get the more exspensive ones.  For the price you can't beat it.

Comments: I've had this reel for several months now (this is the first Lew's reel I've ever owned) and it hasn't disappointed me once. It's smooth like butter, quality casting, and it can handle the big fish I've put it up against. I highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for their next, or first, casting reel.

From: Cantley

Comments: i have 2 of these reels and there will be more to come. The smoothest and i can cast super far with it. Awesome reel.

From: Dave: milwaukee

Comments: Very happy with this reel. I'm not usually one to buy anything with every seeing it in person but, I did the research and I felt confident about what I was hearing. I have no regrets and I doubt my money could have been spent better anywhere else. Get this reel, your friends will be impressed.

From: Joe: TX

Comments: I own this reel and an STX, bought this reel because it was on sale on TW and got a nice deal.  I will start by saying out of the box this reel was fantastic, felt so smooth, quiet, and can cast a mile with square bills or deep diving crankbaits. After about half the summer though, even with cleaning and oiling, i went to cast and the cast bar sliped back up and I could hear the gears grind, it's done it several times since then also and I've never had this problem with my STX.  That's probably because the STX has a stiff thumb bar compared to the SS.  Now there's starting to be a whine when I cast, which isn't a big deal, but I can hear and feel the gears grind every crank of the handle.  Although I love how smooth this reel is, I've fished my STX for longer and had no problems with it at all and have actually done less maintenance on it.  Would give Lews another try because it is so smooth but i wouldn't say it's a league above abus reels of the same price, at least from my experience.  I would recommend this reel to anyone though as it is one of the smoothest reels I've ever owned.

From: Zack: Raleigh, NC, USA

Comments: I own this reel and an STX, bought this reel because it was on sale on TW and got a nice deal.  I will start by saying out of the box this reel was fantastic, felt so smooth, quiet, and can cast a mile with square bills or deep diving crankbaits. After about half the summer though, even with cleaning and oiling, i went to cast and the cast bar sliped back up and I could hear the gears grind.  Now there's starting to be a whine when I cast, which isn't a big deal, but I can hear and feel the gears grind every crank of the handle.  Although I love how smooth this reel is, I've fished my STX for longer and had no problems with it at all and have actually done less maintenance on it.  Would give this reel another try because it is so smooth but i wouldn't say it's a league above abus reels of the same price, at least from my experience.

From: Zack: Raleigh, NC, US

Comments: I got the MG version of this reel first a few months back, absolutely fell in love with Lew's quality. After getting a new micro guide crankin rod I decided to invest in the Pro series because of the weight and quality of my other Lew's reels, I absolutely love this thing, absolutely amazing how smooth and easy to cast it is. I don't think I will be buying any other brands anytime soon.

From: Kyle: Austin, TX

Comments: by far the best reel I have owned buying another one for sure get one they blow abu and all others out of the water

From: Mike: Akron, OH

Comments: Let me start first by saying I've been out of the "bass fishing industry" for over 20 years due to Military life (retired from US Navy). The last bait casting reel I bought was a Shimano Bantum Plus...shows my age. ;-) Very nice reel at that time. Since retiring from the Navy, I'm slowly getting back into bass fishing. I purchased the Lews TP1SH and paired it with a Shimano Crucial Crankbait 7ft MH casting rod. Loaded the reel with 120 yards of 10lb fluorocarbon and a 1/4oz square bill crankbait. First cast....HOLY CRAP!!!! It casts like a dream!!! The reel is as quite as a church house mouse and the retrieve is just as quite. Very smooth!!! I am thourghly pleased with this reel! Do not look any further for a reel. Get this one today!!!

From: Brian: Nashville, GA

Comments: Love this reel and with this on sale everyone should get one. I have it on a duckett micro magic 7.1.1 and its as smooth as butter. My brother has a quantum smoke which is very nice but the lews is still better . Though lews isn't a big name like Abu or shimano or quantum but there products are much better. If i didn't get lews. The shimano chronarch or quantum smoke are probably the closest thing to the lews in quality and price

From: Charlie: VA

Comments: 11/10. There is nothing for the same price or less that will offer as much as this reel. I bought it without ever holding one, relying totally on  videos an opinions. I'm very glad I put some faith into Lew's on this one. This thing is so effortless to cast and with stock lubing too. Nothing cast wacky rigged Senkos like this reel in the price range. I can't wait to give her a wash and re-lubing with thinner lube. I've got it paired up with a 13 Fishing- Omen rod and I am extremely satisfied.

From: Anthony: Toronto, ON, Canada

Comments: i have beat the crap out of this reel,i have worked to no end.I keep expecting gears to slip or grind on big current smallies but this thing will not fail.its as smooth and silent as the day i bought it.i will never use anything other than a Lews again.

From: V: Ontario Canada

Comments: this reel is unbelievable. Don't think I will be buying anything else. If you're skeptical about this reel or looking at Abu premier or s, sx, or stx, or the curado do not buy them. This reel is the one for you. 5 stars hands down. Got the 6.4 ratio and the tuning is very simple and makes a huge difference. Whether you're banging banks with spros or tossing a senko into the middle of a lake you will not be disappointed. Spros on my 7' medium fast action crucial will cast at least 30 yards. The relatively high gear ratio actually lets you walk the dog with a Spro. You can't do that with any gear ratio in the 5's. please help yourself out and get this reel!

