Bass won’t know what hit ‘em when you unleash the fish-catching power of the Lucky Craft LV Spin. Improving upon the wildly successful Lucky Craft LV, the Lucky Craft LV Spin adds an extra element of flash with the help of a small willow blade attached just below the jaw. The spinner blade generates an enormous amount of flash and creates another level of attraction to the already-enticing lure. Equipped with an internal glass and brass rattle system as well, the Lucky Craft LV Spin alerts nearby bass to its presence with a unique acoustic pitch. Packed full of vibration, the tight wobbling Lucky Craft LV Spin moves through the water with a unique action that gets bass salivating. Whether you’re fishing it in gin-clear or muddy waters, you can be confident that the Lucky Craft LV Spin will get the job done with its deadly combinations of flash, action, and rattle.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Class
LV Spin 200 3" 5/8oz Sinking
LV Spin 500 3" 3/4oz Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Casting in 12 foot of water from shore back to boat and a 26" 5.5 Pound Walleye attacked the Baby Bluegill lure.  This was no lip attack but a bottom up attack with the lure locked inside and across the mouth

From: Sean: Planfield, IL 7/14/14

Comments: A tale of two parts, by your friend Big J. The blade attachment looks funny, and it makes the lure run weird.  Fish were utterly unresponsive.  I suppose there might be situations where it catches fish, but I don't see any where other lures won't do it better.  not sure about lucky craft's new business model of adding blades to existing products and calling them new lures.  Let's see a little creativity, fellas!  I didn't like this lure, and wouldn't buy another, except... I have had lv 200's for years.  They are good lures and produce fish, especially when the fish are feeling pressured.  They are also increasely hard to get, and TW doesn't carry them anymore.  So I took the blade off of this (which is easy) and started slamming fish.  Ended up with 10 in an hour's worth of fishing.  I would rather pay a little less since I am going to take the blade off, but if this is the only way I can get more of these, then so be it.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments: its sucks that they cost $16 dollars but they are a great product and they have worked very well for me

From: Matt: MI

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