Lucky Craft LC 3.5 X-14 Crankbaits - $13.99

Another great expansion to Lucky Craft’s renowned LC crankbait series, the Lucky Craft LC 3.5 X Crankbaits is built to dive down quickly and tempt fish hanging around deep structure. Fitted with a super-durable, elongated lip, the Lucky Craft LC 3.5 X Crankbaits deliver a tight-wobbling action that really comes to life when bounced off of standing timber, humps, and rocks.

Internally, the Lucky Craft LC 3.5 X Crankbaits features a thudding rattle system that wakes bass up and alerts them to its presence, which is particularly important in deeper, darker environments. Built to deliver mile-long casts, the Lucky Craft 3.5 X Crankbaits allow anglers to cover large chunks of water in a hurry. Offered in a range of fish-catching colors, the Lucky Craft CL 3.5 X Crankbaits are a must-have for targeting big, deep-dwelling bass.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Class Depth
LC 3.5 X 14 3-1/8" 7/8oz Floating 14ft
LC 3.5 X 18 3-1/4" 1oz Floating 18ft

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Aurora Citrus
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Lucky Craft LC 3.5 X-14 Crankbaits

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