From: Luke: Lilburn, Georgia, US

Comments: I usually only write reviews for products that really stand out. All i can say is wow!!!!!! This is by far the best reel i have ever used. All my steezs and pixy's are collecting dust. I plan on buying 27 of these to replace all my reels. Pair it with a next for a dream combo. It will cast a plain hook farther than a steez will cast a 3/4 oz rattle trap. Another great product from lewd. Just buy it you won't be disappointed.

From: bs: usa

Comments: All I can really say is wow!!! This is the best baitcaster I have ever used. I have owned Revo STX and Bass Pro shops Pro Qualifier neither of these compares to the Tournament Pro!!!! I am planning on getting three more of there soon. Try one and you will love it. I have two tournament mg, two BB1, and one tournament pro.

From: Brian: Akron,OH

Comments: I have a lot of Lews reels speed spools,MG's,BB1,Super Dutys and this Tournament Pro is awesome all my other Lews are awesome reels as well but this one is so lite and smooth it aint funny.

From: Lance: Livingston,Tx

Comments: great reel, very durable, long smooth casts. casts light baits well and has enough drag for any bass you will find. exterior is great and prevents boat rash well. I fist purchased one when they first came out and were $20 cheaper, still well worth the money at 199. For the price this is the best reel u can buy, like it better than my gen 3 abu, which cost more and is lighter. Durability wise cant be beat. would by lews in their higher end offering if they had left hand retrieve.

From: Adam: TX

Comments: Stupid of me for not buying this brand sooner. Move aside STX, Smoke, and Chronarch, make room for the king of all reel for $200. I'm not bias at all, I just love fishing this reel over the rest. I also don't like to spend more than $200 for a reel, and this Tournament Pro feels like a $300 reel in comparison to other $200 brands. For those who likes be loyal to a certain brand, you are missing out on the performance that this reel provides. For those who mention about this reel not being able to cast as far as your previous reel, you need to give it time to break in and also find the correct adjustments on the brakes. Just as everyone on here mentioned, best reel for the buck, no BS.

From: NorCal

Comments: Love the reel.  Have two of them. Use mostly for pitchn Does not cast like my exo but would highly recommend this reel  Have fished with them about six months and have caught 50 to 100 five to 9 lbs bass Most versatile reel i own

From: Brian: Plano, TX

Comments: Unbeliveable reel. very light and casts light baits very well. Just play around with the settings.All reels perform their best when bait are to proper rod selections. Time will tell how it stands up with braid. May not feel quite as solid as my Curado D's but it may be do to the fact that this reel is extremely light and smooth.Very impressed so far.

From: Mike: Canada

Comments: I love this reel and so does everyone else.  So much they raised the price $20. Thanks guys for the great reviews

From: Mike: GA

Comments: GREAT reel Lew's.....this is one great reel.....lite-weight.....small, fits in hand real well.....cast great.....reels smooth.....great adjustments....and very good price.....I have been using bait-casting reels for 50 years and this is one of the BEST !  I have it  paired-up with a Powell Diesel 705CB glass rod to cast med-diving crank-baits....Bandit and Bomber model A baits.....with this combo, you can feel every branch or rock the bait hits....in the rod and reel hand and your fingers on the reel handle knobs you can feel every shake in the crank-bait movement, the handle knobs are firm so you fell all of the vibrations......I highly recommend this Tournament Pro.

From: GTB: Natchitoches, La.  Near Toledo Bend

Comments: Wanted to see if all the hype about this reel was true.... well it is.. I have 6 Gen 3 stx revos and a gen 2 premier. This reel hands down casts and reels a lot smoother than my revos. The drag is also excellent. I am very hard to please when it comes to fishing equipment but this reel impresses me in every aspect. Looks like I have some revos for sale.

From: Derek: IN

Comments: Been debating on the chronarch or the lews, and am I glad I purchased the lews.  This reel is so smooth and I can cast anything with it with zero backlash. Paired it with a Powell max casting and wow is the setup lightweight.  Extremely satisfied! Buy it! You won't regret the purchase.

From: Sam: Visalia, CA

Comments: i have fished the lews tournament pro for several years now. i use it because it's light, easy to adjust, smooth,has a good price point, and has a solid feel.i fish from a canoe as well as a bigger boat and i can tell u that the lews adjustment system is really convenient.you other guys that fish from canoes/kayaks can appreciate the convenience. 

Comments: I heard someone say he could cast a fluke a country mile into the wind with this reel...??  Interesting. I think the reel handles well, the carbon fiber handle is nice. It is comfortable, but I don't think it handles even 1/4 lures very well, let alone into the wind. I had to crank the magnets up to 7-8 not to get a backlash, and I've been fishing baitcasters plenty long... It does cast slightly bigger lures very well without any brakes on though. I think the other braking system besides the magnets is a waste, can't cast very far with them on. Doesn't cast like a chronarch (excluding Shimano's latest version [cheap]))I still would recommend the reel, mostly for deeper diving lures.

