Sometimes when you throw lipless crankbaits you want the loudest, most obnoxious lure you can find, preferably one that you can hear from the boat even when the bait is 30 feet away and underwater. Sometimes, however, you may want a little more subtle approach while retaining the versatility of a lipless crankbait. Maybe you know the fish are in the grass, but the wind isn't blowing and the traditional noisy lipless crankbait is too much for them. The same bait without the rattles may be the trick to get them to bite. The Lucky Craft LV-300 is just the ticket. Built slightly smaller than the fabulously successful LV-500, the LV-300 still features Lucky Craft's premium finish and ultra-sharp hooks. The LV-300 weighs a full 3/4oz and will cast long distances, even in the wind. The leading surface of the Lucky Craft LV-300 is wider than other lipless crankbaits, making the bait to vibrate harder in the water. This sends out strong, fish-attracting pressure waves without the need of internal rattles. If you love fishing lipless crankbaits, you'll have to try the LV-300.

Lucky Craft Length Weight
LV 300S 2.7" 3/4oz

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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