Lucky Craft Kelly J Prop Bait

Lucky Craft Kelly J Prop Bait

The Kelly J was designed with the help of Lucky Craft pro staff member Kelly Jordon. With its deep profile, the Kelly J realistically resembles a baitfish, and according to Jordon, it's like throwing live bait. With a prop on the front and one on the back, the Kelly J makes a flicking noise as if it were an aggravating baitfish, and the bass can't resist. The aggravating noise of the Kelly J, along with its realistic colors and body shape, will increase the chance for hook ups. Fish the Kelly J down shallow banks, as well as around lay downs, shallow grass, backs of pockets and seawalls. Give it two short, subtle twitches followed by a pause, and continue the pattern back to the boat. It has a natural look while sitting in the water, which is key to any great bait.

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Kelly-J 2-3/4" 1/2oz Topwater #6 VMC

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The Ghost Bluegill & Sun Fish Colors are Tackle Warehouse exclusives!

16 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It is a great fish catcher but the props break WAY too easy

From: Silas: Georgia 1/3/17

Comments: Some are more buoyant than others. When they sit high enough in the water, they catch fish. I've caught more fish on this bait in two years than I've caught on any single top water lure in the last 10 years. It's magic around brim beds. But because of its tendency to sink, it's a pain around grass/wood. Pulling is better than twitching with this bait. Caught everything from dinks on up to 8lbs on these.  If lucky craft could make these consistently bouyant, I'd buy a lot more. At almost $15 a pop, it sucks when you get one that sinks.

From: Carter: TX 6/6/16

Comments:  great bait. much more subtle than most prop baits, and the profile is much more effective than the usual "pencil" or stick profiles of most props. Great bait on schooling fish, great when its spawn time to throw aroind beds n bug em with a bluegill pattern. A great buzzbait alternative too when u need a more finesse approach. a great bait.

From: Tanner: Wesport, MA, AMERICA

Comments: You have to pull the bait not twitch it try that and see if you get better results

From: USA

Comments: I use this bait nearly everywhere! I have found my best results tossing it around wooded cover. Matter of fact one of my tournys was won on the st. johns river using this lure. Your tackle box isnt complete without this awesome prop bait!

From: Cody: Hilliard, FL

Comments: I use this in the early fall when the shad start to school up and bass cannot resist this bait. Braid will twist up in the front prop. I use braid with a foot and a half flouro leader and do just fine. Or you could just use flouro.

From: Chris: Nashville, TN

Comments: This lure is unbelievable. The ghost minnow has twice produced double hook ups on Lay Lake spots. When they school up all you have to do is throw it in 'em. Caught a 2 pounder at high noon throwing it to a shallow point just to see. 15 pound P-line CXX is the best line to use. its stiff enough to keep from fouling on front prop. Throw it early and hang on.

From: Zach: Vincent, AL

Comments: This is my 2nd. post about these lures. everyone rave's about the bream color's but i've found the yellow to be more effective than either. all of the great color's from lucky craft are effective but as we all know, on top water bait's it's the action more than the color that produces hit's. in clear water the bream color might excel but in murky or off colored water the yellow and black win out. in the early am or late evening i'll take the yellow--

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments:  When I used this lure I noticed that the blades spin much easier than other prop-baits. I casted out and caught a few fish. Its an okay bait. One thing I found bad about this bait is when you twitch it, it tends to turn sideways and then foul. Other than that this lure is okay.

From: Michael: Corpus Christi, TX

Comments:The profile and the way this bait sits "in" the water and not just on top of it, is simply amazing. I have caught countless fish on the very first one I bought over a year ago. The hooks on this bait are amazing and have stayed sharp. One tip is to put some superglue on the thread holding the feather on and spray it with fish attractant. Tackle Warehouse and Lucky Craft get 5 stars.

From:Andy: Houma, LA

Comments:There are many prop bait's on the market and some are excellent. I have fished just about every one of them. The devil's horse and the nip-i-diddee are great. I have to say these Lucky Craft bait's, the Kelly J and the Splash Tail are a cut above them all. The ball bearing blade's seem to make a big difference. They simply attract more hit's thus you hook more bass. great bait's!

From:Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments:Tackle Warehouse hit a homerun on their exclusive Bream color. This prop bait has been deadly lately on the ponds around my area. I have caught several 4+lb fish since I got mine and I also caught 2 twelve inch bass at the same time using the bream color. I plan on ordering a few more of these baits since my buddies are begging for me to order them some. Overall I give this bait 5 stars, but what do you expect when Lucky Craft and Tackle Warehouse team up together.

From:Cameron: Janesville, SC

Comments:Be sure that you grab you a couple of the bream and sunfish colors they are amazing. I have fished many different topwater baits in my lifetime. I have never seen a prop bait catch fish the way the Kelly J will. I just got back from fishing this morning, I caught probably 20 bass averaging any where 5 pounds.

From:William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments:This is one of if not the best prop bait I have used. Since using it, I have caught fish each outing that it was used. I put a little wax on my mono 2 to 3 inches from the bait, it keeps the line from turning back into the front prop when using a pause/jerk retrieve.

From:Herman: Royal Palm Beach, FL

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