When Lucky Craft designed the G-Splash they made sure it would live up to its name. Thousands of casts during field testing has led to a design that lives up to the expectations of professionals like Skeet Reese and Gerald Swindle. The G-Splash has an extra large cup design that produces a large fish calling splash when twitched or jerked. The body shape is a great baitfish imitator and the feathered tail hook creates a natural action during the retrieve. Both sizes will pop and gurgle loudly and throw a big bass attracting sheet of water in front of the bait every time it is twitched and jerked. As with all Lucky Craft Lures, these incredible finishes will fool even the most discerning fish.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Hook Recommended Line
G Splash 65 2.5" 1/4oz #6 6-8lb
G Splash 80 3" 3/8oz #4 8-10lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have found this bait as more of a "spitter" than a popper. It makes a lot of commotion on the surface, walks well, but does'nt make the "bloop" sound that I prefer. Almost like a short gunfish. Different bait for a different application.

From: Justin: Long Beach, CA

Comments: I am a popper enthusiast and this is a great popper!  You can spit and pause, or you can walk it.  It even lands nicely with an appealing come-hither splash.  My go to medium size popper.  Only wish I could find more, non-shad, colors like archer bee and impact yellow.  Hint,hint Tackle Warehouse......

From: JB: San Leandro, CA

Comments: Great popper. Unbelievably, the first cast that I ever made with a G-Splash resulted in a 5+ lbs smallie. Definitely going to get some more in some different patterns.

From: Dean: British Columbia, Canada

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