Lucky Craft is attacking the rod market from a unique perspective. As one of the premier hard bait companies in the world, they know exactly how a bait is supposed to act and should be fished. Lucky Craft has now focused that priceless ingenuity and knowledge into their new line of fishing rods to elicit those exact fish attracting characteristics. Each rod is technique-specific, designed to evoke the optimum lure action, as well as, provide the necessary sensitivity, power and taper to ensure you feel every bite and make solid hooksets.

With the help of their pro staff, Lucky Craft spent several years developing their new technique-specific rod designs before they recently released them to the public. Most notably, Lucky Craft pro Brent Ehler has been fishing these rods for years and now uses Lucky Craft rods exclusively in his tournament fishing.

The Lucky Craft Cranking Series Rods feature cutting-edge glass blanks with the soft flexible tip and parabolic bend you need for cranking, as well as, premium Fuji SIC guides and Fuji Reel Seats. Rest assured Lucky Craft used the same expertise and craftsmanship that has made their hard baits famous to create their new line of technique-specific bass fishing rods.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I just received my 7' bank beater rod, and it feels and looks great, but the picture shows it with cork grips but the one I got has foam grips. Not a big deal but the picture should be updated.

From: Shane: Aiken, SC 12/23/15

Comments: bought the 7'6'' long cast & after 2 seasons of light use it snapped in two in the upper section while throwing a 6xd. otherwise its a nice rod but the handle is a little short. It did have good sensitivity though. 

From: Matthew: VA 10/5/15

Comments:  7' Heavy Deep Strike. Great quality stick. Looks straight up baller. It has plenty of guts for the big girls that hang out on the bottom, fights fish great. I'm using it mainly for DD22s and Fat Free Shad, and it fits the bill. I paired with a BB1, and I have no complaints. Get your local rod guy to take care of the hook keeper, and make sure he puts it somewhere it won't scratch the rod. You won't want to mess up the way this thing looks. It's a $200+ rod for 150. Pull the trigger.

From: Mac: Longview, TX 12/15/14

Comments: Love this rod. Looks great balances well, and not as heavy as I expected. I have the 7'6" and it is just perfect for my deep diving cranks.

From: Dallas: GA 12/14

Comments: I like the rod.. love the fuji guides.. where's the hook keeper?? Overall 9.5/10.

From: Ryan: saint paul, mn

Comments: All I can say is wow! This is such a great crankbait rod for $150. I have the 7' Heavy Deep Strike paired with a Revo Winch. This is the perfect combo for big rattle traps. I also use this outfit for trolling bigger deep diving reef runners and taildancers up in Canada. This rod is pristinely crafted and is of the quality you would expect from a rod that sells for $50 to $100 dollars more.

From: Andy: Janesville, WI

Comments: I just received my first cranking rod, the 7' Heavy Deep Strike and the first impression is very well over all. The manufacturing is great - especially compared to its low price. I paired the rod with a Shimano Calcutta TE101GT what matches very well with the gold accents on the rod handle. I use a 15lb Seaguar AbrazX as mainline. I hope the combo performs as good as its good looking.

From: bncbass: Switzerland

Comments:Took Tackle Tour advice and bought "Fat Mini Magic"-Thinking about ordering another-just GREAT!

From:Woo: Louisiana, USA

Comments:Just received my 7ft deep strike. Very sensitive rod. Fishing 1.5oz OneWell Sumo lures for Murray Cod and handled very well. Great rod for the money.

From:Owen: Melbourne, Australia

Comments:Love the rod. It's got a wonderfully soft tip and great backbone. Works well for traps and various "medium" cranks. You can overmatch it with big stuff but a great rod. It's not light, but not heavy like other rods either. Comfortable to fish and day and I find it accurate to cast with.

From:Todd: Midwest

Comments:Very Good rod for the money, JDM detailing only thing its a little on the heavy side. Handles bass well power is a little overrated, more like 1/4 - 3/4 oz.

From:Ariel: Palos Hills, IL

Comments:Just received my fat mini magic, being my first cranking rod I can't really compare the action to anything else. The finish is reeeeallly nice, the gold accents are smooth, the cork is nice, and the thickness of the grips are really comfortable.

From:Mark: Jacksonville, FL

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