Luck-E-Strike Deep Smoothy Crankbait

The Luck-E-Strike Deep Smoothy is exactly what the name implies, a smooth-running, deep diving crankbait with a minimal amount of drag. No toying or tinkering necessary, the Deep Smoothy runs true and offers a straight, tight wobbling action right out of the package. A super thin rounded diving lip allows the Deep Smoothy to reach its designated depth quickly, so you can bounce it off rocks and stumps early during the retrieve, and create more opportunities to get bit. Hand painted by an American workforce and made from 100% American components, the Luck-E-Strike Deep Smoothy is a must-have crankbait for any serious bass angler. Available in a variety of colors - see the difference, feel the difference - with the Luck-E-Strike Deep Smoothy!

Luck-E-Strike Length Weight Depth Class
Deep Smoothy 2" 3/8oz 8-12ft Floating
Deep Smoothy 2.5" 1/2oz 8-12ft Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

11 Colors

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