The Lucky Craft Real Skin Pointer Minnow, featuring actual fish skin, is a new take on the proven Pointer Minnow design. The real fish skin adds another level of fish attraction, which can be beneficial if the bite slows down and your traditional baits aren't working as well. Luck Craft constantly strives for new ways to make their already realistic lures appear even more authentic to the fish. With the new Real Skin Pointer Minnows squid skin is wrapped around the original Pointer Minnows, dried and then dipped into gloss. Not only do the Real Skin Pointer Minnows have the benefit of increased realism, they actually put out minute amounts of scent similar to a real fish when the gloss breaks down through scratches and normal use. The Live Skin Pointer Minnow still has the characteristic action of the original Pointer Minnow. When ripped or twitched, the Pointer has a unique "walk the dog" underwater action. Special internal brass weights create a low center of gravity, causing the pointer to wobble and vibrate when the retrieve is stopped. The fish skin in the Lucky Craft Real Skin Pointer Minnow adds increased firepower to an already winning solution.

Gerald Swindle demonstrated how to use the Real Skin Pointer Minnow during a couple of seminars and ended up catching every finicky bass in the demo tank two days in a row - when other pro's were struggling to catch one or two.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Hooks Line Recommendation
Pointer 78(SP) 3" 3/8oz 4-5ft. Suspending #6 10-12lb
Pointer 100(SP) 4" 5/8oz 4-5ft. Suspending #5 10-12lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Catches fish because the Pointer is a proven design, that said I don't think the " real skin " does anything to attract bites other than slightly altering the colors of the bait.

From: Robert: Battle Creek, MI

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