Taking the underspin concept to the next level, the Lucky Craft Blade Cross delivers the flash and vibration of a spinnerbait to lure bass in, along with the profile and sight appeal of a rip bait to get them to commit. An excellent search bait, it also excels when burned over grass or slow-rolled around structure. Like all Lucky Craft lures, it features premium components, including super sharp treble hooks, and it also has the added benefit of Lucky Craft's lifelike and realistic hardbait colors and detailing. Another innovative, high quality lure from Lucky Craft, the Lucky Craft Blade Cross is available in a range of proven color combinations.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Class
Blade Cross 90 3-3/5" 3/8oz Slow Sinking
Blade Cross 110 4-1/2" 1/2oz Slow Sinking

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: these work amazing I hate gimmicks but this is becoming my first this I cast I bought a few while back and didn't use them till last year and Walleye destroy them

From: Dan: Ontario, Canada 3/30/16

Comments: I bought the 90, and it didn't cast as well as I expected. I'd go for the 110, the action is good. You can twitch it or reel it in like a spinner and it swims very straight that way. On the second cast some how it broke off and rolled into the river while fishing on the dam, so I never got any action.

From: Mike: WI 3/18/15

Comments: When things get tough on clear water I can usually put this on and get a few. I imagine it's going to be an excellent cold water bait.

From: Zeth: Oakland, CA 11/2/14

Comments: First evening went out for 1/2 hour caught a fall fish. The next day went out for a couple hours caught a Walleye, 2.5lb Large Mouth and a Small mouth Bass. Next day went out for an hour and caught 5 15" bass. First time using any kind of hard bait.

From: Ron: Milford, PA

Comments: Body action is non-existent, the blade spins well though. I bought the chrome version and did get a 50"+ musky to my boat with it (bent hooks and all) but didn't have a net large enough to seal the deal. The wire and body stood up well to the teeth with no noticeable damage.

From: John: Ontario, Canada 4/15/14

Comments: caught two smallmouth on a 84 degree day; cloudy; that weighed over three pounds apiece. Was impressed with this bait to say the least. Will be buying another, as I lost it on he next outing because I didn't check my knot when I tied it on.

From: Chuck: Clintondale ,NY,USA

Comments: I found lure to have excellent action once I learned to fish it properly,I caught several nice bass unfortunely while trying to make a low cast under a dock I let the lure hit my trolling motor.the trolling motor won,I'm now ordering more of these lures in different colors.
I think this is going to be a excellent go to bait.

From: Jerry: Gallatin,Tn.U.SA.

Comments: Great bait work good for small and large mouth with aggressive strikes. Use a 5:1 to ratio if possible creates perfect action.

From: Kris: Pinckney, MI

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