The greatest advantage of the Slim Shad lure is it will cause the fish to stop in their tracks. It produces extraordinary results in clear water, especially when the fish are not responding to any other fishing style. Another key feature of the Slim Shad is its castability. The baits center of gravity (weighted by tungsten) facilitates sharp angle turns and long casting distances. The Slim Shad also moves well in fairly deep water, and the body houses a built-in gravity-center shift system. Incorporating Lucky Craft's know-how embodied in the FLAT CB, the Slim Shad will be your go-to bait in clear water.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Hook Line Recommendation
Slim Shad D-9 2.75" 7/16oz 9ft Floating #5 8-10lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: just trying to get a grasp on this bait, does it have the action similar to a shad rap "very tight wobble" or is it more like a rip bait "very wide, unpredictable wobble" would love to try one out but would hate to spend the money on what I don't want.

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments: The best crankbait without question on herring lakes, super slow retrieve with 3 pauses per 1/4 mile cast,

From: Will

Comments: I've used the D9 several times and caught fish everytime.  It is one of the few lures that catches bass in open water between 10 to 15 feet.  I watch the graph and use the lure when I see a school of baitfish  followed by another school of fish below and behind the baitfish in 10 feet of water.   My best results are when the bottom is in the 11 to 16' range. A slow steady retrieve with maximum rod tip vibration gets the most hits for me.  Sometimes momentary hesitation during the retrieve followed by continuation of the steady retrieve triggers strikes (experiment to see what they want). 

From: Rich: Trumbull, CT

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