Little Creeper All American 8" Trash Fish

The Little Creeper All American 8" Trash Fish deilvers all of the intricate baitfish details and specially developed action of the original - now in a larger package. Made to attract podium-grade fish, its signature Trash Fish tail kicks out a strong swimming action that engages at any retrieve speed.

Effective in a wide-range of environments, the Little Creeper All American 8" Trash Fish resembles a number of commonly found baitfish, including hitch, shad, shiner, alewive, and perch. This ambiguous profile is the key to its universal effectiveness and allows its bass-catching prowess to translate to nearly any body of water.

The deep hook pocket along the top also greatly increases its weedlessness, so you can throw it confidently around wood and weeds. Designed to accommodate either a weighted or unweighted 10/0 screw lock hook, the Little Creeper All American 8" Trash Fish is effective for both deep and shallow water applications. Offered in a number of natural baitfish colors, the Little Creeper All American 8" Trash Fish provides an up-sized version of the original that is aimed at a whole different pedigree of bass.

Length Quantity
8" 2.25oz 

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11 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this bait is awesome! great action in the water and you can really slow tool it like as slow as you can turn the handle. kills in clear lake and down in  so cal. The only bad thing about it is that you half to be very gentle when you cast because the bait is so soft but if you do that you'll catch giant bass.

From: Michael: San Diego, CA 1/5/15

Comments: This bait is sweet, better than any other swim bait. Hudds and ospreys have no much and this is weedless and costs less

From: Foster: Compton, CA 4/10/14

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