Lucky Craft "Skeet Reese" SKT MR Rattle In Crankbaits

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Now equipped with a rattle for those times when a slightly different presentation can mean getting those extra fish in the boat, the Lucky Craft "Skeet Reese" SKT MR RT Rattle-In Crankbait still maintains the winning properties that made the originals such popular and effective baits. Precision engineered not to roll or turn like other medium diving crankbaits, it allows the angler to cover a lot more water, making it a great option as a search bait. Designed for cold-water and muddy conditions, the larger profile is perfect for enticing those cold-water crankbait fish to bite. With its tight wobble and hypnotizing vibration, the MR offers fish a defined target even in water with low visibility. The Lucky Craft "Skeet Reese" SKT MR RT Rattle-In Crankbait - now outfitted with a rattle - is a solid addition to any angler's tacklebox.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class
SKT MR RT 2-1/2" 7/16oz 4-5ft Floating

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4 Colors

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    Model No. SKTMRRT-155
    Crack Blue
    Stock Price Qty
    1 $10.99
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    Model No. SKTMRRT-238
    Ghost Minnow
    Stock Price Qty
    5 $9.99
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    Model No. SKTMRRT-159
    Green Sexy
    Stock Price Qty
    Out $9.99
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    Model No. SKTMRRT-183
    Pearl Threadfin
    Stock Price Qty
    10+ $9.99

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