Lucky Craft and Skeet Reese thought they had something special last year when they collaborated to create the premium Redemption Spinnerbaits, but they didn't know just how special until the 2009 BassMaster Classic and Reese's huge win.

It all came together on the last day of the Classic when Skeet Reese, fishing in one of the hardest fished parts of the Red River, used the new Lucky Craft 3/8 oz. Redemption Spinnerbaits (MS American shad pattern, nickel blades and iridescent coral skirt) to catch his key fish in the morning and win on the last day of the Classic. The Lucky Craft Redemption Spinnerbaits are the culmination of Lucky Craft's engineering creativity and Skeet Reese's years of elite tournament bass fishing. After Skeet's win, he and Lucky Craft regrouped and made further improvements to the baits.

Featuring an unparalleled realistic look, thanks in a large part to Lucky Craft's sexy, translucent, poly-carbonate crankbait technology, the Redemption spinnerbaits really excel in clearer water when the fish get finicky. The poly-carbonate shell, used in the head of the spinnerbait, is what allows Lucky Craft to provide their signature detailed finishes. It doesn't hurt either that the poly-carbonate is super durable and each head has a tungsten interior.

New blades, like the ones Skeet used in the Classic were also added. These new blades feature Japanese technology never seen before in U.S. waters, complete with unprecedented flash and vibrations. The entire bait is made with premium components including Gamakatsu hooks and internal tungsten components. The bottom line is Redemption Spinnerbaits are extremely versatile, great for fishing in cover or open water, shallow or deep. Several versions are available or will be soon - some with features unlike any other spinnerbait – rattles inside the head. New versions will also include silent models, straight and bent wire models (for reaching various depths), as well as, additional sizes. Keep checking back.

Skeet Reese wins Bassmaster's Classic with Lucky Craft Redemption Spinnerbait.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love the detail on the head and the colors are amazing caught alot of fish on this spinnerbait, but the blade is really cheap you might have to switch them out after a few trips.

From: Jay: NC

Comments: I bought this spinnerbait shortly after Skeet Reese used it to win the '09 classic, and it's worth every extra penny, it has a small profile and is SO realistic. I broke mine off, and got it back a week later when I saw 3 strands sticking out of the muck. not a spec of rust or rot, this bait works just as good as it did before. You'll get some monster sacks on it.

From: Cobi: MI

Comments:I bought a few in different colors, the skirts and heads are real good looking but the hooks and blades are cheap. I had blades fall off and one fish bent the hook. I lost numerous fish on them and now I am scared to throw them. I lost two good fish on them in a tournament that would of put me in money, I won’t buy again, which is very disappointing because they look great but work poorly.

From:James, NY, USA

Comments:I really liked the features and look of the bait and thought it would be worth the price. I fished with it about a week ago and caught several nice bass. It did have a few drawbacks. One was it tended to roll over on it's side when retrieved too quickly. The skirt was disintegrating with every fish until only about 20% was left after only 2 hours of fishing. But the main beef with this bait is the lack of quality of the blades. They tarnished and spotted beyond polishing after only one outing on the water. For a spinnerbait costing this much, I certainly expected better quality components in my bait.

From:Tom: St. Louis, MO

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