Lowrance GoFree WIFI-1 Wireless Module

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The Lowrance GoFree WIFI-1 Wireless Module creates a WiFi hotspot on your boat to connect your Lowrance HDS Gen2 or Gen2 Touch to your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy remote viewing and control of your Lowrance unit on your favorite wireless device from anywhere in your boat. The marine-grade, low-profile WiFi Wireless module is compact, and includes customizable password protected access, allowing multiple tablets or smartphones to be used to view Lowrance Network Data.

Install the GoFree Controller App to unlock the power of wireless on your boat and use your mobile device to view chartplotter, sonar, StructureScan HD, engine data and more. It even allows you to use your mobile device to plot routes and waypoints, explore different areas on a chart, or TrackBack through recordings on live sonar and structure logs. You can even adjust radar guard zones and control your music.

In order to work with the WiFi-1 module, your HDS Gen2 or Gen2 Touch must be upgraded. Use the links below to upgrade your unit.*

HDS Gen2 2.0

HDS Gen2 Touch 2.0

*GoFree Wireless Technology will not function when a Gen1 display is on the network.



-802.11 b+g wireless connectivity
-Support for multiple tablets and/or smart phones
-Single SSID connection to all networked displays
-Low-profile, rugged and waterproof device
-Optimized for use with HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch displays
-Noise Filters counter disruption from VHF and make sure that you always get a clear signal


Please Note: This model is not available for order outside of the United States.

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