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Delivering the same revolutionary performance as the original StructureScan - now in a Thru-Hull configuration - the Lowrance StructureScan Thru-Hull Transducer 99-003 is a separate add-on module that works exclusively with the Lowrance HDS system and plugs directly into your Ethernet port. With the ability to deliver three different views of the same underwater object, the StructureScan Thru-Hull Transducer provides left, right (SideScan), and DownScan imaging for the highest level of viewing detail ever achieved.

Delivering 480 ft (146 m) of side-to-side underwater coverage in super crisp detail, the unit’s SideScan feature helps you cover more water in less time, showing targets, as well as, their imaging scan shadows – game fish and bait fish alike.

The DownScan feature, on the other hand, provides more well-defined scrutiny of objects directly beneath your boat, and adds an innovative, new dimension to the StructurScan unit. Submerged timber looks exactly like timber, and stumps, shipwrecks or whatever else is below the surface appears in unprecedented clarity and detail.

Lowrance StructureScan works separately or in tandem with existing HDS transducers and Broadband Sounders, while also delivering multiple split and full-screen options for optimal viewing. Extremely easy to use, network and install, the Lowrance StructureScan also features a unique TrackBack tool, which allows you to scroll back in sonar history to find locations and set waypoints. Delivering phenomenal, panoramic, underwater sonar-imaging in picture-perfect detail, the Lowrance StructureScan Thru-Hull Transducer 99-003 removes the guesswork, so you spend more productive time fishing.

480 ft (146 m) of Side-to-Side Coverage

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