Lobina Rico Suave - $21.99

The Rico Suave is a handcrafted topwater lure with the amazing foil finish of Lobina Lures. The Rico Suave dances and darts with the slightest rod movement. When the waters call for quiet, natural movements, answer with the smooth moves of the Rico Suave.

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Rico Suave 4-1/2" 1/2oz Topwater

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Lobina Rico Suave

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  • Holograhic Shad
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Comments: Think of the suave as a finesse spook. It is nothing like a Gunfish. If you have clear water...get one. If not, stick with spooks and whatnot.

From: Meatwad:

Comments: All the Lobina Lures were designed & sold by a Japanese lure company called TIFA back in mid 80s. Google "TIFA splashpencil RJ" - you see the original. I am glad Lobina still sells Rico and Suave because TIFA Japan doesn't sell these anymore. Plus, their quality is still as good as the original. I guess LC is the one who copies!

From: Jade: SoCal

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