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The Lucky Craft Fat Rick Clunn BDS Deep Diving Crankbaits were designed with the help of crankbait master Rick Clunn. A unique flat head design works to create a turbulence trail that big bass can follow even in deep stained water. The super thin rounded diving lip allows the bait to reach its designated depth quickly, so you can bounce it off rocks and stumps earlier in your retrieve. Life-like finishes and durability are what you come to expect from Lucky Craft and will help you put more fish in the boat. Three different models designed to dive to different depths allow you to match the correct Rick Clunn Deep Diving Crankbait with the area you are fishing.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Dive Depth Class Hooks
RC BDS DD 0.5 1.75" 1/4oz 3-4ft Floating #6
RC BDS DD 1.5 2" 1/2oz 5-6ft Floating #4
RC BDS DD 2.5 2.75" 1/2oz 7-8ft Floating #2
RC BDS DD 3.5 3.25" 3/4oz 8-9ft Floating #2

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This lure is F****** ridiculous, it runs soooo good and runs at the perfect depth, always suspends perfectly also deadly on troll for trout this lure is so versatile and the silence is what makes it deadly in my opinion try the 0.5 in your local lake

From: TP: OC, CA

Comments: @Steve-It say's "SILENT" in the product name. Anyways these are a great crank. Works well when the bite is tough. Really like the 1.5 size in citrus sexy.

From: Angel: Chicago, IL

Comments: these are silent lures. I didn't know that when I ordered them.

From: Steve: Waller, TX

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