Lucky Craft's Real California Supreme is a sinking lure that lets you attack fish swimming at various depths simply by adjusting the speed of the lures retrieve. The Real California Supremes action, controlled by twitching the lure, make the Supreme a serious fish killer. All Models in the Real California Series incorporate Lucky Craft's design expertise and dynamic characteristics that create a beautiful swimming action to catch bigger fish. The Real California Supreme doesn't simply move mechanically like you'll find with other large baits. Try them today and see these amazing lure in action!

Lucky Craft Length Weight
Real California
110 Supreme
4-1/2" 7/8oz

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I'm impressed with this new wave of Lucky Craft baits coming out recently with prices half the norm of what you pay for premium JDM lures & as far as I can tell the quality seems to be still on par with previous offerings from LC. These swimbaits are no exception, although LC doesn't seem to care much about hooks the rest of these lures are quality. That being said this isn't a Roman Made & there is a slight "mechanicalness" to the movement & an unatural sound but I'm definitely not saying this is a bad plug. I think for $20 your definitely getting a deal & I have caught plenty of fish on mine for the few times I have thrown it, I just wouldn't maybe throw it in gin clear waters. Ever since the first time I wore them out on a Pointer & saw why I've been a fan of Lucky Craft so I may be a little bias so the niche for this lure may be a little small but if you fish stocker ponds or lakes these would definitely be a must have. But for heavens sake if you want a top notch 6" swimbait do some research and don't buy a 4.5" & complain it's not bigger.

From: Jeff: Dallas, TX 6/7/16

Comments: well this is in now way no how a $30.99 bait. It is tiny about like a zoom fluke, way smaller then I was wanting. It mite be good for catching tons of little fish but I was looking for one just a tad smaller then the 6 " spro. Beware if you are ordering this and never saw it before, Look at your middle finger its not much bigger then that if any.

From: Kevin: Johnson, KY 6/4/14

Comments: saw this lure in action and it took 10 minutes for my friend to pull one in at a high pressure lake, this lure is my next purchase.

From: Mr Senko: Garden, CA

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