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Four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Rick Clunn designed these fat-bodied, square-billed lures to boldly crash through cover and provoke strikes. "The RC is a 'target' bait," Clunn explains. "By that I mean it's designed to make contact with specific objects or targets, usually shallow, visible pieces of cover like stumps, laydowns, pilings or rocks." The RC Series will run to a depth of 4 feet, but Clunn uses his rod to manipulate the lure's depth as it approaches a target. On one cast, Clunn may crank the RC with his rod tip down low in order to hit the base of a stump in 4 feet of water. On the next cast he might raise the rod tip up to get the bait to crawl over the top of the stump. "When choosing equipment to fish the RC, pay close attention to your rod action," Clunn advises. "Shallow cranking calls for a very stout rod - a true heavy action rod, not a medium-heavy. These are big-bodied baits that are attacked by big fish in thick cover, and a softer rod simply does not provide enough power to hook the fish and move it out away from the cover."

Lucky Craft Length Weight Dive Depth Class Belly Hook Tail Hook
RC BDS 0.5 1 3/4" 1/4oz 0-1ft Floating #6 #6
RC BDS 1.5 2" 1/2oz 1-2ft Floating #4 #4
RC BDS 2.0 2 1/2" 1/2oz 2-3ft Floating #2 #2
RC BDS 2.5 2 3/4" 1/2oz 2-3ft Floating #2 #2
RC BDS 3.5 3 1/4" 3/4oz 3-4ft Floating #2 #2
RC BDS 4.5 3 1/4" 3/4oz 4-5ft Floating #2 #2

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i got the 4.5 in Blue Bream and have caught some pretty nice bass down here in florida- already got an 8.5 on it and a whole bunch of 7s.  Im pretty much a squarebill maniac and have em all so trust me - this one has AWESOME HUNTING ACTION and just catches bigger-than-typical fish.  throw a big squarebill like this in dirty water with at least a mh crankbait rod and bump into wood cover - this works great on johns lake.

From: Dan: FL

Comments: How in the world can these be on a 50% sale? You better get em before I do. One of the best all time square bills on the market!!

From: Joe: Elm City, NC

Comments: These Crankbaits are amazing. I am a first time Lucky Craft user, i bought a few of these and they definitely put fish in the boat. I Fished a Tournament last weekend and this was the only lure that i threw. My partner was using a rapala DT-3 Fat and i was throwing a LC size 2.0 and he was being out fished 3 to 1 both of us using similar colors!! These crankbaits just flat out catch fish and for 7.99 its a GREAT deal!! If your not catching fish with a Lucky Craft crank then your doing something wrong. Good Luck Fishin!

Comments: I've never caught a fish on 5-6 dollar crankbait before.  Decided to suck it up and pay alittle more for a good brand crankbait.  I chose this crankbait because its a lucky craft and is on sale.  The day after it arrived, i head out to the lake and caught a nice 20" bass shortly and ended the day with 2 more bass.  Lucky Craft has won me over and i'm planning to purchase more in the future.

From: Tim: NC

Comments: Best there is. The durability and action out fishes any strike king or rapala, and the colors are perfect. I started out fishing a strike king and a rapala today and I did not catch a thing, then I tied on a Lucky Craft and got a 9-pound largemouth instantly in the American shad. My absolute favorite color is the tomato shad but whatever color you get will catch some fish.

From: David

Comments: great crankbait , great look and design and the action is wonderfull

Comments: The best flat bill crankbait in the market. Great price at tacklewarehouse.

From: Micah: Maryville, TN

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