From: John: St. Louis MO

Comments: This is the best reel I have ever owned I bought one and then went back and bought another and now have 3 cause I purchased one and just got it supertuned... Light as can be... I put my first one on a NRX 802c.. this will cast even a fluke a country mile even into the wind

From: Charles: Ashley, IN

Comments: Paired the TP1HL with a Dobyns 795 rod for throwing the Alabama rig. Unbelievable ease of casting and very capable of handling big fish or double hookups. I own several Shimanos, ABUs, and Quantums. I would pick this reel over anything I've ever fished. Hands down my favorite.

From: Mike: Columbia, TN

Comments: Just a question for those who own this reel.  Does anyone own one in the black finish that appears in the image to the left?  All the models that I have seen in the stores come in a really dirty-looking greenish grey color and as much as I like how the reel works, that color is just really off-putting.

From: Thor: MN

Comments: This reel was better and longer out of the box than my STX with HP ABEC7s. So long Revo, hello Lews.

From: basshole: South GA

Comments: A die hard "greenie" fan, who is drifting away from his beloved curado 200B's due to these reels. Have two of the Tournament Pros, and three Speed Spools. All are as smooth as oil sliding on oil. These are the first low profile reels I have warmed up to, and have been shopping low-pros continuously since the infamous curado change. They simply feel better than most others. Pull to the gearbox side less, requiring less effort to keep the reel upright. Graphics are cheap as day old doughnuts though. Not a big deal to me, but others who brought it up are spot on.

From: Dave: KS

Comments: This reel is the shiznit. Light, smooth, and well constructed. This reel in my opinionis better than Steez, the Core, and the MGX( I've thrown and used them all.) Paired with a St.Croix Tournament Legend Bass rod and its a killer combo.

From: Mike: NormanPark, GA

Comments: I own nothing but Abu Revos STX. Borrowed this reel from my cousin for field testing on my Dobyns Champion rod. I must say, this reel is well-built. The retrieve is smooth and quiet. The knob is different, but I got the hang of it. For some reason, it just feels solid in comparison to the STX. For those who own both, you might know what I'm trying to say. Overall impression, I like it alot more than my Revo STX gen3. Might be buying a few later on.

From: J@y: CA

Comments: Very smooth reel, very easy to use and great casting distance match perfectly with my sakura 6'8" Medium rod. Few pike on this reels and the drag work perfectly. Seem very durable. Better value than the new curado G in my opinion.

From: Tzer: France

Comments: Bought this reel afew weeks ago and I love it. Probably the smoothest baitcaster I've ever owned. Going to really put it to the test this summer

From: DumDum

Comments: I have fished with Abu's ,Shimano, and the BB1 speed spools when they came out in the 70's. This has got to be the best reel for the money I ever used .I now own 6 and wouldn't trade them for anything . I fish them hard and had no issues with them breaking down. Very sturdy reel. I fish 4 days a week about 9 to 10 hrs . They are very light really matchs my Dobyns and Powell rods

From: Keith: Holland, MI

Comments: I got this reel over six months ago and it hasn't disappointed me yet. I fish 4+ times a week and it always gets the job done.

From: Eric: FL

Comments: quote "Does not cast light lures well. Baby brush hog plus 3/16 ounce weight equals a no go.  Forget about pitching or casting anything that size or lighter." go buy a spinning reel, no baitcasting reel can launch it !

From: misterhat: AL

Comments: I love my daiwa zillions ,a bit pricey .This is a great replacement .Super smooth,cast great,not that expensive.

From: Michael: PA

Comments: Awesome feeling reel. Lightweight, casts a good distance, relatively cheap for a high quality reel. Best Bang for your BUCK!

From: Master Yoshi: Beijing, China

Comments: Great reel for the price! I've had a chance to cast a Revo SX and Shimano Curado 200 and they aren't nearly as good as this. I was a bit skeptical about how well it throws light lures but I can say from experience now that this reel is very capable of doing so. I was using a 1/8oz jig head w/curly tail plastic bait needing only 2 of the centrifugal brakes activated and no assistance from the magnetic brakes at all. No backlash and pretty good distance. I let a friend of mines try it out and he was amazed at how far it could throw lures and noting how smooth it was. Obviously no reel is perfect but this one is just shy of that! Especially for the price.

From: Ty: Kansas City, KS

Comments: I can't say it enough. Lew's makes an awesome product for every price class. I own the tournament mg and just bought the tournament pro during the black Friday Sale. I currently own 2 curado e series, 2 Abu Garcia revo's, and have fished with a ton of quantum reels. These new age Lew's reels are hidden gems. I would say they are hands down the "best bang for the buck." shimano and Abu Garcia absolutely make great products, but lew's are that much better. The function, frame, bearings, ergonomic design and overall appearance just blow the rest out of the water. For the price, they feel like a Rolex in every aspect of fishing. These WILL BE "the reels of the future" in bass fishing. I am More than happy with my tournament pro reel!

From: Jay: San Diego

Comments: This is my first bait caster, I have used spin cast setups because I like left hand retrieve with rod in right hand, no need to switch hands after cast. Lew's offers LH reels, many manufactures don't. All this said, after a few casts and adj. I was casting 102'! Im using 17lb line, MH 7.3 wild black carrot stix, 1/2 oz crank bait. I never got a back lash. Don't hesitate to buy this reel. You can't go wrong.

