Lucky Craft Iron Athlete Mono Topwater Line - $3.47

Lucky Craft's TW NL (Topwater Nylon) is a special line designed specifically with high-performance topwater lures in mind. TW NL features a hollow core for an "air-in-tube" line that floats on the surface. This hollow core increases the performance and action of topwater lures as well as improves your overall topwater fishing technique.
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Lucky Craft Iron Athlete Mono Topwater Line

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
L.C. Iron Athlete Mono Topwater 8lb 110yd $3.47
L.C. Iron Athlete Mono Topwater 10lb 110yd $3.47

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Comments: Lays on the surface and does not absorb water like some mono does after using it for a while.  This line causes a wake bait to run a bit higher at the nose.  I have no idea why it is yellow but the bass don't seem to mind.  I have used it all summer and it has no memory.  I am ordering more of it to give to some friends. 

From: Mike: Shell Knob, MO

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