The Lucky Craft LC Wake Crankbait is perfect for fishing over submerged cover such as standing timber or grass. Instead of breaking the surface or creating a splash, the LC Wake is designed to create a “wake” that simulates that of a baitfish swimming along the water’s surface. Lucky Craft says the secret to fishing the LC Wake is to create a consistent wake during the entire retrieve. Available in a range of proven Lucky Craft colors, the Lucky Craft LC Wake Crankbait generates those ferocious topwater strikes that anglers love.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Class
LC Wake 1.5 2" 1/2oz Topwater
LC Wake 2.5 2-3/4" 5/8oz Topwater
LC Wake 3.5 3-1/4" 3/4oz Topwater

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0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Absolutely amazing. Use it any time of the day in any water clarity & any depth & you will catch fish. I have caught just about every species imaginable on this bait from crappie to muskie. You can't not catch a fish when you tie this on. American Shad & TO shad are my favorite colors.

From: Ryan: WI 4/5/16

Comments: If you fish for Redfish/Specks, this is a sleeper bait! Throw something that they have not seen and reap the rewards! Absolute killer inshore bait!

From: Bayou: USA 1/11/16

Comments: this bait is awesome tied it on for the first time today. Great wobble and action. Reel fast or slow the bass love. Slammed a 5lb bass second cast. Ordering more

From: Diesel: FL 2/23/15

Comments: This is hands down one of the best top water baits ever made. Pike and Bass crush this all day, all year, regardless of weather. I have most colors, however after a couple years of fishing and toothy fish, paint is wearing. I just wish TW could keep these in stock!

From: Jeff: Commerce, Mi

Comments: The bass blast this lure over grass beds, here in Va. I fish pressured city lakes around here,and they love it!

From: Bryan: Newport News, VA

Comments: These baits are freakin' awesome! Every bass i've caught on this bait has absolutely demolished it. They cast a mile and have a great wobbling/slithering type action. All the components are what you'd expect from lucky craft. When the shallow or topwater bite is on, tie this lure on, and hold on for the ride.

From: Dan: WV

Comments: Great cranks very durable and love the wobble !

From: Austin: Saginaw, TX

Comments: This bait is a killer when the top water bite is on. Run it along or over grass beds and get ready to rumble!

From: Oklahoma Kayaker

Comments: Amazing lure! Where to even start? From the superior paint to the craftsman ship of the feathered trebel. The action with these is unbelievable - bring it by the side of your boat and you'll swear its alive. Anytime your fishing shallows and you need fish, this lure will get them. And hold on cause fish just kill it!

From: Cobi: MI

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