Lucky Craft and 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese teamed up to design Lucky Craft's lineup of Redemption Spinnerbaits, combining Lucky Craft's engineering and creative prowess with Reese's years of elite tournament fishing experience. Skeet Reese actually used a Lucky Craft Redemption Spinnerbait as one of his key baits to clench his 2009 Bassmaster Classic victory. Lucky Craft's poly-carbonate crankbait technology, used in the head of the bait, is what allows Lucky Craft to impart their extremely realistic detailing and sets these spinnerbaits apart from all others. Complete with 3D eyes, realistic scale paterns and dynamic transluscent coloring, the poly-carbonate shell surrounding the tungsten interior of the head is also extremely durable - resistant to scratching and chipping.

The Lucky Craft Redemption Spinnerbait Willow features a Double Willow blade configuration. The two willow shaped blades create maximum flash with limited vibration, making the Redemption Spinnerbait Willow a great option for fishing in clear water where a subtle presentation is key to catching your limit of bass. The sleeker oval shape of the willow blades also make the Redemption Spinnerbait Willow a good choice for fishing in or around thick vegetation because it can make its way over and through cover with much less resistance and hang-ups. Available in multiple colors and providing an attention-to-detail like no other spinnerbait on the market, the Lucky Craft Redemption Spinnerbait Willow is an extremely versatile bait that will catch fish from winter to summer.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great bait the day i took this out i coaght so many fish it was crazy. an all the fish were around 3 pounds or bigger.

From: Kylr: Vermont

Comments: I bought this bait to try against my usual SK spinnerbaits.   I love the colors and the bait rolls over trees and grass good.  My big complaint it the gold blade tarnished after 2 times on the water and one of the eyes fell off after catching a 4lber.  I expect a lot more from a $15 dollar bait.  Wont be buying anymore thats for sure.

From: MV: Austin, TX

Comments: good lure but is a little pricy for a bait that you have a high chance of losing. i have caught a few fish on the table rock shad color and will be possibly buy more lc spinnerbaits. btw luckycraft makes an awesome jerkbait,

From: Alec: IL

Comments: Great looking spinnerbait.  I love the heads on these, looks just like their lv series lipless cranks.  These have been particularly effective in clear water, which speaks to the realistic finish and presentation Lucky Craft has worked into these baits.  Most productive colors to date have been American Shad and Aurora Black.  I know they are expensive, but LC always makes good stuff. 

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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