The Lucky Craft FAT Mini Series was developed to tackle various conditions in which FAT cranks are used. The 3/8 oz lures are designed to accurately cast to desired locations. The Lucky Craft FAT Mini Series consists of six different lures; the SSR, which can be used as a surface topwater plug; the SR, which can hover around the tops of weeds at the sub-surface level; the MR, designed to emulate the movement of a crayfish; the DR, which is characterized by a broad wobbling action that produces interesting reactions around places with rip-rap; the D-5, which can easily swim between logs; and the D-7, which swims at incredible depths but otherwise retains the features of the D-5. In short, the FAT Mini Series is a formidable family of system crankbaits that will give you the ability to strategically change lures based on the situations you encounter.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Hooks Line Recommendation
Fat Mini SR 2" 3/8oz 0-0.7ft Floating #5 8-10lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This bait is awesome fished with it in real shallow water less than a foot, runs great has lots of action & runs over anything & doesn't get snagged that easy & catches lots of fish, American shad & red craw are my go to color, try them out you won't be disappointed..

From: Pepe: Houston, TX

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