Lindner's Angling Edge: Bass Jigging & Rigging Patterns

The Lindner’s Angling Edge: Bass Jigging & Rigging Patterns DVD goes in-depth about going into the depths. Watch Al and James as they get the lead out and talk about how to choose the right jig size, shape, and style to match your situation. The Angling Edge staff also touches on how to detect subtle changes is depth, bottom content, and cover that might be holding big bass. From the classic Carolina rig to the most contemporary finesse jigs, the Lindner’s Angling Edge: Bass Jigging & Rigging Patterns DVD covers them all.

Lindner’s Angling Edge is co-hosted by hall-of-fame anglers Al and James Lindner and members of the Angling Edge staff. Each episode of Lindner’s Angling Edge tackles in-depth tactics, strategies, and features tips from well-known angling experts. The half-hour, single destination format highlights the step-by-step process of interpreting local fishing conditions. Join the Lindners in the boat as they show you how to catch fish like a pro. 

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