The inventive design of the Luck-E-Strike Upshot Crankbait generates an enticing side-to-side action that moves up through the water column – not down like traditional crankbaits. The unique bill positioning of the Luck-E-Strike Upshot Crankbait creates lift, causing it to rise when retrieved rather than dive. Cast it, let it sink, and then work it back to the boat with some slight twitching .The Luck-E-Strike Upshot Crankbait perfectly mimics the actions of a dying baitfish attempting to reach the surface. The Luck-E-Strike Upshot Crankbait is incredibly effective at aggravating bed fish, as well as around docks. Available in a number of highly effective colors, the Luck-E-Strike Upshot gives bass something different to chew on when it’s time to shoot up the leaderboard.

Luck-E-Strike Length Weight Class
Upshot  2-3/5" 1/4oz Slow-Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This works better as a sub-surface top water bait than your traditional crank bait. Work it like a jerk bait with the rod tip held up around breaking fish. You really have to impart the action to this bait to make it work right. It will catch fish!

From: Randy: CA 7/1/14

Comments: After buying this i tried it in my pool to see what it looked like. im not gonna lie a toad with a firecracker shoved up its ass would catch more fish than this

From: Jarod: FL

Comments: Thumbs up to Tackle Warehouse for printing all reviews good or bad. That's why I shop TW. I can trust them and the reviews.

From: Joe: ME

Comments: Pure garbage! Doesn't do anything but swim in circles...Even on super slow retrieve it just doesn't "swim" right!

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