Logic Lures designed the new Logic Lures PlastiX Flutter Tail to give anglers the edge when chasing smart and elusive gamefish. Logic Lures' Scent Formula iX is their secret blend of anise and fish oil that is actually infused into the body of each bait, leaving no mess or nasty smells to deal with. The Flutter Tail's unique tail design and soft plastic composition also give it way more tail action than traditional jerk baits, and its realistic 3D eyes never go unnoticed by hungry predatory fish. For maximum results, rig the Logic Lures PlastiX Flutter Tail on the Logic Lures Wiggly Jiggly jighead or use them to re-rig the Logic Lures Tandem Rig. Each bait also includes split belly, and hook slot on the top for weedless rigging.

Length Quantity
4" 8

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