A new twist on Lucky Craft’s tournament proven Pointer series, the Lucky Craft Lipless Pointer creeps beneath the surface generating a serious disturbance with its internal rattle system and extra large single-jointed profile.  The enticing side-to-side action of the Lucky Craft Lipless Pointer produces an attractive flash and a presentation that forces the smartest bass to make an inquiry. Available in two different oversized versions, the Lucky Craft Lipless Pointer in 170 is slightly stockier and has a line-tie positioned on the nose to accommodate those anglers who prefer a faster retrieval speed. Constructed with an internal weight distribution system, the Lucky Craft Lipless Pointer possesses extreme castability and holds true when tracked through the water, even at a speedy retrieve. Another outstanding addition to Lucky Craft’s epic line of lures, the Lucky Craft Lipless Pointer is the perfect jerk bait for getting that next monster on the mantel. 

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Belly Hook Tail Hook
Lipless Pointer 170 6-3/4" 1-9/10oz 2-3ft Sinking 2/0 1/0
Lipless Pointer 180 7" 1-9/10oz 2-3ft Sinking 1/0 #1

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Huge Lure. Took awhile for me to give in on spending 20 bucks. but well worth it. First cast 5lb bass as soon as it hit the water. I was like WOW thats crazy! No joke. Cant wait to take this out to the lake this weekend. Never seen action this good.

From: Stephen:  West palm beach FL

Comments: This lure is dope!!!!must have for your killer kit for big bass

From: Hack Nice: Sacramento, CA

Comments: these are bad ass caught everything on them but the stripers can't leave it alone

From: Mieger: Castaic, CA

Comments: I can't wait to try one of these - I'm waiting for lakes to unfreeze someone who lives down south should buy one and let us know what you think!

From: Jon

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