From: Larry: Lubbock, TX

Comments: Dan, if you've tried everything you can about this reel and it still doesn't feel right for you, it is obvious that the problem is just you. Not the reel. This reel has two types of brake settings, the magnet and centrifugal. With the combo of these two, of course you can adjust to specific tuning. I would say that the reel is right, and you're not. Give it another shot and maybe you need to do the adjusting, not the reel.

Comments: This reel is awesome.I can cast a zoom trick worm with a 3/16 weight with ease. This thing beats the shimano chronarch and every other reel in its price range. I wish lews could make new spinning reel though.

From: Carson: USA

Comments: I just wanted to throw in my opinion on this reel. I've wanted one since they came out- I've seen nothing but great reviews. I was really interested in a cranking reel for squarebills and although many might disagree on this, I really prefer a reel that will cast light lures for my squarebill/shallow cranking reel. I wanted to replace my Daiwa Sol- nothing wrong with it, just felt it was time to try something new. I'm not an inexperienced baitcast user by anymeans, been using them for over 15 years and have owned many. The reel is super comfortable and very smooth- very connected feeling, much like Daiwas actually. What I didn't like, all the reviews on how well this casts light lures- I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I played with this reel for quite awhile, tried all the different settings and in the end, it just doesn't even come close to the casting performance of the Sol. I fish squarebills a little different I guess, but the most important aspect for me is casting distance- I just prefer to stay as far away from cover as I comfortably can, you just catch better quality fish. I gave it a shot, I really did and maybe for other applications it would've been a great reel but it just threw me off after reading all these reviews and it didn't even come close in comparison to a reel that hit the market over 6 years ago. It's a shame to, because I really did like the feel of this reel- very solid, very well built. Maybe I'll give another one a shot down the road, idk. Just thought I'd share my thoughts.

From: Dan: Springfield, IL

Comments: This is a great reel until you take it to Falcon Lake...I was flipping trees and just a small fish absolutely destroyed this reel. The gears now slip on every hookset. Never had another problem and i loved this reel before then and i still love the two I have that work. Great reel..just not Falcon proof!

From: Josh: Port Neches, TX

Comments: This reel is superb. I've fished for many years, but have never fished with a casting set up ever. I decided to learn how to use them because of the advantages they have over spinning tackle. I did a lot of research, and read many reviews before finally narrowing my search down to this reel. I bought myself the 6:4.1 left handed model this past June and I couldn't be happier. It is extremely lightweight and smooth, and so compact that it feels very natural in your hand. The paddle handles are a nice fit as well. Spooled it with 12lb Sunline FC and paired with a 7' MH Falcon Bucoo (which i would not recommend) and fished with it all summer long. This reel made it so easy to transition from being a spinning fisherman to a casting fisherman. I hardly ever backlash, and the only time i do is when i forget to change the settings after i've tied a new lure on. I fished at least 3 times a week over the summer, and caught so many fish. This reel has held up perfectly. The only bad thing i can say about this reel is the Lew's logo can peel off like a sticker and the chrome finish on the cast release button and the chrome around the magnetic braking dial is fading to a copper color. The performance of the reel is still like new. I would definitely recommend this reel to other fisherman, and cannot wait to purchase another Lew's reel.

Comments: BEST REEL EVER! Get this reel! Light and smooth!

From: Tristen: NC

Comments: I am finding it difficult to wait for Lews to come out with a left hand 7:1:1 but now that I have had the opportunity to try the STX from Abu; it is going to be worth the weight.. Not only is the lews smoother, it is compact and light, yet if feels much more durable in my hands.  The star drag on the Abu just feels kind of cheap to me and the spool is a bit small.  Casting distance was pretty similar however the smooth and quiet retrieve cannot be surpassed for a reel in this price range, I also especially love the paddle handles.  I probably be team lews for life if and only if they can produce more left hand reels!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Comments: My favorite reel that I own.  They have great cast control and are as smooth as a Revo Premier.  This reel is the best out there in the $200 price range.

From: Mike: Pittsburg, KS

Comments: Im three weeks into owning two of these reels and they are the best i have used. I have had previously, curado's and chronarchs both E series. There is so much adjustment control that you can virtually cast anything a mile.

From: Derick: Brigham City, Utah

Comments: Great reel, super smooth casting, even smoother retrieval.  Sometimes it hard to believe I'm reeling my bait in because the handles are so silky smooth and soft.  Guys if you have the money to buy a $200 reel, I would choose this one.  You won't be disappointed.

From: Michael: Bossier City, LA

Comments: I need to update4 my old review once i found out about the dual breaking system and got this thing dialed in it zings i love it paired it with a 7ft carrot stix micro im going to duckett thought i can cast weight less flukes a mile and burn lipless cranks with it i love throwing spinner baits and 7pft plastics

From: Louis: Baton Rouge

Comments: I took it out fishing today.  I used it mainly against two Quantum Smoke 100 and 150, and Daiwa Fuego.  I can honestly to say it cast as good as the Smoke and Fuego There is no visual difference.  I used same line, same weight, same lure, same rod.  They are all good casting reels.  So, casting a mile is not some thing exclusively to this reel.  It is definitely a quiet reel.  Quantum Smoke is kind loud in retrieve.  100 and 150 are different reel.  The 150 is somewhat rough.  Lews beats Quantum in that catagory but not in casting distance.  The four pin centrifugal brakes acutually works.  I can feel the difference by turning on/off one at time.  I leave two on and will not bother to fine tuning it in the future.  I set 6 on the mag control, it cast about the same as Quantum Smoke and Daiwa Fuego.  I have used BPS Jonny Morris Carbon Lite.  This reel really feels like it.  Don't get me wrong, Lews is a far superior reel than the JM Carbon Lite.  The Lews logo is a piece of plastic glue on the reel.  I almost can peel it off.--That's Cheap!  Quantum Smoke is a better looking reel for sure.  I will keep mine and won't buy another one for now.  Got wait for the Abu new Revos.

