American-made all the way down to the components, the Luck-E-Strike G-5 Crankbaits offer a semi-wide wobble, dive quickly to depth, and generate excellent deflections. Part of a new American Originals line of lures from Luck-E-Strike, they prove that high quality lures can be made in this Country at better pricing than imported lures.  Straight running. Fish catching. American-made lures at a great price. The Luck-E-Strike G-5 Crankbaits are available in a range of proven colors.

100% American Labor
100% American Components

Luck E Strike Length Weight Depth
Wart Hog 2" 3/8oz 7-9ft

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0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have to agree with other reviewers, this really is bad crankbait. Threw it a few times, and it did a few things: it skimmed on the surface, it dove very shallow and kicked out a few times, and it rolled a few times. Sounds a lot like what people are saying about the Rapala scatter rap. After a few minutes of using this I tied on a new (not pre-rapala) Wiggle Wart and caught a decent bass on it. Disappointed by this bait.

From: David: Atkinson, NH

Comments: poor. No fun to tune.  time waster, and... these color patterns make even Storms "original series" look good.  Original series and these are a failure compared to the old ones.

From: John: St. Louis, MO

Comments:  I bought the redear color and shad. I would like to know why the shad came with the black circle line tie as pictured, but the redear came with a big silver snap swivel. I hope i didnt get some of the old batch mixed with the new.

From: Will: GA

Comments: i must have gotten super lucky, the one I bought when they first came out and it is still hangin tough. Might need to try the new version.

From: Meatwaddle

Comments: I've seen a lot of bad reviews on here about this bait, but I called Tacklewarehouse and asked them about them filling with water. I was told that Luck-E-Strike said they had taken care of the problem so I went ahead and ordered some. I have been extremely impressed 'Ive only had them out for two trips and have already caught a couple of four pound plus fish as well as a good amount of numbers in some really tough conditions. This bait is well worth the money and really  catches them. You can get like four of these to one Lucky Craft. Not knocking Lucky  Craft Ive got a bunch of them in my box as well great lures like them a lot. Just saying give the wart hog a chance it'll help you catch more fish! I hope Tacklewarehouse keeps the Luck-E-Strike line around.

From: Lance: Big Lake, TX

Comments: I purchased the "New and Improved" ones and as far as I can tell they fix the problem.  I intentionally cranked it into rocks and stumps as fast as I could and it held up just fine.  I actually caught it on a stump tried to pop it off and riped the rod tip right off then the wart hog floated up.  Great action and I believe problem solved.

From: DQ: NY

Comments: Really good action and colors. For about 5 minutes. Then fills with water and sinks, making it completely worthless. Hope they fix the problem.

From: Sbass42: OKC, OK

Comments: I purchased 3 fromTW and all 3 filled with water.  I also agree with the other guys TW should pull this line of baits.

From: olkickerfish: Given, WV

Comments: Niklaw1 is on the money. I purchased half a dozen of these a few weeks back as i read the speil about them and thought they sounded alright. Yeah wasnt i dissapointed. Tuning them is a nightmare as they just wont swim straight, after a few minutes in the water they just sucked it in. Very Very Poor Lure, i think TW should pull the line as they just dont cut it compared to other lures they sell. Ive purchased a few hundred lures from TW and have never had a complaint, but I have a huge complaint about the quality of these lures.

From: Buck: Canberra, ACT, Australia

Comments: In response to Meatwad: Today I had the opportunity to spend some time fishing these Wart Hogs. I have got to say that they are the worst running, junkiest lure I have EVER thrown. I spend way way way too much time trying to tune it and i would either run left and roll, or just roll straight from the start. My lure filled with water and would sink straight to the bottom. I am going to try to contact Luck E Strike to see if they could maybe help me with getting a new run of them or something. It was absolutely disheartening. I guess i'll stick to Wiggle Warts for practice and Pre-Rap Warts for tourney's.

From: Niklaw1: Lakewood, CO

Comments: Why review a bait if you have not thrown it? Thanks for wasting 18 seconds of my life to read your worthless review. Finally, LES did it right by reviving an old bait. I have one old wiggle wart, and they got close. Not right on, but close. Try one.

From: Meatwad: sick of dumskis

Comments: I have yet to throw one yet "water's frozen here in Colorado, but when compared side by side to the original "pre-rapala" wart they look identical. The color's are awesome and I'm extremely excited to get my pre-spawn bite on in a few months!!!!

I tip my hat to Clunn for making affordable version's of these incredible baits. We've got the RC Stx, Rick Clunn Square Bill and now the Wart hog. Now i'm just waiting for the Clunn's version of a Rico Rio.

From: Niklaw1: Lakewood, CA

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