The Logic Lures Pre-Rigged Tandem Rigs feature Logic Lures' patented swivel hook technology, which allowed them to perfectly pair two lifelike PlastiX Flutter Tails, and produce the natural schooling action bass instinctively key in on. The patented Texas Twister Swivel hooks also keep the baits weedless so you can swim them through weeds and around structure, while still preventing line twist and increasing action. Each Tandem Rig comes ready to fish, and each bait also comes loaded with Logic Lures’ own Scent Formula iX. Tungsten sound beads provide additional fish attracting sound, while helping to keep the baits down in the strike zone, and 30lb fluorocarbon links it all together. Available in several colors, the Logic Lures Pre-Rigged Tandem Rigs are also completely reusable - just replace your PlastiX Flutter Tails.

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