Line Rite Rod Tags Braid - $2.48

In order to be successful in the dynamic sport of bass fishing it is important for anglers to stay organized. Line Rite has come up with an innovative tool for anglers to improve equipment organization. Line Rite rod tags are a durable, removable, and color-coded system that gives anglers the ability to identify the type of fishing line, and pound test that they have on any rod and reel combo. The rod tags have a pound test printed on the label face, and a letter designation to prevent any confusion. Using a peel and stick procedure, the line identification tags can be easily applied and re-applied to any fishing rod, allowing anglers to quickly and clearly identify what type and test of line is on a particular rod. The Line Rite Rod Tags are made to be UV, tear and water-resistant, and use a space-age adhesive for effortless application. The rod tags system from Line Rite allows all levels of bass anglers to effectively stay organized on and off the water.

The Braid Line Rite Rod Tags are colored Green for easy identification. Each package contains two rod cards - with three tags per card.

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Line Rite Rod Tags Braid

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