Lowrance StructureScan Sonar Imaging HD

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New and improved - Lowrance StructureScan Sonar Imaging HD is the next generation of Lowrance’s revolutionary StructureScan. Designed to work with Lowrance HDS Gen2 and HDS multifunctional displays, the new StructureScan HD sonar imaging system delivers greater resolution and a wider range for enhanced underwater viewing.

The StructureScan HD fully-waterproof module connects to a 10-17 VDC power supply, and via simple plug-and-play Ethernet cables, networks with up to three HDS displays for sonar imaging viewing with independent control. It also easily networks with other HDS add-on options, such as Lowrance Broadband Radar or LWX-1 Sirius satellite weather and radio antenna.

Delivering three different views of the same underwater object, the Lowrance StructureScan HD provides left, right (SideScan), and DownScan imaging for the highest level of viewing detail ever achieved. Super convenient display options also allow you to enjoy full, detailed, panoramic underwater displays for a complete view of structure and fish, with greater detail and wider coverage.

Crisp side-viewing detail (SideScan) now takes you farther with extended 600 ft/183 m side-to-side coverage that provides wider scanning capabilities and saves you time in finding productive locations. It now reveals targets at farther distances, and with higher resolution – structure, game fish and baitfish alike. Remarkable shallow-water performance like no other. 

New higher-res DownScan Imaging also offers higher resolution and higher definition. Dedicated sounding focused vertically beneath the boat, it now further removes all guesswork in finding and marking structure, game fish, baitfish and thermoclines.


-StructureScan Sonar Imaging Module
-Ethernet Cable
-Power Cable
-Transom-mount Transducer

Sonar Frequency: Enhanced 455 kHz and 800 kHz
Sonar Output Power: Max RMS: 500W, Peak-to-Peak: 4000W

SideScan Imaging:

Max Range: 600ft/183m side-to-side
Max Speed -
Track bottom:  35 mph/56 kph
Mark objects:  15 mph/ 24 kph
Optimum imaging: 2-8 mph/3-13 kph

DownScan Imaging:

Max Depth: 300 ft / 92 m
Max Speed -
Track bottom:  55 mph/88 kph
Mark objects:  35 mph/ 56 kph
Optimum imaging: 2-8 mph/3-13 kph


Please Note: This model is not available for order outside of the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Purchased a new boat this year, with new electronics.  Old boat had the first generation LSS1.  New boat has the LSS2 StructureScan HD.  I am very surprised at the increased level of clarity the LSS2 offers over the LSS1.  You can compare it to going from a nice regular TV signal to a HD signal (as the name suggests I guess).  I find the downscan much more useful now when running split screen with sonar.  I also fins that the shadows are much more defined on the left+right views, making the determination of structure that much easier.  Great upgrade from LSS1 to LSS2.

From: Jesse: Detroit, MI

Comments: All bass fisherman should buy this product, best tool I've ever used. The picture it gives makes regular solar so much easier to understand and determine what your looking at on the bottom. I've caught alot more fish due to structurescan HD, I dont know what else lowrance can do to make this better.

From: Devin: Phoenix, AZ

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