Line Rite Tackle Tags Specialties - $2.48 to $3.28

Organized tackle is a key element to becoming a more successful bass angler. Plastic tackle boxes are now the norm, and the preferred choice for most anglers. The only problem is they all look the same, making it hard to tell what's in each tackle box. The solution is Line Rite Tackle Tags, which are a durable, color-coordinated labeling system, designed to give anglers the ability to quickly identify the location of their tackle. No more searching through box after box to find that special lure. Just peel and stick the Line Rite Tackle Tags onto your tackle box and take the guesswork out of your fishing trip.

Each package of Line Rite Tackle Tags contains two tackle tag cards with two large tags and two small tags per card. The Line Rite Tackle Tags are made to be UV, tear and water-resistant, and use a space-age adhesive for effortless application.

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Line Rite Tackle Tags Specialties

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Line Rite Tackle Tags Red Carolina Rig-1 $2.48
Line Rite Tackle Tags Red Drop Shot-1 $2.48
Line Rite Tackle Tags Red Shakey Head-1 $3.28

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