If you have ever needed a bait that has the sound of a lipless crankbait and the action and depth control of a traditional lip crankbait, then try a CB Moonsault. The CB Moonsault's have two different rattle types within the body that produce a rattling sound similiar to a lipless crankbait. The 350 dives down to 12 feet and the 200 dives to 6 feet the combination of sound and diving action calls fish from great distances. The design of the bill produces a tight wobble that makes this bait less likely to snag on structure.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Hook Line
Moonsault 200 (CB) 2-1/4" 7/16oz 6ft Floating #6 8-10lb
Moonsault 350 (CB) 2-1/2" 1/2oz 12ft Floating #6 8-10lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is an interesting lure which combines two types of crankbaits together and the result is outstanding! I have fished it in mildly muddy river with current and caught some awesome smallmouth basses. I love its wobbler shape and strong vibration, and the color patterns are even better. This is a waking bait you would like to use when other baits won't produce.

From: James: Montreal,QC,Canada

Comments: I like the detail, shape and colors of thes baits. I caught some smallmouth bass on them, especially the mat tiger. The conditions I used them in was mildly stained water in a river with considerable current, however, I had better results by taking off the split-ring to try to achieve a tighter wobble since the current was so strong and I was retreiving the bait with the current. I haven't tried them on a still water situation yet, but I'm anxious to do so.

From: Dennis, Carterville, IL 6/03

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