Lucky Craft Kerroll Max - $15.99

Great for low-light and no-light conditions, the Lucky Craft Kerroll Max offers a unique topwater presentation that big bass will have no problem keying-in on, even at night. Designed with a huge, cupped resin mouth, the Lucky Craft Kerroll Max creates a prominent splash and a strong slapping sound as it's worked along the surface.

For increased visibility, the Lucky Craft Kerroll Max features a slot along the back that is made to fit a small glowstick (included in the package). To use the glow stick, just bend until it's activated, shake it up, and then slip it into the groove along the back. This added luminescent shine draws fish in from a distance and also acts as a bite indicator for anglers.

Complete with two trebles, one of which is feathered, the Lucky Craft Kerroll Max has a big presence that incites exciting topwater blow-ups from sundown-to-sunup. 

Lucky Craft Length Weight Class Hook
 Kerroll Max 2-3/4" 1/2oz Topwater #4

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Old Black Shore
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Lucky Craft Kerroll Max

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  • Old Black Shore
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  • Old Perch
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  • Old Red Head
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  • Old Yellow Parrot
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  • Old Yellow Shore
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