The guys at Little Creeper were kicking around many names for this little guy. Once they put it in the water and saw how it swam, it became clear that this bait had to be called the Jumbo Minnow. The action is dead on. It reminded them of all the escapee minnows they would see swimming around the boat while fishing in areas where people used a lot of live Jumbo Minnows. It has a very nice thumping tail wag and good amount of body roll, but is still very tail driven. Its action is lively - with great subtle movement when fished slow.

While the Jumbo Minnow was originally designed to be a well-priced minnow for use on an Alabama Rig or jighead, Little Creeper also wanted it to be a unique swimbait with a great action that stands alone. They got what they wanted.

The Little Creeper Jumbo Minnow can be used on a regular swimbait hook - rigged weedless. (Little Creeper recommends the 4/0 Owner Beast hook, or a 4/0 Owner Twist-Lock hook with a belly weight added. However many swimbait hooks in 3/0 - 5/0 sizes work well.) It also works very well on a jig head with a 5/0 hook size. The Little Creeper Jumbo Minnow is also an excellent bait for the Alabama Rig.

Little Creeper Length Weight
Jumbo Minnow 4-7/8" 9/16oz

0 Colors

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