The late, great Mr. Lew Childre, founder of Lew’s Fishing Tackle, was always adamant about his rods being the best in design and materials, and the Lew’s Tournament Speed Stick SG Casting Rods would definitely make him proud. Their premium IM7 Endurance graphite blanks are light, strong and sensitive. The actions and tapers are superb. And premium cork split grips offer all day comfort, as well as, reduced weight and optimum balance. Also equipped with super durable aluminum oxide guides for longer casting and long lasting performance, the Lew’s Tournament Speed Stick SG Casting Rods do it all for a great price.

-Backed by Lew's Limited One-Year Rod Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Lew's needs to stick with making reels. this rod is heavy and too stiff. 

From: John: AR

Comments: Update on the post below, the rod broke on cast.... but with that being said I contacted the customer service and wow what great customer service they sent me another one in the mail no questions asked. I think I just got a bad one!

Comments: Good Sensitivty, Pretty Light and a good tip on it. So far its been a good rod havent caught anything on it but I can feel when i hit stuff in the water. Well worth 79 bucks.

Comments: these rods are built like a 300.00 dollar rod and perform like one too! and the price is insane cheap! I have caught many big smallmouth and some nice largies on these rods-ecellent

From: Shawn: South Dakota

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