From: Billy: MA

Comments: I knew Lew from many years ago..I have at least 25 of the BB1N's...Still use them..I would expect nothing less then a great new reel from Lew's..They are the Best and cast just great..In my tournament days I could cast a # 11 Rapala top water with my BB1N when no one else could with other reels. Thanks Lew's for bringing back such great equipment for the fisherman. They are the Best.

From: Steve: Okeechobee, FL

Comments: This reel is very similar to Bass Pro Shop Jonny Morris Carbon Lite (Bad reel.  The original gold color Carbon Lite is a better reel).  It has a very good casting control system which is hard to get a bird nest.  It is slim and sit low on the rod than any other reels I owned.  It does not have a distinctive feeling being something special or different.  When I hold a Daiwa or Shimano, I know what they are.  But I don't have this kind feeling towards this reel.  Again, It is like a Johnny Morris Carbon Lite but used better components.  It is a assembly line product rolled out from Korea factory which makes many other brands.  It is quiet and smoother than the Quantum Smoke, very smooth!  I just want to state a fact that this is not really a Lew's reel.  Without longetivity test, I think $150 is a fair price to pay.  Daiwa and Shimano messed up their mid price range reels that lead royal consumers looking for other venus.

From: Billy: MA

Comments: Been a die hard Shimano buyer for years, but after their remarketing fiasco in 2011, I wandered into looking at other reels.  Bought a Smoke 100, but turned around and sold it quickly.  If you work at Shimano, Daiwa, Abu, Quantum, and are reading this, this reel is going to be a nightmare for you in the $200+ price range.  Smooth as a Calais, light as a Steez, more comfortable than the Smoke, smaller than anything out there...with huge line capacity.  Throw in great drag, castability, and ergonomics.  Having owned primarily Chronarch 50Mg's and Core 100's the last 5 years, I can honestly say, this reel is virtually in the same class at half the price. 

From: Willie: LA

Comments: I learned how to throw a baitcaster on an old BB1. I tried one of these because of the fond memories I had with the old one. That was a year ago and i now have 8. I sure am glad Lew's is back.

From: Josh: Broussard, LA

Comments: This reel is awesome!  It's light, casts a mile, smooth drag, and smooth retrieve.  I have curado's and revo's and this is the best of the group.  Out performs my others in all areas.  I will be buying more. 

From: Keegan: IA

Comments: This reel is the best baitcaster in my mind. It is 1 of the lightest reels on the market. And it is almost impossibe to backlash. This is my best and favorite reel i have ever owned

From: Joe: FL

Comments: This is a really good reel for the money. One of the better and easier to use baitcast reel that I own. This is easily better than the current Revo STXs and Curados that I have used. Although it only has four centrifugal cast controls it actually have an effect where as in the STX it barely does anything. It also nice that it also lightweight too. The paint job is nice and is durable.

From: John: CA

Comments: I really don't understand the reason for not making all the gear ratios in left handed.  That is what I love about Shimano is the options they give.  I want to try this reel pretty bad but I'm waiting for a 7.1 in left.  Cmon man!

Comments: Bought two new reels this year a Quantum Smoke and the Lew's Tournament Pro Speed.  I take both reels out and I am really sorry I bought the Smoke.  The Lew's is smoother, casts further, and out performs the Smoke. 

From: NrBing: Carey, ID

Comments: Bought this reel as my first Bait Caster, I am fairly new to the sport but I have to say this reel is smooth as warm butter and cast like a rocket out of NASA! Silent, and very very light weight. Looked at the Okuma Helios and decided on this reel instead. Went to New Malones lake and the reel performed awesome. Very pleased!

From: Jason: Modesto, CA

Comments: Awesome reel.  The best I've used.

From: Eric: Jackson, MI

Comments: I am very critical with gear and am not a person who says "it's great" just because I own it. I was VERY nervous ordering a Lew's reel but after reading tackletour's review and reading the reviews on here and forums, I gave it a shot...It was between this and the Revo Premier which I already own. I am purely a Shimano and Abu guy but THIS REEL IS AMAZING. INCREDIBLY well built, limitless cast controls, super compact and has a shape like a revo and a zillion mixed into one. The carbon fiber handle is beautiful and it's very swept which I love. the paddle handles should be on EVERY reel and the smoothness is indescribable. The smoothest reel i've ever felt, period. 2 bearings in each handle...11 bearings overall the thing is like silk. DO NOT HESITATE TO PURCHASE THIS REEL.

