4-time BASS Master Classic champion Rick Clunn has teamed up with Luck-E-Strike to help develop the Luck E Strike Tickster Spinnerbait. Rick is a firm believer that a spinnerbait’s blades need to displace water that is equivalent to the bulk of the spinnerbait, Rick's Long Drop Blades achieve this proper water displacement. Besides the blades, the Trickster Spinnerbait features a realistic minnow head, and is backed with a super sharp Gamakatsu hook as well as a trailer hook. Available in several color combinations to best match the conditions that you may face, the Luck-E-Strike Trickster Spinnerbait offers innovative performance.

Check out video of Rick Clunn's Trickster Spinnerbait Seminar.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I absolutely love these spinner-baits for not being really to much of a spinning guy. The like others have said push mad water and flash amazing. The only problem is the arm isn't that durable i found, not complaining because they are cheap and amazing though. I Will continue to still buy these!!

From: Andrew: OH 1/29/15

Comments: these guys have a lot of torque when reeling them in. But oh man they cause such noise and water displacement that the bass just slam them. These are my to go spinner baits. Nice and cheap but sturdy and we'll designed. Get some you won't be disappointed. And man can't beat the price cause they come with a trailer hook too! Great buy.

From: Anthony: Lompoc, CA 10/20/14

Comments: I picked up a few of these because Rick Clunn designed them. Well they did not disappoint! Took them bass fishing and caught 5 Largemouth and almost hooked into a Muskie! I was using them on my Skeet Reese 7" Spinnerbait rod and also on my Gloomis Bronzeback Spinnerbait rod. They ran true and have no issues with them other then an easy fix because they forgot to add the stopper for the trailer hook.

From: Noel: Adrian, MI

Comments: I bought several of these and am having a great time catching bass up to 7 1/4 lbs. I did remove the stinger hook and added a trailer and a treble hook for a better hookup precentage

From: Steve: Lake Isabella, ca

Comments: Picked up a few of these about a month ago.  the torque on these baits is ridiculous.  I throw it on a 7' H Veritas paired with a Curado and still had a hard time working the bait effectively. I haven't had too much luck on it because it is like going to work when i throw it.

From: Tony: Chicago, IL

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