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The Lowrance HDS Sirius Satellite Weather/Radio LWX-1 Receiver is a compact weatherproof antenna that is fully compatible with all Lowrance HDS Chartplotter-equipped Units.  Easy to mount on a pole or flush to your boat deck, it provides weather display output and audio control to one or more HDS units via Plug-and-Play ethernet networking.

Track incoming storms with high-resolution radar, view sea-surface temperature, lightning and more - all overlaid on a your HDS unit’s existing mapping/chartplotter program. (Subscription required to SIRIUS Inland Weather Service Package or SIRIUS Mariner and Voyager Weather Service Package)

A standard 3.5mm Stereo Jack also easily interfaces with existing onboard sound systems when you include radio with your SIRIUS subscription for stereo quality music and sports - including NFL, NASCAR, college sports, and much more. (Subscription required to SIRIUS Radio)

In case of power interruptions or power-off during refueling, an Internal Memory System also saves up to 30 minutes of weather/environmental data for continuous up-to-date information.

SIRIUS Inland Weather Service Package: (Optional)
-Weather radar and lightning in high resolution
-92 mile lightning and radial weather display to 11.5 mile limit from coasts
-Latest weather forecasting with icons for major US cities

SIRIUS Mariner and Voyager Weather Service Package: (Optional)
-Cross-country weather radar and lightning in high resolution
-Sea-surface temperature with 1.2 mile resolution
-Tropical storm and storm cell tracks
-0-3 or 0-48 hour forecast, wave height, wave period and direction
-Latest weather forecasting with icons and text for major US cities

SIRIUS Radio Subscription: (Optional)
-Offers over 120 SIRIUS Satellite Radio channels.

Please Note: SIRIUS Satellite Radio, SIRIUS Inland Weather, and SIRIUS Mariner and Voyager Weather subscriptions are not included with the purchase of a Lowrance HDS Sirius Satellite Weather/Radio Receiver.  A subscription must be obtained by the new owner through SIRIUS Satellite. Also, speakers are not included with purchase. An existing sound system on your boat is required for SIRIUS Radio capabilities.


This model is not available for order outside of the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The weather alarms are very valuable.  Fishing the great lakes,it is nice to have active weather radar and lightening strike locations.  Allows me to overlay the weather radar on my chart for the HDS unit.

From: Jesse: Detroit, MI

Comments: I hooked up Sirius satellite radio to my HDS units a couple months ago and I love it! For $10/month you can get radio anywhere without a radio signal. Just be aware that although Lowrance doesn't mention it in the instructions or even sell it for that matter, you need to buy an RCA cable at an electronics store and hook it up between this antenna's black Navico box and the Sonic Hub's control box in order to get sound. I would definitely buy this product again.

From: Daniel: Phoenix, AZ

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