From: Tanner: Cape Cod, MA

Comments: Amazing reel. Quality shines through and through. Had factory problems with Curado 200E and Shimano was unable to fix and would not swap for another. I traded up with TW and will never look back. I currently have two Tournament Pros. one for frogs and one for crank baits. LEWS has definantly set the bar high with their reels!!!

From: Richard: Columbus, GA

Comments: What an amazing reel!!!! Fits my hand so much better than any Shimano reel that I own!!!! Seems like there will be a few Curados for sale!!!

From: Ian: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I now have three of these bad boys. they are the best reel on the market. buy it i gurantee you wont be disappointed

Comments: There's a little noise in some of the casts I do...the reel is very smooth, I have no complaints whatsoever about the retrieving, but every now and then when I cast (loooong casts actually) there's this noise like the clutch disengaging...

From: David: Leon, Gto Mexico

Comments: Awesome reel!  Lightweight, smooth-casting!  Like it better than my Diawas!  In fact will be replacing a couple of them with the Speed Spool!  Hats off to you Lews!

From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Comments: I ordered both the 6:4 for mono and the 7:1 for braid. I received the 6:4 first and put 65lb braid on for my St Croix Tournament Legend 7'4" Slop n' Frog (until the 7:1 that was backordered comes in). Bottom line is I LOVE THIS REEL. It is smooth, well contructed, and just all around a smokin' reel. I cannot wait for the 7:1 to come in and swap out the braid and mono.

From: Jason: Stafford, VA

Comments: The Lews Tournment Pro is a very smooth reel.  Everybody compares them to the Curado 200E's. The Curado 200E's seems to be the standard by which other reels are based.  Both are great reels.  I do believe that the Lew's is a smoother casting and retreiving reel.  I have found, opening the side plate to adjust the centrifical brakes is kind of a pain.  Once I adjust the brakes the first time, I just use the magnetic control to make casting changes on the water.  I would hate to drop the left side plate into the water.  I wish it was connected to the frame and hinged like the Curado.The reel's small frame is probably my favorite part.  It just seems to fit into the palm so nicely.  Some reels take a little getting use to the feel.  Not this one.  It just becomes one with your hand.
The paddle knobs are great too.  They each have two bearing in each paddle.  The knobs are silky smooth on the retreive.  In conclusion, these are great reels.  Will I get rid of my Curado's? Probably not.  Curados have stood the test of time and proven themselves.  We will have to see how the Tournment Pro stacks up in the end.

From: Pao: Boiling Springs, SC

Comments: Possibly the best reel ever made. easily and by far the smoothest reel on the market. literally could not be smoother. virtually silent, casts far, never backlashes. I can set the adjustments HOWEVER I want and it will never backlash. I've throw weightless trick worms and a 2 wire hook with incredible ease. GREAT REEL. The only problem it's so good you don't want to use anything else. 

From: Alec

Comments: Being fairly new to bait casting (2years) I must say this is the first bait caster I've own where I haven't had any birds nests from basic casting other than beware of small bushes BEHIND you... I get better distance, control and feel. Its paired up with a 7' MH abu garcia VERDICT. I do have the curado and citica and both are GREAT reels and will continue to use them. But the Lew's is now my number one reel to use. I will get several more to complete my arsenal.

From: D Money: Newburgh, NY

Comments: A used-to-be Shimano fan converted to Lew's. Just look at all the positive comments below. I can hit distant targets that I wasn't able to hit before. From the JDM styling to the drag and bearings, I have absolutely no complaints about the Tournament Pro from Lew's. I currently have two and will purchase three more within the year. Goodbye Shimano.

From: Daniel: Spokane, WA

Comments: I'm a huge shimano fan I've got a couple curados and some really nice bass pro baitcasters this is by far the best reel I have ever used. It's never backlashes it casts so so smooth I can cast in wind with ease which I wouldnt do with my curados

Comments: For years I was a die hard Curado fan. This year I read up on some reviews for the Speedspool and I am now hooked. I've gotten rid of all but one of my Curados. If had only known about these things earlier I could have saved some money. Smooth drag, cast a mile and light weight. Thanks Lews for changing my ways.

From: Mike: NormanPark, GA

Comments: Must say that Revo has nothing on Lew's.  You can go with the Tournament pro or just the speed spool, and you will but ABU to shame.  I have had mine for just over a month and jumped ship on REVO's !  If you want bang for your buck go with the Lew series speed spools !

From: Kyle: NC

Comments: I'll add on to the Lew's lovefest.  I have the 5.4:1 for cranking and its amazing.  Light cranks, no problem.  Great feel, super smooth.  The click feature on the cast control knob helps in making adjustments.  The drag control is excellent as well.  Paddle handles are not condusive to grips but you really dont need to add.  Buying a 6.4 soon. 

From: Matt: Arlington, MA

Comments: Best there is. I love both of mine. 6.4 and 7.1. Light and built Strong. Cant wait to get another. Best buy so far.

From: Timmy: CA

Comments: This reel is just what you need its ultra smooth ,just the right amount of drag power you need,and its light not as light as the mgx or core 50mg but light as an abu garcia premier

From: Hieu: Houston, TX

Comments: LOVE IT.  Better than my curado 201 and my skeet revo.  Please, please add more lefty ratios.  If there was a 7:1 I would dump all my curado's for this reel.

