Designed for fishing crankbaits, the Lew’s Tournament SL HM60 Micro Guide Crankbait Casting Rods feature Lew’s exclusive APT 60-million modulus blanks, which are fine-tuned to provide the moderate tapers you need for fishing crankbaits. Lightweight and powerful, the rods also come equipped with super hard Aluminum Oxide Micro Guides to help you make the extra long casts you need for fishing crankbaits, as well as, increased accuracy for precise placements next to cover. A lightweight skeletal graphite reel seat also helps further reduce weight, while providing a comfortable base for your reel, and high density EVA foam split grip handles balance out each rod and deliver added comfort. Lew’s Fishing Tackle has been one of the originators in fishing tackle since 1949, and the Lew’s Tournament SL HM60 Micro Guide Crankbait Casting Rods continues the tradition of quality performance at a reasonable price.

-Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Offering excellent sensitivity and power combined with premium components, Lew's also donates a portion of the profits from the Lew's American Hero Speed Stick Casting Rods goes to help our American Veterans through Lew's American Hero Program.

  • Featuring super sensitive and powerful HM60 graphite blanks, the Lew's Custom Speed Stick Casting Rods deliver technique-specific performance tailored to a range of bass fishing applications.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I love the action of the 7ft I had. It landed fish great, perfect action for a crankbait! Here is a problem with these rods though, the micro guides, my 2nd eye insert came out. Lew's customer service is great, told me to cut the rod and send the piece in with the model number on it for replacement. i wont be getting another tournament SL, i will be upgrading to the Custom Lew's Crankbait rod. Customer Service said just pay the difference in retail price. I have 3 of the Team Lew's Rods and they are great! I don't know about the Micro guides on these rods they are fragile, when I researched some rods I found the same thing being said about the Duckett Micro guides too!

From: Scott: Little River, SC 9/18/14

Comments: I got the 7 foot medium rod and it is very flexible but still has great strength to handle them big largemouth... GREAT ROD!!!

From: Mr. Bass: USA

Comments: I purchase the 7' medium rod about a month to use it for the first time today an it brought in a few good 3-6 lb. bass with ease. I have it paired with a Lew's Tournament Speed Spool the 5:4:1 reel an Trilene 15 lb 100% fluorocarbon...the only downfall I have with it is that it didn't come with a hook keeper. But damn good rod an the price didn't cost me a arm and a leg neither...I would recommend this rod to anyone who is wanting a good crankbait rod...well worth the money

From: Robert: Anacoco, La

Comments: I bought the Lew's SL spinning rod and these rods are great. Very light and sensitive. Handled 3 to 5 lb. bass with no problems. A friend just purchased the casting model 7 foot MH. Great rod and its light and sensitive. Lew's has come along way with their product.

From: Lonnie Conner's Custom Baits: Strasburg, VA

Comments: I just got my 7' medium heavy crankin stick today. I purchased this rod to throw the 4" HUDS. Everything looks great, action is going to be a perfect fit for the HUDS. The only complaint I have is that there is no hook keeper designed into this rod. I'm really shocked by this. I might have opted for a different rod company had I noticed this at first glance. I think TW should post this in their description, other than that it looks as though it will do a fine job chunkin those 4" HUDS

From: Dennis: Hiram, GA

Comments: Awesome rod, I ordered the 7' medium action and its a great crankin rod.  I will be ordering more.

From: Jonathon: Rossville, IL

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