No matter what topwater lure Swindle fishing, be it a buzz bait, the G-Splash or any other topwater lures, Gerald Swindle will find those areas containing large numbers of bass. Lucky Craft developed a shallow running crankbait called the GDS Mini DR. The DR version features a wider, longer lip, creating a wider wobble, and an action that quickly reaches the strike zone. This will be another high-performing addition to Lucky Craft's Fat CB Series.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Hook Line Recommendation
GDR Mini DR 2" 3/8oz 3-6ft Floating #5 8-10lbs

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Dan This bait is silent

From: Micah: NC

Comments: Is this bait silent or does it have rattles?

From: Dan: WV

Comments: One of the deadliest clear water baits I have ever used.  The fish that I have caught on this bait are normally larger.  When I need fish, especially for a tournament, this is my "go to" bait.  My favorite color is ghost minnow.  Bass can't stand to let it get away!!!!!!!!

From: Ed: Fresno, CA

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