From: JC: TX

Comments: I have used Lews reels since they first came out. The old bb1n &bb1ng were and still are great reels as I have still have a dozen or more. A friend of mine that is in the tackle bussiness gave me one of these reals to try for I'm on the water from a 175 to225 days a year. This is a Lews reel. Light,smooth,positive hook set, well designed and very well built. There all good when you first get them but this is a fine designed and built reel. How I know this is because the first thing I did was to take it apart and look for myself. I have used it I don't know how many days now and it preforms and doesa good job everyday.This is one fine baitcaster.

From: Butch: USA

Comments: This is one of the best reels i have fished with. I like it better than the EXO and Core 50MG. They are well priced and the most reliable reel on the market.

From: Jared: Tipp City, OH

Comments: This is the best reel thus far! Paired it up with the new e21 carrot stix wild black and what a combo. I can launch this baby farther than any other baitcasters I've owned heavy or light baits. Sticking with Lews and never going back. Buy you one of these and step your game up!

From: Rocky: Morganton, NC

Comments: This is one of the best reels on the market for the money. Just as nice as my Chronarch, but $100 less. Just ordered two more.

From: Walker: Maryville, TN

Comments: I Love This reel. I bought 6 different rods and 6 different reels to find out which is the best. I got a smoke a curado a daiwa a Pfleuger President a scorpion 1000 and a LEWS T Pro which is hands down the best paired with a 6'6" St Croix MH Mojo Bass rod. Love this combo. Ive seen alot of articles about what rod for what application and bought Med and moderate fast action ETC. But for me its LEWS and Mojo bass. I just caught my biggest bass at 8 Lbs 5 oz.

From: Dale: Summerfield, FL 

Comments: i have 10 of the tournament pros, sold all my curados. very good value at $200

From: Derek: Waco, TX

Comments: If youre lookin for a new baitcaster. go with a lews they are the best ive ever used.

Comments: I did a lot of research and was very patient before I decided to buy this reel. I had decided that my next line of reels would be either the LewÕs Tournament Pro Speed Spool or the Quantum Smoke 150. I fished Quantum for a long time, and their reels have gotten so much better over the last 3 years. But, I finally bit the bullet and bought the LewÕs. Could not be happier with it! There are published reviews that compare this reel to the Quantum Smoke and the Shimano Curado. IÕm convinced that the LewÕs is the better reel. The IPT is the same as the Smoke 6.6:1. It holds 45 yards less line than the Smoke, which is a good thing IMO (why would you EVER need 165yds of line for bass fishing?!), but still more than the Curado. The drag is slightly less than the Smoke, yet better than the Curado. The LewÕs is just as smooth as either of its competitors, and long casts are made effortlessly and without issues. I waited a year after this line of reels was on the market to purchase one, and it stood the test of time for that year with pro anglers and weekend bass club fisherman. I have not heard one bad review of this reel, not a single one. The reviews of the Smoke, however, are quite mixed. The body style allows the reel to disappear in your hand (I know, IkeÕs description for the MGX) and it is so lightweight. To me, this reel compares favorably to the Revo series. It may not have the monster Abu drag system, but many of the features of the LewÕs TPSS compare well to the Revo STX and Revo Premier. The LewÕs body style surely mimics the Revo series, likely because they are produced in the same manufacturing facility. Bottom line, GREAT reel and itÕs now the only baitcasting reel I fish with! 

From: Jim: KY

Comments: best reel all i fish with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I own ten. Super light on a .loomis glx

From: Blake: Harrison, AR

Comments: Wow! What a well designed baitcaster for the money. Absolutely best bang for your buck. I'd take this reel over the Curado 200E or 50E any day. Gears feel great, extra bearings make retrieve and casting a breeze. Click drag and spool tension knob are just another plus to the reel. I don't even want to use my Curado 50E anymore. This reel looks sick! Stop wondering if you should buy it and do it. You will not be disappointed.

From: Steve-o: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: I Love this Reel. I was contemplating buying 3 different reels to see the difference, but now this Lews reel has me thinking. I love the click settings on all the knobs of this reel. I havent caught anything yet but love the castablity etc............Cant say enoough good things.

From: Dale: FL

Comments: I have a couple of these reels for my flipping rigs and my jig rods. Perfect reel for these applications. This reel will out do any $300+ reel on the market. Highly recommended

From: Kyle: TX

Comments: I have owned this reel for about a month now and it is actually my first Lew's reel.  A friend suggested it to me and after reading the reviews I bought it.  This has to be the lightest dual brake reel that I have ever seen.  I own two Johnny Morris Signature Series II reels and I have to say I like the Lew's better because of its smaller profile and lighter weight.  Another aspect of this reel that drove me to buy this was there are no EVA foam knobs!!! I respect a company that can cut weight in other ways without making a 180-200 dollar reel look like a cheap toy (sorry quantum EXO).  The last thing that I enjoy the most is that it comes in 3 different gear ratios so it is perfect for any application.  A tough, light, sharp looking reel for an awesome price...BUY IT!

Comments: This reel is great, I have a Lews tournament pro, quantam smoke and a curado 200e and I always find myself wanting to fish the lews. I will be replacing the curado and smoke with lews. The lews is smoother and it casts much better.

From: James: Las Vegas, NV

Comments: This reel is a tremendous value. Extreemly light and small. It throws light baits easily and has very smooth retrieve. No fuss dials, forgiving, with no backlash at all.  Could not be more impressed and happy with the purchase. Much more refined than my Curado 200e and Revo SX. Will buy more.  I highly recommend.

From: BP: Ohio

Comments: Love the lite feel. Super smooth. But i cant really use it as my go to reel. Its very touchy and likes to backlash alittle to much. But if your not trying to cast amile its great with alot of tabs on and mag breaking up

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: This reel is amazing. Very small and lightweight. I love the centrifugal/magnetic brake. Smooth very smooth. What would I compare it to? I don't know its in a class of its own. Buy the revo sx for 170 or this one for 180? I've used both, and this one dominates.

Comments: Thing is super sweet, incredibly light but sturdy, feels great and looks even better, if you can't throw light lures with this, you can't throw light lures period. spool is well controlled and backlash is almost non-existent, makes all my other reels feel like junk, going to buy 2 more as soon as I get the scratch up. Customer service is great as well, bought another spool ($55 each...ouch) for quick line changes, wish they had a holder for extra spools.

From: Ryan: MN

Comments: My first Bait casting reel ever, I matched it with a 7ft MH Veritas. I have been having a phenomenal year and have caught a majority of my fish with this outfit. I love how I was a beginner with it in March and I have only had like two bad rats nest. I have been fishing my whole life and always wanted to give the baitcaster a go and am glad I did. I throw a texas rigged senko on this set up with out any issues, sometimes farther than my heavier baits!! smooth as can be! Love it for sure. It is a slick looking set up too, I dont need a good looking set up to catch fish but I do notice people that are curious about what is going on with my rod and reel!

From: Michael: NY

Comments: This reel is the Bomb! it is incredibly light when u match it with a carrot stick. I am highly impressed with this reel and will be buying another.

From: Matt: Minnesota

Comments: I matched this reel to a Shimano Cumara 6'10" XF Med and it's a match made in heaven. Rod, reel, and 8lb Flouro weighs out at less than 11 oz! An absolute perfect combination for fishing smallmouth on Erie. And, I had no problems casting 1/8 oz jigs to breakwalls. If you're having those problems, try a lighter line. This is going to force me to retire my spinning outfits!

From: Dave: Tonawanda, NY

Comments: This reel cast light baits with ease. Weightless soft plastics, NO PROBLEM.

From: Trey: Athens, AL

Comments: this is my first lews reel and so far it has been  impressive , smooth and light, will keep lews inmind next time i purchase a reel!!!

From: Anthony: AL


Comments: Had mine for about 5 months now and all i can say is WOW!!. First day i got it it put the exact same lure on two rods- one with the TP1H and the other with an STX and it outcasted my STX by a long ways. I have been fishing with old lew's reels since I was a kid and I am glad they brought them back.

From: Brad: Springfield, IL

Comments: Worth the try never heard of Lews casting reels before Anycase very smooth very palmable and lite casts sweet, never fished with it yet, cant wait, would i recomend this reel Yes and plan on oredering more from the tackle warehouse

From: Lil Joe: Lakeland, FL

Comments: These things are absolutely smooth as silk. @David I've had zero problems casting light lures with this reel, even into the wind. It has a dual breaking system (much like ABU REVOs) that you might need to adjust. The carbon fiber handle is a nice touch, something I didn't think you could find in this price range. The grips are very nice as well. I definitely plan on replacing all my reels with these.

From: Mike: San Diego, USA

Comments: Does not cast light lures well. Baby brush hog plus 3/16 ounce weight equals a no go.  Forget about pitching or casting anything that size or lighter.

From: David: LA, USA

Comments: love it, best reel i ever had

From: Rick: Lancaster, SC

Comments: Unbelievable control, with two brake system you can throw light or heavy baits with easy adjustments.  Outcasts my big $ reels by 25 yards. Unbelieveable!!!

From: Bobby: Tulsa, OK

Comments: just got my tourny pro and love it .it casts and retrieves extremely smooth .no complaints .and is super light

Comments: there is only one word to describe this reel, SMOOTH!! this is bar far the best reel i have and thats coming from someone with abu revo sx, stx, skeet reece, and premier. by far the best reel for the money i ever had.

From: Kyle: Buena, NJ

Comments: I have mine on a 7'2" MH XF Shimano Cumara and it is a match made in heaven, its balanced right where it is supposed to. The casting and pitching distance is fantastic and very smooth on retrieves. I've only taken it out a few times but I already know its gonna get the job done.

From: Kenneth: Tennessee, USA

Comments: awesome!Lews are back!Only had it out twice but man is it sweet,outcast everything in the boat.

From: Joe: Fayette, AL

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Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool Casting Reel

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TP1H Right 6.4:1 6.7 10BB + 1RB 12/120 $199.99 3+
TP1HL Left 6.4:1 6.7 10BB + 1RB 12/120 $199.99 3+
TP1SH Right 7.1:1 6.7 10BB + 1RB 12/120 $199.99 3+
TP1SHL Left 7.1:1 6.7 10BB + 1RB 12/120 $199.99 3+

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